Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon LEAK! 2 Z-MOVES PER BATTLE?

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon Coro Coro LEAK! Pokemon News https://www.serebii.net/news/2017/10-October-2017.shtml
Coro Coro has started Pokemon Leaks for the month and we get NEW Exclusive Z-Moves for Solgaleo and Lunala and a new Signature move for Necrozma. We still don’t know all of the new Exclusive Z Moves in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but this adds more to the list. We also have Pokemon news about an improved Rotom Dex Feature!

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  1. Kyle Poyma より:


  2. Pocha Kozaru より:


  3. Corlie McCormick より:


  4. Just A Random Gamer より:


  5. AwkwardPerson より:

    Oh man, this’ll change everything…

  6. Shadow Lord より:

    This is crazy.2 z moves thats hype

  7. Caleb5Stars Entertainment より:

    Still wanting a z move for greninja

  8. Neevkl _7 より:

    Looks like Verlis chose getting some sleep instead of waking up to make this vid
    Good choice Verlis

  9. Supreme gamer76 より:


  10. sunny medic より:


  11. Andrew Stark より:

    Cool. Now my VGC 2018 Reuniclus can Z-Trick Room to make sure Focus Miss lands and I can Shattered Psyche to rek something.

  12. Neevkl _7 より:

    How busted would it be if the two Z Moves per battle came into play in competitive battles

  13. battery より:

    I want z-ditto, where they make ditto’s transform more of a death move, and takes its form when faints

  14. Andrew Stark より:

    Am I the only one who wants Landorus-T to be in VGC 2018? I want it in the metagame so I can use it as setup fodder.

  15. Joseph Major より:

    wait… 2 zmoves? that’s…. a little absurd honestly its supposed to be a 1time (hopefully) momentum shifting move

  16. Pocha Kozaru より:

    You’re kinda late, everyone else was talking about this.

  17. Matthew Lightbody より:

    I played through the main story in sun and moon without using any z moves , I don’t really like them.

  18. ThePokéRaf より:

    I wonder if we do use 2 Z-Moves, will the totally replace ME being used?

  19. YaBoiRaiser より:

    Wait did I read that title right?

  20. Pocha Kozaru より:

    Why didn’t Nintendo make Z-moves for the legendaries back in ’16?

  21. Mark Guyton より:

    The Z-Rotom power looks like its gonna be useful (especially exp boosting).

    Also still hoping for a Z-Move for Tsareena…

  22. Chaotic BlueShell より:

    Imagine Eevee using its Z-Move twice.

  23. Ronin GX より:

    So you can charge up with Extreme Evoboost and then just kill almost anything with powered up Z-Nuke?!


  24. Neevkl _7 より:

    It would be really crazy if you could use The same Z Crystal twice so use your Z Status move then Nuke something with a move that matches it so Z Hypnosis then Z Psychic

  25. Ur_ mum_xd より:

    I believe the standard online will be a max of 2 Z-Moves, any otherwise would be busted.

  26. Michael Duke より:

    Extreme Evo-boost + baton pass + 2nd Z-Move = OP as hell!

  27. Matthew Lee より:

    Maybe the rotom Dex can make hatching easier(rather than using tauros in that 1 spot)

  28. Marc Shirota より:

    I remember when i caught necrozma with a ultra ball in sun good old days

  29. Pocha Kozaru より:

    Will we be able to use Rotom multiplier Z-moves as many times as we want? That would be awesome!

  30. Akira Kurusu より:


  31. StickMaster500 より:

    If you can use 2 Z-Moves in a WiFi Battle, then that will be broken as fuck. But I doubt that would happen.

  32. Marc Shirota より:

    Didn’t rotom say something about his own z move and say something about lilly being still in her z form and i an pritty shore in the leak and commershial lilly was in her z-form so maybe rotom was hinting us with info for pokemon ultra sun and moon.

  33. Termina 27 より:

    Z-moves = ???

  34. AceRacerToad より:

    Oh man, if we can use 2 Z moves online, I’m so gonna abuse rain boosted Oceanic Operettas <3
    Many Pokemon would get really scary too.
    It's really looking like Ultra Sun and Moon is gonna get a lot of nice things 🙂

  35. sai gumpalli より:

    i swear if i hear another “tooo similar to the sun and moon”

  36. Farm Kids より:

    We should give necrozma a nickname who about dawn necrozma and dusk necrozma

  37. Fer より:

    Bewear?? I use emolgas for leveling up, it gives almost the same exp per battle but its call rate is way higher

  38. Pocha Kozaru より:

    In ORAS, if you battle someone who plays XY, you can only play using the Kalos Rules. Now that new Pokemon are being introduced, I can see the same thing happening in USUM.

  39. Red and Pikachu より:

    kommo-o z move

    then solgaleo


  40. casketking00 より:

    What pokemon was Arcanine battling?

  41. Arilenn Animations より:

    Wait if we get 2 Z moves per battle then you can just go Extreme Evoboost- Baton pass- Ito Kommo-o, Clagoras soulblaze (I may have just butchered the name) and then you just sweep with Kommo-o

  42. MasterWalt より:

    Z-Stockpile twice let’s go! Zero Deaths.

