Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Wi-Fi Battle: Hawlucha is an Assassin! (1080p)


Citra tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TwfmWvXfmw&t=1s

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  1. sergio portillo より:

    Let’s get it

  2. Floating Haddock より:

    Wheres my Stantler feature????

  3. Sweepin Dreamin より:

    Hit the Quan hoe

  4. Taco より:

    Dad, use Naganadel more!

  5. Kobe vlogs より:

    First one here

  6. Nate Steevo より:

    shofu toxicroak dryskin headass

  7. gooey magala より:

    Hawlucha’s Creed: Origin pulse

  8. Deion pittman より:

    I kinda want to try a mega charizard x with hidden power ice

  9. rchoung34 より:

    Living in Boston also makes you a brokeboi cause rent is dumb as hell here

  10. ahaze131 より:

    Young broke boy got no insurance

  11. Bastian ESco より:

    Where is this music from?

  12. Blazin' Incineroar より:

    I’m a broke boi

  13. Cepherneeze 157 より:

    1:16 charizard looks like a biology project with his stomach cut open. “This class, it the flame sac charizard use to burn opponents to a crisp. And the wing muscles have to be very strong in order to hold this fat fucking stomach.

  14. thatonetrainer より:

    shofu what ever happened to proverty aint commin back

  15. Quinton Mejias より:

    Come to England and visit America Its the only way

  16. Just Billy より:


  17. Itz Deru より:

    0:00-0:40 you get an std or something?

  18. Infinite Power より:

    Tapu Koko and bulu should get play rough

  19. Bryan B より:

    That might be the best thumbnail yet

  20. Etika Fresh off da Block より:


  21. Jonald Penn より:

    Team broke boy

  22. Amayas G より:

    Start a Patreon if you really need it man, don’t be afraid to ask for help 🙂

  23. tyler chung より:

    Is shofu training his own pokemon or is he using someone else’s?

  24. cynical_ perks より:

    Knowing your luck, I expected that one Fire Blast on the Ferrothorn to miss and for him to Gyro Ball you

  25. VictoryIsMudkipz より:

    Wait who was fucking you in the ass @shofu?

  26. Mike Oye より:

    Shofu the type of dude to pour his milk before his cereal ?

  27. Luke Puttock より:

    Broke bois unite

  28. LeCoolFace より:

    That intro needs a 2017 update.

  29. T, stop stalking me より:

    I still miss the old tittle. When it was just Shofu vs opponent.

  30. LeCoolFace より:

    People who run Fire Punch when there’s the option to run Flare Blitz are the weakest race.
    Hidden Power Ice on Charizard X is pretty interesting, though.

  31. AD The Smeargle より:

    can i fuk you in the azz next, shofu?

  32. PKSparkxx DatHottneSS より:

    This music is too good.

  33. Flamecalvin より:

    Nationwide is on your, DICK!

  34. Lisa Barnes より:

    I must be living under a rock or something because I didn’t know pikachu could learn extreme speed. (Unless it was introduced by breeding)

  35. Jose Santay より:

    You should put the movesets and Evs in the description like you have done

  36. Kyrim より:

    HP Ice Charizard-X. What has the world come to?

  37. panfriedd より:

    when will you rebattle THESGTBASH

  38. Suirad The Great より:


  39. RJ より:

    Broke bois gotta rep

  40. Traviesmackdown より:

    I don’t see HP Ice on X. Maybe Y, but not X.

  41. Haunted Goblin より:

    Bugium Z Signal Beam Jolteon.. try that shit

  42. Igor より:

    **falsetto voice** “let’s goooo”

  43. zeke2solid より:

    Shofu back at it again with the power ?

  44. KevinLopez より:

    cuz shofu got 3 flinches in a row he is NEVER gonna get a flinch again

  45. Joey Fontaine より:

    Shofu u breaking my heart plz leave the sets below

  46. Matthew Lavides より:

    Good luck bro. I feel your pain.

