Why Pokemon Fans Are Losing Their Minds over Ultra Sun and Moon! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes to us soon and with it comes the return of an old school villain that has fans going crazy. Jessica has the reveal on today’s Nerdist News!

Are you excited to see this villain come back? Let us know in the comments below!

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Image: Pokemon



  1. David Kovacs より:


  2. Bazzkalm より:

    1 view interesting also yeahhh pokemon!

  3. taoistmind420 より:

    I choose life.

  4. Charinja 99 より:

    How amazing is that, hearing Jessica talking about Pokemon!:D never new this channel also covers pokemon news…till now i was just here for marvel;D

  5. CyrusTheDark より:


  6. Deon Spates より:

    Mewtwo! Oh yeah!!!

  7. Andros the warrior High Alpha より:

    A Battle Royale through the ages has come.. Let’s become the very best that no one ever was..

  8. Krishnath Dragon より:

    Wait…. He assembled all the villains? That means…. Oh, fuck… Cyrus is back.

  9. *Yaradan* *Peace Lord* より:

    They’re actually from an alternate dimension where they all accomplished their goals and beat the protagonist. That’s why Giovanni has Mewtwo

  10. You're a Clod one, Yellow Pearl! (IamLH) より:

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Pokemon. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical gamer’s head.

  11. Shiro Covers より:

    and thus Nintendo is having a good year

  12. Mystic Vee より:

    If Cyrus is back, we’re all in trouble. He’s literally PokeHitler who tried to mind control the Gods.

  13. Rickey Barnes より:

    Ooo! I hope I get to use strength on a truck to get mew.

  14. The Kraken Experiment より:

    It’s true that Nintendo has been using a lot of nostalgia recently, but I think that’s okay since Nintendo has also been creating some fantastic original stuff like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, and Arms.

  15. Adrian Brito より:

    it’s pikachu!!!!!!

  16. Bruno Snicker より:

    Meanwhile nobody is talking about GameFreak using the classic RSE designs for Archie and Maxie, whilst also showing Mega Evolution (which was not present in those games) basically confirming the Pokémon Multiverse theory. Anyone? Please?

  17. JP Hilario より:


  18. Spencer MacDougall より:


  19. Angel Jr. Lover より:

    30TH RIP…

  20. August より:

    Oh god no, I already feel the hyper potion trolling coming on again

  21. Clash Mine bro Studios より:

    Isn’t Lysandre dead

  22. Anthro Wolf より:

    Maybe they are losing their minds because they were 8/10 of the way there already.??

  23. DragonSheep より:

    But… Giovanni died.

  24. Burgundy Burnouts より:

    Honestly think this is just Pokemon company’s way of ending the Pokemon series on the 3DS, going out with a bang

  25. SonofMrPeanut より:

    Not that it was part of the story or anything, but the player could challenge him (and other champions) in Black 2/White 2. Also the whole HeartGold/SoulSilver epilogue to the Gen 1 story.

  26. crcoghill より:

    0:28 Whoa Whoa Whoa! Hold that comment cause he HAS! Sure, it was a special event in Heart Gold and Soul Silvet that you had to do by getting a shiny event pichu, getting the even rarer spikey-eyed pichu and than getting the Celebi in the forest. But still! Giovanni is the a post game event where you learn your rival is his son. That is full Canon, even in the Adventures manga.

  27. nicky davani より:

    Pretty stupid scientists if they didn’t build a safety system to stop mewtwo and he got loose. Dumb asses.

  28. Feendawg_big より:

    I’m a Pokemon fan and I couldn’t care less

  29. Marneyy より:

    I’m pretty sure in the trailer the whole 20 years of villains is in a stand alone event like the battle tree was in sun and moon. They have no association with Giovannis story in this.

  30. YamiJK より:

    That is either quite the poker face or she really couldn’t care less about this news.

  31. David Trabelsi より:

    He brought versions of villain teams from different dimensions, world’s where they actually accomplished their goals (that’s what it read at least in the Japanese trailer) so excited for the new games

  32. francis x sullivan より:

    What! that means Jessica is also a Super Secret Villain, too. This must be discuss on the Dan Cave with Dan Casey real soon .

