Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon ARE OUT!

Review copies of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been distributed. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Gameplay has been uploaded to youtube. Now its just a matter of time until someone goes rogue and we have a massive Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Leak.

First Hour Differences on Pokemon ULTRA Sun and Moon VS Sun and Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Donz8_aqZfc
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    I don’t care about Spoilers I wanna see stuff

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    Wish there was a demo

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    Just one spoiler and we’re doomed.

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  35. wildmango 511 より:

    Why am I so scared about The release of Pokémon ultra sun and ultra moon

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    never clicked so quickly

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    It was Michael

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    Why… Just why… All the spoilers are gonna ruin the game for a lot of us

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    OOOOH COME ON!!! >:C

  40. Fat A** より:

    I just noticed Pokemon x and y is the only generation without a third installment… ?

  41. All because of ACS Entertainment より:

    Shhh I’m trying to keep the hype till I get the game

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    The games not out yet dude

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    When you thought they released it early

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    What no why?
    Internet stahp.
    Time to go live with Patrick for a few weeks.

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    Well I am gon for 10 days

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    So close! Can’t wait for these games!

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    Well good thing I’m hiding from YouTube from sonic forces spoilers so its gonna be a longer hide than I thought

    Well at the moment I’m failing

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    I can’t believe it’s out!!!!

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    I feel the leaks coming on. I was born with a 6th sense to know when major leaks are going to happen.

  53. Arjan Malhotra より:

    Bullshit no way

  54. Warren Chaos より:

    1:59 Gamefreak isn’t a huge fan of in game Settings

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    Of all people, why would nintendo give it to MandJTV?

  56. dabest ships より:

    Well . . .

  57. Alonzo Howard より:

    Oh GOD im so early

  58. CrystalFox13 より:

    They’re the *exact* same. Nothing new *at all.* Nobody wants to travel through ultra wormholes, fight all the Evil Team Leaders, or capture all legendary pokemon. Same old sun and moon.

    It’s a joke. K?

  59. Sir. Matthews より:

    Where can I find the website with the new Pokédex you posted earlier today

  60. Humberto Montes より:

    Pokemon ultra sun and pokemon ultra moon is here tomorrow?

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  62. aadish 99 より:

    Again this already happened last time . I still have to wait till April to play it

  63. CrystalFox13 より:

    Person: “I got an early copy! Let me leak everything”
    Pokemon: I know where you live.. ?

  64. everythingawesome2004 より:

    The bad thing is I. Getting it on christmas……I NEED IT NOWWWW

  65. Kiki Stars より:

    I am the earliest I have ever been

  66. meme name より:

    Oh nice

  67. Hunter Dust より:

    Verlisify do u have a copy?

  68. OmegaDark 22 より:

    *You better chill with your thumbnails if you’re making videos on the storyline and stuff. Like put a shadow behind like a ‘new Pokemon’ if there IS one. I’m tryna still use YouTube.

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  70. Chancellor of Memes より:

    What’s the deal with a CIA file?

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    Honestly I am Hype As Crap I want The Game Now

  73. SynchroWaveX より:

    well its time to hide form youtube till november the 17

  74. ItzShaymin より:

    “2 views” FROM VERLIS

    me scare

  75. Th3 gaming snake 1130 より:

    I need to see if there are anymore ultra beast and I want to find out the three new u.b names

  76. Ant Knee Jon Sun より:

    Please don’t put spoilers in your thumbnails…

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    *instantly leaves internet*

  78. Hutch Games より:

    333 like

  79. Pokemon pie より:

    I wish I had a copy from Nintendo so I could have some good content for my channel for once… If anyone from Nintendo sees this please reply if I can have a copy early!?

  80. Adrian Sanchez より:

    I’m so hyped!

  81. Arrow Barnard より:

    is it bad i screen shoted youtube being drunk? probolby.

  82. Th3 gaming snake 1130 より:

    Happened to smash bros

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    going to pay your RESPEC

  84. Yuukecchi より:

    if i leave the internet how will i watch your videos?

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  86. Kevin Fireman より:

    Will we be able to transfer Pokemon from S/M to Ultra S/M?