  47. Red X より:

    I miss ash greninja

  48. glonik より:

    Poor shofu and that hospital bill

  49. DEJA VU.MP3 より:

    Hit that like button

  50. dalton dbkGREEN7 より:

    Bro I love Pokemon so this Christmas my dads supposed to get me a new 3ds along with ultra sun

  51. Champion Link より:

    You should add lines to Citra, that would look clean!

  52. Dreary doll より:

    That thumbnail almost made me think this was a weedletwinneedle video

  53. Voidaken より:

    You’re, like, the only player who doesn’t shiny-spam.

  54. Yuv Raj Purohit より:

    He needs some money so help him

  55. red jac より:

    That thumbnail is lil powerful ?

  56. Emerald Embassy より:

    Hey Shofu what kind of stats were you running on these mons? I’d like to try this team myself

  57. Alex Nuss より:

    i think it was obvious that it was battle bond from the start cause his whole team was shiny besides greninja

  58. BenBlazing より:

    Dayum! That thumbnail is lit!

  59. Paul Turner より:

    broke boieeee! RIP haloocha

  60. ռɛօռ ֆȶօʀʍ578 より:

    Pikachu Hype!!

  61. Ernasty より:

    Why aren’t single battles a vgc battle type? Too simple?

  62. Barry Bat より:

    My favorite movie is still shofu vs maxprotect

  63. Hate symbol より:

    It’s nice to actually see some variation in OU teams. Really makes it more interesting.

  64. Levi Lastname より:

    that pikachu was illegal

  65. sleazymeezy より:

    Oh, you’re broke?

    Welcome to the real world son.

  66. Sean Wilson より:

    Yeah z move scale +65 damage on the base damage of the move you use except for custom z move

  67. TheSazon26 より:

    Dude. I’m fucking crying your intro was sooo fucking funny

  68. DOCTOR W より:

    hit that like for my homie young broke boy

  69. Mr. Sandman より:

    @ 4:24 blacephalon blinks. I didn’t even know those were eyes on the side of its head

  70. the bright powder Dealer より:

    the new reborn episode is not that long but prepare youtself for some puzzles

  71. MagicianFairy より:

    Brokegirl reporting in. Source of brokenness. Tuition. Both American healthcare system and education sucks. Horray.

  72. Vizer Nest より:

    How do you get hidden power to be the type you want anybody know?

  73. Cerberus Co より:

    Sickest ingame screenshot I’ve ever seen

  74. TzSpeX より:

    i liked because im a broke b o i too

  75. Tj3185 より:

    Hawlucha is bae

  76. TheSinisterSableye より:

    The thumbnail looks like something Weedle would make for some reason

  77. Yung Wizh より:

    Net neutrality isn’t real

  78. Umbreon Hidden より:

    That hospital did ya boy wrong

  79. golduck342 より:

    Bro why don’t you have Obamacare

  80. Z Gamma_craft より:

    All these years and Ferrothorn is still a beast.

  81. cassius より:


  82. Bey Bey より:

    im broke as hell i started from the bottom and nigga im still here

  83. Goodboyobito1000 より:

    i hit the like button for them medical bills

  84. Yoshikiller1 より:

    Pikachu is ass. What’re you saying?

  85. Andrew Wojtas より:

    I battled that guy I had no chance

  86. Flamecalvin より:

    I’m not just Broke, i’m Dick Broke! >:'( My account is legit at $-893.17! Stuff got taken out unexpectedly, and my check should be a little over 900 thankfully, so i’ll have 20 bucks to live on for the next 2 weeks!

  87. Iyokuu より:

    Watching HD battles always makes me want to sit down for a day and just beat the game, but then I remember I have to treck through the entire game.

  88. Michael Garcia より:

    #brokeboy #collegestudent

  89. Gouchi Squad より:

    Can you please make a video with the champion blue theme

  90. SuperDefcon5 より:

    GL man, been watching for like 7 years. Still the best

  91. SylveonPokemon Trainer1848 より:

    The graphics are dIfferent from he regular SUM

  92. Luke Ryba より:

    1080p they said.

