SHINY LATIOS IN ONLY 52 ENCOUNTERS! INSANE REACTION! Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Shiny Reaction

Shiny Legendary are very difficult to come across, especially when the odds are so bad! However though, today’s video goes over a live reaction of us finding a shiny Latios in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!


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Hey Guys, HDvee here! If you’re looking for videos on Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Top 5’s, Pokemon Top 10’s, Pokemon Theories or even Pokemon Let’s Plays, then you’ve come to the right place. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are some of the best new Pokemon games we’ve ever seen, and so if you’re looking for content on the two new Pokemon games, you’ve come to the right place! On my channel you can find videos to do with Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, videos on the Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime, Ash Ketchum videos, up to date Pokemon news videos, Pokemon Rom Hack & Fan game showcases and of course Pokemon Let’s plays of the newest games! I hope you decide to stick around, and have an awesome rest of your day!

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  1. The Dopey Doge より:


  2. Corey msn dude poo より:

    An I first hd vee

  3. EvilTacoPerson より:


  4. Monster Gaming より:


  5. Ryan Plays より:

    Great shiny! I have one too but in regular Sun.

  6. Collin De Baan より:

    Not first ??

  7. Wolfy The Typhlosion より:

    Nice job mate! I got the second US shiny Latios on YT. It’s a beautiful shiny

  8. pokemon master より:

    Noooo he’s done streaming??

  9. Steel Deoxys より:

    Nice yo

  10. Adrian Shen より:


  11. PixelNova555 Gaming より:

    FIRST (Almost)

  12. Phoenix Dude より:

    Sorry i am copying him

  13. Team Jub-Jub より:

    50 freakin 2

  14. D Eccs より:

    52!!! I got latias in 5876 and accidentally killed it!!!

  15. Itz rampa1ge より:

    This was one i missed

  16. Liam Pinder より:

    Hi hdvee hunt kartana tomorrow

  17. Danny C.A より:

    So lucky

  18. Kk Warren より:

    Guys 52

  19. Adam Taurus より:

    I got shiny latios in one encounter its called global trading I win ?

  20. Ty Drnach より:

    Your luck is actually insane

  21. Matt Ritchie より:

    Lol the chat when he got it xD

  22. Cow Moofies より:


  23. Niek van der Leest より:

    congratz on the shiny latios it took me waaaaaaaay more encounters but at least i got it enjoy your time whit this flying sausage

  24. Homie Mimikyu より:


  25. What did you do to Snoke より:


  26. Eward より:

    Wow! I am doing my first ever shiny legendary hunt for Azelf. 1075 sr so far and no luck, but I am gonna keep on trying!!

  27. ReptileGamer より:


  28. ItsElectron より:

    I got a shiny cobalion without charm in 87 encounters

  29. George Safos より:


  30. Jordan Browne より:

    I got mine in alpha sapphire in over 1500 with charm using eon ticket

  31. ByPelowhisky 03 より:

    You hace The shiny charm?

  32. Liam Pinder より:

    Reply if you will

  33. Ciano Claff より:

    im shiny hunting a regigas atm

  34. Brawlerman 10 より:

    1:19 – 1:22 when your so close to winning a race in Mario Kart but slip your Joy-Stick the wrong direction / when you thought it was Friday but it was Monday

  35. SovietFL より:


  36. MoonWolf 12 より:

    Omg and the way the chat explodes ? Congrats on it tho!


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