Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon Giveaway – Plus Channel Updates

Special Giveaway this month to commemorate my 1000 videos and 2000~ subscribers! Also special perks for sponsors! To become a sponsor head to https://gaming.youtube.com/c/MalavarTCOne and hit the sponsor button to sign up 🙂



  1. SaifOn Switcher より:

    lit vids , specialy sao md .

  2. OceanWarlord より:

    Need another Digimon Links mega banner

  3. C. Patterson より:

    Nice choice of background music. Also, I hadn’t realized how close you were to 2K! Keep on chugging, man!

  4. Marvin Campbell より:

    Been here since your 1st FFBE video. Amazing to see how far your channel has grown! Keep it up!

  5. Kevin P. より:

    Best Kingdom hearts live stream !!! (:

  6. smgofdvld より:

    hello hello smg again haha nice about the giveaway that last ff9 fight was cool thanks for the recomendation of ff6 really enjoying it

  7. Jin Yuan より:

    Are you going to play Ultra sun and moon?

  8. ChaoticLegion01 より:

    Can I just have a googleplay voucher for topping up my magicite in mobius? That would be enough for me…. not into Pokemon.


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