Top 5 Easiest Ways To Hunt Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Shiny Pokemon are one of the best features about the Pokemon games, and with the release of the brand new games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, there are now even more new methods to get your favourite shiny Pokemon. From soft resetting for Shiny Legendary Pokemon or Shiny Ultra Beasts all the way to riding on Solgaleo or Lunala in Ultra space, there’s a lot of ways! With that being said, today’s video goes over the Top 5 Easiest Ways To Hunt Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon


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Top 5 Easiest Ways To Hunt Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon
Top 5 Easiest Ways To Hunt Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon
Top 5 Easiest Ways To Hunt Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon



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    i gave up on worm hole after i got 4 shiny hippos

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    I honestly freaked out for a second when i saw the “posted 1 minute ago” on this video

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    4th view, 2nd like and 1st comment ? thanks for the video because I’m trying to shiny hunt on my Pokemon ultra moon ?

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    for SR you don’t need to press L+R+Start, you can also do L+R+Select.

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    I have found more shinies by randomly running into them than actually intending to go and find them through soft resets or through just searching. I cannot get a shiny charm. There are too many pokemon I haven’t got and some pokemon require trading. I do not have any friends who have pokemon games and I only have one 3DS. I am also not allowed to get a new one as I do not have that much money and my parents will not buy one for me. I have literally encountered the majority of trainers in the game. As for Island scan, for some reason it keeps saying my ‘qr reader is full.’ I’ve only done one island scan.

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    Hey guys i have not buy any pokemon game should i buy the sun and moon or the X Y?

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    Not just Flame Body, Magma Armor also does decreases the amount of steps for eggs

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    Btw HDVEE, what is wrong with calling you daddy? 😉

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    What a about if u what a shiny starter to start with when u first start the game?

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    poke pelago allso has increased odds

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