  93. Bahamut's Child より:

    That thumbnail tho…

  94. redraider209 より:

    Why do the graphics to the game look so much better on your videos than anyone else’s ?

  95. Wellborn Beast より:

    Why’re the graphics a bit different than the actual game

  96. patrick watkins より:

    american medical system has done the same to me and i don’t have that youtube money to throw around.

  97. j.max より:

    Shofu, what did you think of the 2018 movie trailer? Ash looking even more anime then we’re used to.

  98. GoldFtw1 より:

    how does pikachu get extremespeed?

  99. Your Next Line is より:

    When tf they gonna buff Pikachu line smh

  100. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie より:

    You got exzema

  101. Eddie-b より:

    shofu got nasty ass feet. he can start a fire by rubbing his ashy ass ankles together dead ass xDDD

  102. Lloyd より:

    Uncle Sam handed you an L I hear

  103. tomasiarity より:

    Dear Game Freak:

    Destroy the Smogon dog next generation.

    -Annoyed fan.

  104. OBluestreak Z より:

    I gotta give a like for young broke boy man, damn.

  105. Casey Winters より:

    SUPER pause at the beginning of the video

  106. GIR177 より:

    You should always make your Greninja male. Female Greninja is a clear signal it’s not running Battle Bond.

  107. Dominic Brenner より:

    Can we talk about how broken magic guard mind blown can be? Especially with specs.

  108. Mkfun360 より:

    Ybb gang shofu

  109. lavaugh brown より:

    Broke boi gang

  110. AmericanGTS より:

    You need to battle some real battlers.

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  112. PlatinumXD , より:

    Ten nutsack in this dope set

  113. I Dont have a Life Please Send -help- a Gun より:

    For those of you who don’t know about American healthcare:

    The only thing you need to know about it is that there is a popular American show that depicts an average American teacher that is forced to make an industrial quantity amount of high quality meth to pay off his medical bills…

  114. Grimahim より:

    I was just wondering yesterday if I should tweet at you about episode 17, and here I decide to watch one of your battles since I just finished Ultra Sun and you say you’re starting the Reborn LP again soon. That is what I like to see. Great battle, looking forward to the return of the LP!

  115. Eze The Igwe より:

    Yo where is that dazzling gleam bar from? I’ve been tryna find it since he mentioned it in a regular sun and moon wifi battle a whole fucking year ago.

    Edit: It’s legit the opening lines from Bars and Badges and you niggas couldn’t hook me up with a link? Oh aight.

  116. Retrokix より:

    I got you on the like bro. I know what’s like being broke as fuck.

  117. Ghostflame92 より:

    “hit this like button so that my video gets more views and i get more money man”

    everybody doing this for the money, but shofu the first one to be honest about it. you get a like.

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    Gimme a sec, lemme rewatch so i can find more ads.

  119. bananaboomer より:

    Binge watching shofu videos so he can pay his medical bills

  120. Zihark94 より:

    scarf greninja is probably the most common protean set right now. you just need that 100+ speed scarfer to revenge volcarona

  121. Edgar Martinez より:

    Guys im mad its already been like 2 years and i still cant find my mf omega ruby and i miss playing it so much

  122. Cody Beale より:

    A better hawlucha is Sky Attack/Hone Claws/HJK/Acrobatics with a power herb

  123. Young Parappa より:

    That health insurance shit sucks. Wishing you the best bro

  124. Utmost of Zest より:

    Do you hack your mons?

  125. Scar Lionheart より:

    Broke boy

  126. Shiguma717 より:

    okay the thumbnail is clean

  127. Carlos almenar より:

    How do you get to this animation style? My game still looks like the old sun and moon game

  128. IJustWatchVideosHere より:

    Hawlucha is so awesome. 🙂

  129. Infernape 79 より:

    Make a patreon fam

  130. Djrhcp1 より:

    thats a clean intro

  131. dasfabelwesen より:

    Wtf? Just buy insurance. It is ~500 a quater depending on your income and then you just pay 800 annualy extra to get worldwide coverage for 2m per year private extra insurance. And then you go into the hospital and pay 0, go to the doc and pay 0, you get medicin for 0, go anywhere except the us and pay0.