  43. VBXmark80 Brown より:

    But also good and useful and some better features!!

  44. Master Zoug より:

    When i see 2 z_moves … i immediatly think about the SAME pokemon using 2 z-moves …. like Kommo-o using TWICE his z-move, nuking in aoe twice and getting double stats boost, Pheromosa able to use twice a z-move to nuke two opponent on a z-High jump kick now being in range to nuke your opponent. Since the stone doesn’t get “used” like a berry, it just stays on your pokemon so i dont see why a pokemon couldn’t z-move twice. Furthermore, a pokemon liek tapu-koko could use Z-mirror-move, than a Z-Brave Bird to nuke things with a +2 attack. POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

  45. CharizardGaming T.V. より:

    I think in adhesive is going to be called Toximp

  46. Mew369 より:


    Eevee With Eeveeium Z
    And now Kommoium Z

  47. Tex より:

    Nah that’s going to be broken as heck

  48. TheCrow0029 より:

    Oh please, 2 z-moves is going to be single player only

  49. CJ2XTRME より:

    Is it bad that I still have high hopes for new regional variants?

  50. Philly Gohan より:


  51. Philly Gohan より:

    Spelled that wrong XD

  52. John Snyder より:

    I hate the Z-moves all together, honestly. Mega evolution was dope as fuck, and now it’s an after thought. I’m excited to see the animation though, I just never used the Z-moves.

  53. Drew B より:

    Friday the 13, my birthday!

  54. Charlee The Gecko より:

    Extreme Evo-Boost+Button Pass+any zmove that boost rises like z-trick or treat would be an unstoppable strat as you become stronger, beefier, and faster to where you just eliminate your opponent’s team off your screen and batton pass again with a very powerful pokemon will become unstoppable like charzard x or an unkillable pokemon like toxapex or snorlax to create an ultra wall.

  55. PRWCGames N More PR より:

    If 2 z move for competitor it would be too broken with U- Bs like Kartana and Pheromosa nuke a pokemon, and then nuke away and then sweep their entire team as long as you outspeed.

  56. hECk OFf より:

    So I can simple beam Kommo-o’s Z moves and get all +4 stats? That sounds pretty broken.

  57. Kayleigh Wofter より:

    The thing with rotom dex was kind of hinted at in Sun and Moon wasn’t it? It would sometimes say something like “Are you sure I can’t use a z move? I have lots of Z power!”

  58. Disciple of Shaun より:

    *Potentially not two, but more than one.*

  59. Ulquiorra AMV より:

    I had expected an exclusive Z-Move for Rotom because of what it sometimes says in Sun and Moon, but that’s honestly ten times better than that.

  60. Thomas Laing より:

    Just imagine – Two Clangorous Soulblazes in a row.

  61. Dylon Cain より:

    Verlisify…you do realize you leaked a new Pokemon in this video right? Let’s see if you can find it.

  62. EricFeraligatr27 // SSLYT より:

    2 Z-Moves in one Battle? Just immagine Extreme Evoboost-Baton Pass into Porygon2 or Porygon-Z and then it uses Z-Conversion? That would Be OP.

  63. Gallitorsgaming より:

    ya know what be good they should make a cave in the game that reqires ya to be the champ and in that cave have level 60-70 level pokemon that are good for exp like harieama any thoughts?

  64. Hentai Senpai より:

    well if we get O-powers back.. that prob means that pss is returning? cuz.. i mean it would make sense..

  65. Cakevision より:

    Will we get or as seaching program on rotom?

  66. Kamen Rider ToQ Ichigou より:

    HEY 🙂 it’s whisp… I MEAN ROTOM-DEX!!!!

  67. cloudfair2 より:

    To be honest (and I know I’m going to be burned at the stake for saying this) I actually want them to factor in PokeAmi to competitive Pokemon. I know it would be adding in a ton of random elements to battles but it would make battles more interesting and enjoyable to watch :/

  68. Tom Odayama より:

    Funny idea but probably not gonna happen: Rotom Dex won’t like you if you’ve hacked your game.

  69. LJBezzleLJ より:

    If they did allow us to use two Z-Moves in Wi-Fi battles, they’re probably are going to only allow one use of one type of Z-Crystal. That way, Pokemon with insane damage Z-Moves will not be able to use them twice, and you can’t switch into another Pokemon of the same type/species and use another one. Just my thought process on that.

  70. BellumXyz より:

    I was enjoying showdown, I could test my strategies without having to spend time breeding pokemon just to realize that it is useless in my strategy because it dies faster than I thought it would or for whatever reasons but then I realized that all the things that smogon banned got banned in showdown too like WTF I can’t test how good my double team dusclops is going to be because double team got banned :/ Is there another place where I can test my strategies?