  87. BITbOY より:

    where that gem porn at verl? you know its there boy.

  88. Jash 0oO より:

    Goodbye internet.

  89. Benjamin Colvin より:

    I know some of you don’t care, but I’m so hyped for this game that my whole team is planned. You can even read it;

    (Note: I have the pokemon in this specific order because when you take the first letter from each of their names you get a complete team name PRYMRS ((Primrose)) in reference to the show RWBY)

    Popplio→Brionne→Primarina – Water/Fairy – Female – Pearl
    -Sparkling Aria
    -Ice Beam
    -Shadow Ball

    Pikipek→Trumbeak→Toucannon – Normal/Flying – Male – Rio
    -Drill Peck
    -Rock Blast (Skill Link)
    -Bullet Seed (Skill Link)
    -Brick Break

    Jangmo→Hakomo-o→Kommo-o – Fighting/Dragon – Male – Yang (Also RWBY references!)
    -Clanging Scales
    -Sky Uppercut
    -Poison Jab

    Salandit→Salazzle – Fire/Poison – Female – Miasma
    Sludge Bomb
    Dragon Pulse

    Pichu→Pikachu→Raichu (Alolan Form) – Electric/Psychic – Female – Ray
    -Brick Break
    -Volt Switch

    Rockruff→Lycanroc (Dusk Form) – Rock – Male – Sunset
    -Fire Fang
    -Stone Edge

    I’m such a freakin’ PokeNerd…

  90. Z L B RS より:

    I have 2 extra shiny silvally event codes if you want one verlis

  91. ZexalAlmighty より:

    did you have to do a blood sacrifice to satan for Nintendo??

  92. Chemist より:

    Verlis, PLEASE don’t do any videos on spoilers of any sort because you’re one of the only Poketubers I’ll still be watching until I beat USUM. If you do start posting leaks, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to abandon your videos, too. I hope you understand.

  93. Skitty Kitty より:

    I haven’t been spoiled at all for these new games. I didn’t even look at the trailers! I saw a commercial or 2 on TV and so I saw a few ultra beasts but besides that I’m gonna enter competent unaware.

  94. Diego Gomez より:

    What does tommorow hold with ultra sun and moon, that star pokemon is exiting,blinding one or whatever

  95. randomfish より:

    Maybe someone at nintendo thought that the whole game of sun and moon being leaked ten days early got more people to buy so they are giving permission to show footage already.

  96. Trainiax より:

    Expected someone leaked it

  97. Blake Strand より:

    you are an asshole

  98. Paul Winston より:

    I wouldn’t expect much in the way of Graphics! The 3ds has its limits and it’s not like this is the Xbox One X or A benchmarking of a 1080. I want to see the stats of the new ultra beasts.

  99. Connor Sterne より:

    Starting today I am officially leaving the internet

  100. Kyle Bashara より:

    Time to go beyond…plus ultra! My hero acadamia refernce

  101. Dusk Lycanroc より:

    Don’t spoil it please -.-

  102. Zwizard247 より:

    yeah, the black lines kind of drop the fps for the game, really wish they could have an option if you wanted to enable or disable it

  103. Vibe より:

    I’m just gonna try to find the CIA and the beat that, and then transfer my save with PKHex lol

  104. Noivern's Network より:

    Nooooooo, ugh oh wellllll

  105. SpaceMars8 より:

    Watching this at school

  106. Incinerate Incineroar より:

    Why don’t you get the game verlis u would think Nintendo notices u

  107. Mushpop mushy より:

    HUH?! *promises not to watch video* darn it i did it anyway

  108. Novasaur より:

    FuCk goTtA Pre-OrDeR stiLL

  109. Star Gamer より:

    OMG IT’S HERE!!!!

    Oh…….. the real thing is coming on the 17th. WHY DO WE HAVE WHAT 1 MORE WEEK.

  110. Darrell Whipple II より:

    I wish they would comeo eailer

  111. TheMetalhead89 より:

    The game isn’t supposed to come out for another 10 days. How is it that people already have it? So I can go to Gametsop and just pick it up?


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