Torchic BLASTS LC Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon WiFi Battle vs Yuuki!

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Torchic BLASTS LC Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon WiFi Battle vs Yuuki!
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If you want to Wi-Fi battle me to make sure to be in my Discord and Follow me on Twitter to know when I’m doing them!

Here is the team!
from TKO
second team


(What you’ll find on my channel)
Mainly on my channel, I like to post a lot of competitive Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon wifi battles and competitive Pokemon Showdown videos with Pokemon teams from you guys or/and different unique Pokemon teams I come up with!
I’ll be doing Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Wifi Battles and Shiny hunting in my live streams and videos when the games come out! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this as the best Pokemon channel :}
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  1. ron mamauag より:

    hi idol ^^,

  2. Sandshrew-Alola Jolly Life Orb 4 HP 252 Atk 252 Spd より:

    Congrats on 50k subscribers Viz!!! ?❤

  3. Mr. Azumarill. より:

    It seems like my favorite poketuber got 50K subscribers, congrats, this really was a *Blast*

  4. Jason Sharpless より:

    Hey! Now that Passimian has Defiant, use it in OU! I use Scarfsimian with CC, Knock Off, Rock Slide, and U-Turn. To Slide at +2 is a guaranteed Ohko on Bulky Torn-T and Zapdos is Ohkod or Thkod and can’t KO back, plus it threatens T-Tar, Greninja, Volcarona, and can cripple with Knock Off. I use it alongside Pokemon that abuse hazards. With Specially Defensive Skarm and Lando T as the setters.

  5. Lance Jordan より:

    Lokei loves LC

  6. DealbreakerCA より:

    the weed team killed me

  7. Caden Wyatt より:

    Congrats on the 50k subscribers Viz you deserve ever one of them because your content is so enjoyable to watch.

  8. Bizzy より:

    *50,000 subs is 49,955 more subs than I have*

  9. Super Ness より:

    I really wish LC got more attention, oh well… Nice vid, my guy

  10. Yandel Draven より:


  11. Blood Dragon 535 より:

    We need a physical Hidden power
    i would call it great power will help quite a few pkmn

  12. Joey Fontaine より:

    Halloweed very inpropiate name viz

  13. nutman より:

    Someone really disliked the video huh lol probably Yuuki

  14. I Wish I Had A Creative Username より:

    Are you guys battling in Unova?

  15. Michael Jordan より:


  16. joe loua より:

    I gotta make a LC team man I got 25 br boxes i bred and trained/ traded for myself very proud of that. I do not have 1 lc team tho lol.

  17. Emma Starr より:

    So even LC banned Baton Pass? Hilarious…

  18. JohnOMGer Rossman より:

    Hi IM SELLING A SHINY ZORUA for a shaymin. The giveaway is only for 3/4 days and only one can get the shiny zorua. Remember a shaymin for zorua. My username is Sun. Playing Ultra sun

  19. RoyaleEmpoleon より:

    Now this type of battles of weird, but also weirdly entertaining xD


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