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  1. Giant Yoshi Train Army より:


  2. Kyle Lord より:

    I’m back love you Dad

  3. AlolaPika204 より:


  4. Dissonant Values より:

    I’m here before the video even finished rendering. Damn.

  5. Mason Lake より:

    Thank youuuuuuu I needed this I don’t care what people say I love leaks

  6. Shlomo Braverman より:

    God this video ain’t loading

  7. Mahi Ahmed より:

    My guy is back on the Leak Grind <3

  8. PokéNinja Y より:


  9. AlchemistVL より:


  10. Cloudlime より:

    No alola form leaks? Why was it in the title?

  11. Crack Demon より:

    This dude deserves some major props he’s always the first one to upload leaks

  12. AlphaBoy18 より:

    Don’t think it’s lucario because you can catch them in s/m

  13. AIDI Fred より:

    I just hope it’s real

  14. Kazanna 12488 より:

    Crazy. Idk what to think yet

  15. PhillyBeatzU より:

    Finding Out this isnt Alolan Lucario

  16. Luvia Sama より:

    That bottom one has an Articuno face..

    *I’m am confusion*

  17. Micah Skeen より:

    dude. come on. why twitter. you posted it straight to twitter. this has pretty much spoiled everything unrevealed.

  18. owlstag awn より:

    I’ll enjoy seeing the possible new UBs, Legendaries, Alolan Forms and new Pokemon. However, I *will* stray away from the story line and postgame.

  19. Rest in peace Christina Grimmie より:

    Nice to see yyou again

  20. BagelBry10 より:

    Favorite poketuber

  21. The Gaming Memester より:

    This is quite the original poketuber content if I do say so myself 10/10 would get hype over again

  22. ZFlick より:

    They just posted the name of one of the new ones!!

  23. Lance より:

    You deserve more subscribers.

  24. Antiant IM より:

    Errr where do you get the leaks on 4chan?

  25. Aus Pokemon より:

    Can’t wait for leaks

  26. ExHappyFace より:

    I am hearing it is a new mythical or a form of Necreozma without armor.

  27. Nathan Alcantara より:

    Not sure about Alolan Lucario, it doesn’t have the snout, I’m seeing Alolan Bisharp.

  28. Lucas M. より:

    that looks like a alolan Hitmonchan/lee

  29. SleepyEspurr より:

    The folks leaking the game likely have a crosshair pointed at their heads. The Nintendo Ninjas will quickly find and snipe them. And yes, Ninjas w/sniper rifles is an awkward but deadly combination.

  30. Seblyeon 101 より:

    I don’t think it is alolan lucario because it was given a mega in gen 6 which would mean they would have to create a new mega for the alolan form and we all know z moves are the focus in gen 7 so no mega’s and it was catchable in sun and moon with its regular form

  31. Diego Manni より:

    He came out of hibernation and now it’s the Marvel, Fantastic Beasts, Justice League, Pokémon leak season

  32. Nathan Alcantara より:

    Wouldn’t it be just hilarious if that sprite turned out not to be Alolan Bisharp, like everyone and me included are saying and instead it’s something similar to Delta Gallade?

  33. UnrulyJamaican より:

    That’s a new mythical,not alolan Lucario

  34. Owain Kun より:

    Yoo that lucarioish one looking kinda crisp

  35. RealMelodyHope より:

    Looks like an Ultra Beast.

  36. Chakotay Parks より:

    That looks like a digimon

  37. SoraFireSoul より:

    Even know i want a alolon lucario i don’t see it happens

  38. theblitz233 より:

    Looks like all the music got leaked seeing as though two separate channels just bombarded me with videos of Pokemon music.

  39. Iaminfinium より:

    Cringy clickbait, you know that there are no new alola forms

  40. Isaiah Campbell より:

    So excited for UB Adhesive and it’s new form. I heard it’s Dragon Poison.

  41. Henry Scott より:

    Best Pokemon games 🙂

  42. Hero Haxorus より:

    He has 17666 subscribers

  43. Gamer Addy 99 より:

    UB Ahesive evolution looks awesome!

  44. Grave Bronze4EVER より:

    Alola Mewtwo

  45. Vigor The Sloth より:

    Alolan Lucario or not the furries are going to be all over that


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