  71. General Woomy より:

    I think that us and um will be bad because of the lack of people getting the game

  72. Eeveelutionary より:

    I don’t care about Z-Moves, I don’t care about what looks like a fusion of Necrozma and Lunala, what I want is for the Pokemon League in Ultra Sun and Moon to not suck. In ORAS they were level 70+ the second time around, making leveling much easier. Now it’s level 60 and at worst JUST UNDER 60 and it’s a god damn nightmare to level grind.

  73. mlmf2012 より:

    2 z moves? Are they nerfing stall tactics?

  74. Requiem Zer0 より:

    I predict… the return of the dexnav…

  75. Robert Shepherd より:

    Hmm it only says more than once does that twice or as many times as I want

  76. Gurjash singh より:

    Does anyone have a sinoh pikachu i can have ill give a shiny chargabug *legit caught*

  77. randomfish より:

    I don’t think you should be able to even if it’s just for the story. The Rotom power thing as a whole is pretty neat, but having 2 Z-moves in one is something that shouldn’t happen.

  78. Super Derrick 1992 より:

    Verlis, make a video about the Pokemon that acranine is fighting.

  79. Z3R0_Gravity7_ より:

    I’m going to use marshadows z-move two times ?

  80. Bacon Wizard より:

    What they should put are new battle tree battles and rotom dex as a Pokémon

  81. acertainweeaboo より:

    Don’t ignore Xurkitree-GX-san?

  82. Courage Bot より:

    If you get cosmog is usum, z-splash x2 is possible maybe with solgaleo prism armor. Rip meta-game

  83. Courage Bot より:

    Lurantis could use a z-move with solar blade

  84. AGO-Studios より:

    i wonder. maybe it means 2 z moves as in they can hold two different z crystals. but cant use the same one twice

  85. A Guy より:

    you know how they’re doing the hat pickchew do the codes work anytime or only in the release time otherwise we’ll yeah

  86. Hyacinthero より:

    I think Prism Armor gives you full immunity to Beam moves. Works kind of like Bulletproof and Soundproof.

  87. RocketTwurpSLR より:

    It is kinda cool that were getting more out the rotom dex, i kinda hope you can use the 2 z moves competitively. But then again it could be an ingame feature. Like the pokė amie. Maybe you have to unlock it before you can use it competitively or perhaps its 2 zmoves for 2 different pokemon. Kinda how you could have primal kyogre/groundon and another mega.
    Idk how its gonna work,not getting my hopes up for it. Lol but it sure would spice the scene up a bit, we might be able see different pokemon shine.

    I do feel like they gave the opponants less pokemon to battle with, and less of a challenge. You dont realise to you replay the old games and some random trainer has 5 pokemon, and those gyms were hard, especially gen 2.
    Whitney, morty, claire,lance and red are the bosses.

    Imagine fan fridays you’d have to sit through 2 eevoboosts XD

  88. William Hedges より:

    I think you’ll have 2 different z-moves so that you don’t just use Kommo-o’s exclusive z-move twice to obliterate your opponent and end up sweeping with a boosted pokemon.

  89. Ninja Kidic より:

    im down with Rotom’s newer stuff..

  90. The Expert Dual Duelist より:

    Rawr xD
    Get it??????!??!???
    Also cool that rotomdex learned how to use Z moves like he said he would


    So a Steroid Eevee and Kommo-o will be OP in VGC, but the Fairies are still laughing with Kommo-o’s wide weaknesses to other types especially Fairy Type x4

  92. Джинзó Аркайдия より:

    I am in with US&M mainly for the new antagonist, UBs, Health Bar, and expansion. I hope the Alola starts too become available this time around.

    Edit: HIDDEN Abilities for the alola starters become available

  93. James Madlaing より:

    Can someone add me on pokemon y
    My fc is 091032665842 tnx

  94. Akkun0402 より:

    Yeah, in the anime series kukui also said you can use z moves more than once but it depend on how on strong the trainer and the Pokemon is, i don’t remember which episode it was…

  95. Arthur Januzzi より:

    I Just need new alolan forms… But no, i get recked

  96. Golden crafter より:


  97. The Turt1e9 より:

    666th like! Lol

  98. Andres Marrero より:

    How is even possible? Using Z-moves drains a lot of energy from both the Pokemon and the trainer. It’s the same with mega evolution.

  99. michael einhorn より:

    1 z move OR mega not both and definitely not 2

  100. FlameUser64 より:

    2 Z-Moves in competitive would be a problem, like in the Gen 6 VGC where you could use box legends for a bit. Everyone was running a Primal Groudon/Kyogre and a Mega both and it was quite frankly stupid.

  101. Flameball537 より:

    eevee z move, baton pass, kommo-o z move, win

  102. iamjohnporter67 より:

    (sigh) seriously? Why is Pokemon turning into a luck base game? It seems like they want competitive battling to be unbalanced. Whats next, in Generation 8 they will let us allow to Mega Evolve 2 Pokemon in Battle or have 8 Pokemon on the team? UGH!!!!!

  103. Fernicus Maximus より:

    They need to get rid of z moves is turning people off of Pokemon.

  104. Jocelyn Diego より:

    Do you know how to get the rotom z move


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