Ultra Beast Planets?! [Ultra Sun and Moon Wormhole Theory] | @GatorEXP

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  1. Pladica _ より:

    I thought the same thing when I noticed the caption mentioned light years.

  2. Nick Victory Fire より:

    Seems possible becase of those red & green portal & the quotes they say on them

  3. Paul Grote Beverborg より:

    All this other dimension stuff is way to complicated for me. (Watches some Super Paper Mario)

    True Paper Mario fans will understand this joke.

  4. Solaris290 より:

    That screenshot you put up mentions a “warp hole”, and looks rather different from the Ultra ‘Wormholes’. And as you brought up also, some are different colours, which may prove an important distinction.

  5. Shado Link より:

    ..that can be used once. Like all the other good stuff in games..
    What? Game freak usually do this, right?

  6. Vigor The Sloth より:

    I thought ultra space was the space between spaces… if that makes sense

  7. Darrell Whipple II より:

    gaterEX i love ur videos man and i hope when you get this game yoy will beat it and 100 percent it keep up the good work on ur videos

  8. Darrell Whipple II より:

    1:55 but some how that planet is able to support life

  9. AlolaPika204 より:

    Dude you seriously need more views


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