YOU HAVE A VOLCANION?! | Pokémon Ultra Sun Randomizer Nuzlocke – Episode 06

Pokémon Ultra Sun Randomizer Nuzlocke – Episode 06 | BATTLING A CHAMPION?!
Welcome to our Pokemon Ultra Sun Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge! In this randomizer we will be taking on Pokemon Ultra Sun with a twist! I Hope you all enjoy the Randomizer Lets Play! Leave a like if you do!

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  1. The Fire Dragon Gaming より:

    1st notification

  2. X Eisenhour より:


  3. Jhovanni Velasquez より:

    SQUAD IS HERE!!!!!!

  4. A222 より:

    Yay straight after the live stream ^-^

  5. Carfrey Vids より:

    Hi feint good live stream I wish you better luck

  6. Marco Bolgan より:

    Here in Italy it’s 1:00 a.m, but i’m still awake for you! 😉

  7. ItzYaBoiMysticMaxx より:


  8. ITZ Tahmidur より:

    My guy

  9. Aflasher より:

    I’m early and hi

  10. Anthony Hahn より:

    You should have grabbed the sooth bell for Eevee

  11. Ben Gaming より:

    I love your vids but right know I’m sick 🙁

  12. Owen Wolf より:

    FeintAttacks, how do you make it randomized

  13. KyleDude -Games より:

    You absolute legend

  14. Fir3N3rd より:

    Looks at thumbnail ep 6, looks at title and descreption ep 5

  15. Its Adam より:

    Rip Roto

  16. Scriffo より:

    Feint, now that you have a Tauros, you can get an encounter in the ten carat hill.

  17. George Brownless より:


  18. scott cress より:

    Feint on big wave beach there is a Cave where u can get a encounter

  19. bl8catcher より:

    Hey, for next episodes when encountering a pokemon you want to catch, you can let it call for help to find another pokemon!

  20. Magnus Gjøttrup Kristensen より:

    The in game music is echoing a bit

  21. Ivica Kajfes より:

    Its Man-Teen!!!

  22. Dark Ninja より:

    Faint attacks you are my fav youtuber i always watch your vids

  23. Da Friend より:

    We shall miss you

    Roto the god

  24. Da Friend より:

    God damnit Jimbo

  25. DavidPlayzMc より:

    I have a volcanion btw anyone here have v create victiny I’ll trade my meloetta reply if interested


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