  33. Orion Skymaster より:


  34. Adam Arroyo より:

    I think that they are ending the Pokemon latest timeline with the timeline of Red/Blue. There are 2 cannon timelines that I know of in the games. Since the new Pokemon game that will be for the Switch, I hypothesize the new game will have a different battle engine all together and would be incompatible with the previous versions. So.. let the fans what they want I guess

  35. GuyWithAnAmazingHat より:

    Giovanni isn’t the big news, it’s the entire evil team. Giovanni is probably the least successful and ambitious villain in Pokemon, you defeat him and he just becomes a gym leader. The other guys all tried to destroy the world or the universe itself.

  36. hunter young より:

    Team rainbow rocket? Is this stranger things?

  37. Danny McCauley より:

    I want to see what happened to professor oak, he was in every game and then suddenly after gen 4 he is never seen again, did oak diiiee???!! :0

  38. Comrade2261 より:

    Giovanni, fk ya!

  39. Monokid ITS MONODAMS FAULT より:


  40. mjstory1976 より:

    Awesome video

  41. Thrace より:

    Wait are they actually releasing a pokemon game where you can actually CATCH them all?! none of this trading rubbish? My god has that ever actually happened?

  42. God King Bob Ross より:

    I hope with each villain comes their lieutenants/second in commands, especially Team Galactic, those guys were cool.

  43. madashell1200 より:

    Now I gotta get a new DS!

  44. Shin Chan より:

    …it’s Uncle Ben

  45. FolonRNG より:

    team rainbow rocket… sounds pretty gay if you ask me ehehehehe >:D

  46. decor271 より:

    We are so boned lol

  47. Kino Uy より:

    that hair is fantastic!

  48. clericofchaos1 より:

    I wish I could say I was excited but sun and moon didn’t bring the same level of enjoyment as the other games have. I’m 25, been playing the game since it came to America. now I think it may be time to stop. we’ll see what the future brings.

  49. Rafael Gutierrez より:

    Dam it I just sold my new3dsxl to buy a switch 2 weeks ago …now they drop this bomb on me…man if only I had a cheep affordable option …wait there’s new2dsxl. ..Nintendo you sly cat I see what yall did there …now take my money!

  50. jeremy andre より:

    I would ratata this woman with my weedle !

  51. 4 CHINZ より:

    no jessie n james?

  52. rnstl68 より:

    These are what Sun and Moon should’ve been. Those were way too barebones.

  53. Tri-Shake-Atops より:

    I hope “your rival” makes an appearance and sucks ass the whole fucking game, offering meager educational challenges throughout the way.

  54. Richard Hirviniemi より:

    I should have tried her

  55. Sirdesqwee Playz より:

    oh Sh*t Cyrus is Back from hell

  56. Pikachu より:

    Oh shit! Miley Cyrus is back?!! Shit is going to get wrecked…with a ball.

  57. Jimmy Mogollon より:

    i literally only pre-order the game because they announced team rainbow rocket

  58. Jimmy Mogollon より:

    nintendo is assembling the avengers

  59. Maxx Nieves より:

    I’m so excited for these games, that trailer is everything. He assembled all the villains under Team Rocket.

  60. wolfpax181 より:

    I was going to see Thor! …then my van decided to cost me $1800 to repair, and that’s not even with the snow tires I have to buy.

  61. kyle williams より:

    “Baddest and rarest” *Is probably the most common legendary within all the games*

  62. Cristian Debortoli より:


  63. Gamers Guild UK PeterAmaranth より:

    Sweet, and I’m British I already watched Thor like a week ago

  64. doctour two skull より:

    Oh god, don’t use old stale memes, that a vine a meme as well. *facepalm*

  65. Clover Animations より:


    USUM – Hold my beer

  66. Dread Hunter 335 より:

    One question, will Geninja have the Ash/Geninja evolution?

  67. Ethanol 314 より:

    Barely anything about every legendary Pokémon in the game?

  68. Rick Ω より:

    I saw the original movie in theatres too, Jessica. I’m fucking old.

  69. Chimpalicious Jones III より:

    The first Pokemon movie was so legit.

  70. Poke Achuu より:

    I just watched Thor Ragnarok 🙂 Im also a huge fan of Pokemon. Already pre-ordered Pokemon Ultra Moon.

  71. Brian Yong より:

    I haven’t beaten Sun and moon… Instead I keep replaying Soul Silver

  72. Mike より:

    This actually sounds so promising!

