Gaming News: Pokemon Tournament Deluxe Nintendo Switch & Ultra SUN and MOON ( gameplay live )

Gaming News: Pokemon Tournament Deluxe Nintendo Switch & Ultra SUN and MOON ( gameplay live )
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A new version of Wii U fighting game Pokken Tournament is coming to Nintendo Switch, it was announced today during a Nintendo Direct briefing. The new version is called Pokken Tournament DX, and it includes five new Pokemon and other new features.

There will be 3v3 team battles and online ranked play, as well as friendly and group matches. All 16 of the playable characters from the Wii U version are included with the Switch edition, in addition to five new ones: Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye.

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Some of Pokken Tournament DX’s online features will require a paid membership to the Switch’s online service, but not until 2018.

Pokken Tournament DX launches on September 22. A playable demo will be available at E3 2017, and more details about it will be revealed at that time.

The announcement comes just before E3 2017. The Pokemon Company does not have a briefing at the show, but Nintendo will host its own event starting on Tuesday, June 13, where more game announcements, gameplay trailers, and other reveals are expected.

Some were anticipating today’s announcements to include Pokemon Stars, the rumored new version of Pokemon Sun and Moon for Switch, but it appears that isn’t happening at this point.

[UPDATE] The stream has ended. Here is a rundown of the big news:

Pokken Tournament For Nintendo Switch Revealed
Pokemon Ultra Sun And Pokemon Ultra Moon Announced For Nintendo 3DS
Pokemon Gold And Silver Coming To 3DS Virtual Console
The original story is below

Today’s Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct broadcast promises to bring “exciting” news about the monster-catching series. The stream kicks off June 6 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET, so you can bookmark this page and come back then to catch the briefing.

The Nintendo Direct is only eight minutes long, according to Nintendo. You can watch it through the YouTube embed below.



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