  132. Imad Rashid より:

    what is the name of the background music of the battle??? Anyone?

  133. DJ-Hotwings より:

    I know how you feel…

  134. Shady Scythe より:

    Ayyye tb to Bars&Badges ??12:37

  135. Nerd Breakdown より:

    Broke boi squad

  136. hebbeffs より:

    you know it´s bad when you have to rely on youtube-likes for medical care

  137. B U より:

    shofu u should venture out and play other games outside of Nintendo

  138. tehsteg より:

    Bodybag week when tho?

  139. Infinity Master より:

    When are you gonna show us some *Zeroara* sets already?
    Oh wait…..

  140. Ernesto Lugo より:

    New to the channel. Is it an external program emulating the game to get the models to look like that?

  141. Mike Oye より:

    Oh shoot I just realized that darmanitan is the channel mascot again and not yungoose ?

  142. kokorolex より:

    You Okay Shofu?

  143. That baby cat in the neighborhood より:

    Yo real talk the American medical system fucks niggas in the ass with bills, you might as well uber to the hospital instead of paying an ambulance fee



  145. Gabriel Caraballo より:

    dat fire blast

  146. Crono Sapien より:

    Yung Broke Boi should be your rapper name, Shofu.
    Also, ain’t NO ONE gonna run Mega Charizard Y. Well, maybe some people…but Mega Charizard X is definitely a lot more common due to it being so much better. Loses it’s 4X weakness and gets a boost in physical moves, while with Mega Charizard Y…I guess having your fire-type moves boosted is cool? Even so, Sunny Day helps the other opponent as well, so it’s not entirely ideal.

  147. Matt Bowers より:

    liked for ambipom being unfortunately bad

  148. Billicus Murphy より:

    Any chance you can copy/paste your team from this battle? @shofu

  149. ME BL より:

    Dude the US healthcare system is so f’d up, it’s just insane how much money then can pull out of you that it’s basically a miracle if you can afford it on your own…

  150. Calvin Matthews より:

    Pikachu is without a doubt popular, but man, its flimsy as hell!

  151. HeyItzWilliHam より:

    hit that like button, comment down below and subscribe baby

  152. PokéGuitaristJake より:

    That Hidden Power (Ice) Shiny Mega Charizard X was legit. That makes me want to breed for 30 IVs in Sp.Attk and Sp.Def and have 31 IVs in the rest of the stats. I sadly already have a 5IV Shiny Mega Charizard X in a Dusk Ball I bred in 2337 Eggs in Omega Ruby, but I just love that moveset it’s too clean c:

  153. Joseph Ramos Flores より:

    I hate festival plaza so much hard to find battles the pss was so much better

  154. JM C より:

    Extremspeed Pikachu….what?

  155. Christopher Black より:

    My man medical bill higher than how Matt Houston looks

  156. Riot より:

    Nikker LUL

  157. Chrane より:

    Liking, commenting and sharing. Anything for a fellow Brokeboi.

  158. PublicDudeBaby より:

    If Bernie was prez you wouldn’t have to be young broke boi tbh???

  159. Hassan Moss より:

    Why doesn’t my game look like this?

  160. Avik Niyogi より:

    3ds does not have such graphics! How do you do it? Is it an emulator? Is this possible on new 3ds xl or new 2ds xl?

  161. David Wynn より:

    Someone tell me why the Pokemon in these videos are so freaking HD and there’s no pixelation … like everything is just smooth. WHAT THE FUCK.

  162. Long Infernity より:

    Why are the quality and the pokemons look so good in his 3ds?

  163. Jamison Hupp より:

    I feel ya man I’m a broke boi for a couple months cause I’m a dummy

  164. Ravorex :] より:

    yung broke boy

  165. Oliver Nicholson より:

    I jam the FUCK out to shofu’s intro :]

  166. Rick Abrego より:

    the game looks so good

  167. John H Player より:

    Scarf ninja is the way to go.

  168. viperific より:


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