  73. Zavi Zaoldyek より:

    i still think that rereleasing a game a year after it’s original release is kind of cashgrabby
    not that it will stop me to buy it…but still

  74. morenauer より:

    Couldn’t care less. Pokemon got to me in college and I was too old to care by then.

  75. Geoffrey Winn より:

    Cool video!

  76. Billybob350 より:

    Also saw it in theaters. I was fuckin blown away

  77. dres dun より:

    its not pronounced pokeymon -_-

  78. Ryan Rotten より:

    The question is, can you complete your national pokedex with just ultra sun and ultra moon?

  79. Sven Servette より:

    I’d bang Jessica.

  80. Jonathan Hargrove より:

    Them adding all the legendary pokemon has more to do with VGC and giving newcomers a chance to get them than nostalgia.

  81. Luke Schoen より:

    I must think about the reboot theory series of Lockstein/Gnoggin… idk why

  82. Kaeden Ngai-Natsuhara より:

    I already have Pokemon moon…. I’m so torn

  83. Ditto Used Transform on Magikarp より:

    I want N ?

  84. Taufiq Abdul Rahim より:

    1:42 GameFreak not Nintendo

  85. JasonDS64 より:

    Not quite sure why people are acting like bringing back all legendaries is something new when ORAS did that first.

  86. Anti-HyperLink より:

    Because they’re fucking retarded and they don’t understand what a post game is

  87. Detective Bohobe より:


    Wonderful video!

  88. Bernardo Grando より:

    Team rocket want to steal all trainers pokemons to stop trainers from abusing pokemons in useless battles for their own amusement, Team Rocket are the real heros

  89. Leaaron Lewis より:

    Ok Nerdist can Ben
    10 scan any alien dna sample including dc alien super heros marvel super heroes and any anime alien super heroes and how does the omnitrix get the dna without touching that alien

  90. Laurgo より:

    i just cant believe she is at all a nerd.

  91. theprops より:

    Well it’s because every thing with Ultra on it is going to be awesome!

  92. ninakore より:

    Excited voice, dead eyes. Another woman paid to be a nerd lmao.

  93. Daimon Clarke より:

    Half of these villains stopped being villains thoooo

  94. captainRailgun より:

    Yeah it kinda doesen’t make any sence to be honest. Archie and Maxie renounced their evil ways to help the region, Cyrus is trapped forever in the distortion world. Ghetsis had a mental breakdown and was pretty much a vegetable after black and white 2 and Lysandre is straight up dead after being burried alive…Then again the alternate time line stuff that they are now doing with the games means that pretty much anything and everything is possible.

  95. Spandi より:

    His name is pronounced like “Joe-vanni” not “G-O-Vanni” because it’s an italian name.

  96. Enzo Mondoñedo より:


  97. evernals より:

    ash ketchum is in stranger things

  98. kirara2516 より:

    I preordered UM, but with this….dang. I may need to grab US too.

  99. BON3S McCOY より:

    Lol the most bored Jessica has ever read an episode of nerdist news

  100. Gamer Id より:

    i dont play pokemon

  101. Sebas より:

    Cyrus is a god at this point

  102. supersonic7 より:

    hey just took all the games smashed them into sun and moon and added some
    I have to choose between sonic forces and pokemon ultra sun to get on tuesday

  103. Nate Dog より:

    So does this mean this will be the longest game yet?

