Tyranitar BANDED+FAT Mons OU Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon WiFi Battle vs LaFlare+Yuuki+Faith+Justo!

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Tyranitar BANDED+FAT Mons OU Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon WiFi Battle vs LaFlare+Yuuki+Faith+Justo!

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Here is the team!


(What you’ll find on my channel)
Mainly on my channel, I like to post a lot of competitive Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon wifi battles and competitive Pokemon Showdown videos with Pokemon teams from you guys or/and different unique Pokemon teams I come up with!
I’ll be doing Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Wifi Battles and Shiny hunting in my live streams and videos when the games come out! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this as the best Pokemon channel :}
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  1. Vizually より:

    1st Battle 11:00
    2nd Battle 22:44
    3rd Battle 30:17
    4th Battle 40:50

  2. Random World より:

    First pls sub

  3. Bam Jenkins より:

    Sup awesome dude

  4. Random World より:

    Great vid

  5. Ernest より:


  6. The 9th JoJo より:

    Where’s the rayquaza neck pillow?

  7. Mr. KrustyKrust より:

    Hello Viz it is I, Mr.KrustyKrust. Hope your having a beautiful day

  8. nutman より:

    The gods have heard my requests

  9. Luke Ario より:

    Bandtar is a great breaker and that is one chunky team

  10. Cameron Hentz より:

    Nah you mean T H I C K

  11. Justus O'Connor より:

    Atlanti’s defog came in handy to hit that focus blast with ty-phlo viz hahaha GG looking forward to battle you again next week ???

  12. Justus O'Connor より:

    Lmao viz yup yup that salamence name is just a bait ????

  13. M Silvestre より:

    Faith was playing some 4D chess with that Special Belly Drum Kommo-l.

  14. hugo costa より:

    How do you get those perfect competetive mons, do you breed them all? And the legies how do you get the exact ivs for a certain HP? Sorry for the questionary but I realy wonna know

  15. tre berry より:

    Hello I’m a huge fan of your channel I’ve been subbed sun and moon

  16. Static Soul より:

    Woo more OU!

  17. UltimateNinjaSensai より:

    *M O V I E T I M E*

  18. Ronald Mamauag より:

    I like viz

  19. PN より:

    raided by weedletwineedle gang

  20. Maurício Nascimento より:

    Wait, the first guy’s Landorus is faster, but your Intimate procs first?

  21. Daniel Martínez より:

    Belly drum clanging scales flamethrower… Sure…

  22. Anthony J より:

    First guy always gets blown back in your videos ???

  23. Poogie より:

    Faith couldn’t have gone for clangarous soulblaze since they already used darkium Z with their gren.

  24. Melvin Wise より:

    The wood hammer did so much to my tornados doesn’t sound so good

  25. Luna Máxima より:

    i don’t understand, why use jolly on Lando T and HP ice?

  26. Omega7321 より:

    Landorus THIIICK

  27. Jean Carrion より:

    I would sit for an hour and watch you battle because you really have great setups and also some interesting combos. I’m not someone who battles online a lot but you really make a dude try it out

  28. brandon faris より:

    me personally i hate when people just give every pokemon lefties, i like single items

  29. Someone who wonders より:

    Is this Pokémon Showdown? because the animation doesn’t look like USUM.

  30. The Solao より:

    If you want a even fatter team you could change banded T Tar to Mega T Tar

  31. Caleb T. より:

    I really enjoy the explanation of your teams Viz!

  32. dakota ard より:

    Def thinking about running it trying out that mence set

  33. SenorialDay010 より:

    when i saw fat mons in the title i was hoping for something else…

    jk love u viz

  34. Michel Makkinje より:

    Tyranitar banned ánd fat?!?! Thats just not fair for the poor guy.. ☹️

  35. Dennis Balani より:

    Nah that Belly Drummed Kommo’o got you nervous there Viz?that is some psychological tactics hahaha.


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