LIVE ULTRA WORMHOLE SHINY NIHILEGO HUNTING! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Shiny Hunting w/ HDvee

Welcome to the HDvee Livestream! We are currently using the brand new shiny hunting method in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon known as the ultra wormhole method, but this time, to look for shiny legendary Pokemon! This method has really good odds at finding shiny Pokemon so hopefully we can find some today! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you’re enjoying your time here!


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Stream Rules:
1.) No swearing or spamming, this is a PG stream so everyone can enjoy.
2.) Do not ask to be a mod, moderators are chosen when I feel like the person is contributing to the stream, and helping it run much smoother.
3.) Be friendly to one another, let’s all just enjoy Pokemon!

Night bot Commands:


Q.) Who is your favorite Pokemon?
A.) Eevee

Q.) Who is your favorite Legendary Pokemon?
A.) Suicune

Q.) Who is your favorite Shiny Pokemon?
A.) Greninja

Q.) Do I have the shiny charm?
A.) Yep!

Q.) Who is your least favourite Pokemon?
A.) Mega Audino


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Hey Guys, HDvee here! If you’re looking for videos on Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Top 5’s, Pokemon Top 10’s, Pokemon Theories or even Pokemon Let’s Plays, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a Poketuber and my content is all to do with Pokemon! As mentioned earlier, I make a lot of videos on the Pokemon Anime’s protagonist Ash Ketchum, looking at Ash’s Strongest Team, Ash’s Weakest Team, Who Ash should have evolved, Who Ash should have caught, pretty much everything to do with the young Pokemon Trainer. I also create Pokemon Top 5’s and Pokemon Top 10’s on just about anything to do with the franchise such as Pokemon You’ll Never Obtain and Shiny Pokemon You’ll Always Catch! With the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, it has also allowed me to make videos on the new generation of Pokemon games so if you’re looking for information on those two new Pokemon games, you’ve come to the right place! I also make Pokemon Theory videos too! Thankyou for checking out my channel!

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  5. Real Kawaii Pikachu より:

    Shiny at 38:30

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  7. Gail より:

    all the shiny legendary/ubs u find are under odds u are the luckiest person i have ever seen

  8. ?????? ????? より:

    Hey eevee

  9. ?????? ????? より:

    Your stream were really good

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    10th comment

  11. Bentley Knight より:

    You’re so fucking lucky

  12. Liam Pinder より:

    When do you start stream today pls reply

  13. Matt03038 より:

    Can I have some luck l. I hate how many shinies you have. I NEED THE LUCK

  14. TheSleepingFallen より:

    One does not simply obtain one of the best shinies in 8 encounters

  15. Nabeel AlMulla より:

    giveme 5 dude, gg n_n

  16. Nabeel AlMulla より:

    just a word, Pressure, is never fgood while shiny hunting “expeat SOS ofc”

  17. Dom V より:

    I’m looking for shiny mespeit

  18. Super_h_ Bros より:

    congrats on the nihlego

  19. ShinyGenesect 123 より:

    What’s ur snapchat

  20. Varun Saravanan より:

    luckiest person on earth

  21. Meowman 115 より:

    I am spending MONTHS trying to get a shiny UB! I’ve given up on some, but ended up at staying at Nihilego

  22. Codenamekip 24 より:

    That is some POWERFUL shiny luck right there

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