  104. Turbo Turret より:

    Lol, get ready for the biggest rant about Pokemon V. Digimon, and I don’t care about the hate I may get. Read at your own risk (is that a thing?): TOO LATE POKEMON, I SWITCHED TO DIGIMON. POKEMON IS TRYING SO HARD TO COMPETE WITH HACKER’S MEMORY, BUT THEY HAVE TO CHANGE UP THE FORMULA. It’s the same game over and over and over. Digimon at least can have different variations and still give them different abilities. Don’t buy Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, you will only be disappointed. Pokemon added those old villains into the game to try to get hype again. Remember Sun and Moon, that thing’s hype died within the first year of its release. You know why? Hackers… They corrupted the game and I’m sure the same will happen to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. With Digimon, you don’t have to worry about hackers. Heck, they are releasing a game later this year about a hacker in Digimon. So, if anyone reading this gets upset, IDC. Pokemon is dying, and Digimon is making a vaccine for what is killing Pokemon. The vaccine is the simple idea of: GIVE YOUR FANS WHAT THEY WANT! By the way, Look up Solgaleo and look up Saberleomon. Stare at both of them side to side, who do you think was made first? Then search up who was made first, the answer may shock you. Digimon is more original than Pokemon. Digimon reached 1000 monsters within their first season, while Pokemon hasn’t even reached 1000 monsters up to the time of this video. Sure there is parallels between them, but IT GOES BOTH WAYS. You can’t just say: “Digimon is trash because it copies Pokemon.” Digimon creates new digimon, at least 100 new ones, in each game that is released, always changing. Pokemon has at least 4 games so far that are revamps of their originals. The only reason why Digimon is “not better than Pokemon” is because of the fan-base. Pokemon’s fan-base is, I know I’m generalizing, loud, easily upset, analytical, young, and/or hackers. But there are some who actually enjoy the game for what it is, a turn based action game. Digimon’s fan-base is rarely spoken of because many have flocked to Pokemon since it’s easier. Digimon gets more complicated with each game, so it is not for the faint hearted (heh, Pokemon faint, parallels). Anyways, sure there is evolution within both Pokemon and Digimon, but Digimon evolution is like a tree, it can be one Digimon that can digivolve into at least 2 different Digimon, you can only say that about the gender variant Pokemon. Pokemon is only more loved than Digimon because Digimon was taken off the air and does not focus on its anime or manga as much as Pokemon, but focuses on its games more and adapts the anime to it. Pokemon does this, but the anime has the characters in the game involved in it rather than having two different “universes”. Pokemon appeals to a younger audience than Digimon because of what the Pokemon anime stands for, being a child trying to make it big in the Pokemon League. But at least the characters aged in Digimon and you saw them grow up. Ash just changes region. Digimon, believe it or not, is for everyone and cannot be simply categorized by age, since it seems like it can be catered to teens due to its themes, like growing up makes you powerful, but they have games that are playful and childish in terms of content. Anyone can play either Digimon or Pokemon at any age, but it is easy to see what is catered to what age group. All I am trying to say is: *Digimon is for experts, Pokemon is for beginners.* (I’m not even gonna argue with anyone about this, I’m sure people will argue in the replies to this.?????? Like my comment if u agree, if you read the whole thing, that is.?)

  105. Shiny Samurott より:

    Eh, the return of the villains is cool.

    Now the possibility of being able to shiny hunt all the legendaries, for me.

  106. GXVTHEBEAST より:

    I’m returning to Pokemon yes! FYI my name is also Giovanni

  107. IKMNification より:

    I’d rather just have a RGBY remake.
    Pokemon MOANA with its “rival” and dead eyed protagonist doesn’t make me think Ultra will be any better. But it would be funny to see Giovanni try to intimate your character while your character just gives a dead eyed smile.

  108. Favna より:

    Thor Ragnarok? Nah already saw it. Europe ftw ayyee

  109. Julio Dodd より:

    I though Giovanni turned good after fire red

  110. FR Videos より:

    What would happen if you left a lightsaber on forever. This is an idea for because science

  111. Seana Collins より:

    In one of the Japanese trailers it says that all of the evil team leader are from different universes. Universes where they were successful in whatever’s they were trying to accomplish.

  112. Not Peter より:

    any one else forget about silver or is it just me?
    From Pokemon gold and silver, the main antagonist?

  113. Richard Hirviniemi より:

    i was hoping you were talking about yourself could you believe that?

  114. Kazuma - kun より:

    … Legion of Doom?

  115. J L より:

    I saw the movie in theaters too 🙂 i was like 7

  116. J L より:

    ” It’s Pikachue !” it’s Clifairy! “Fuck!!!!” ROFL

  117. J L より:

    Just do a full 3D remaster of Blue/Red for Switch and allow people to trade over the inter-webs

  118. The dragon より:


  119. eduardo torres より:

    I remember people going to skip this & I’m like ready for some crazy surprise!

  120. Major Meow より:

    Question: Why aren’t all the villains from previous games in jail?

  121. antimatterdragon321 より:

    Cyrus is best villain followed by Lysandre.


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