This is WHY You Use Golem In Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

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This is WHY You Use Golem In Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon
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  1. pkikyooo より:


  2. kinman Ho より:

    great battle!


    Congrats on 50k

  4. Ssj?GaMeR より:

    Man I always enjoy battling with Mons like Metagross and Golem once they increase their speed they just start combo in your opponent and always end it with a surprise Boom!!

  5. Jakyvir Toaks より:

    You make this look too easy. Love these vids

  6. raul ramirez より:

    00:10 what I live for ???

  7. Jorgeous-Sama より:

    Ah Vizually, with his vast amount of knowledge of the Pokemon meta, and ability to end sweeps with a bang pretty much means GG

  8. Lynx より:

    Another weakness policy sweep, I nut ?

  9. notChinmay より:

    Aah Golem, with it’s ridiculous defense stat it doesn’t even need its ability against garchomp lol

  10. Killer_Queer より:

    Golem says : no anime

  11. Lianu Luigi Mallare より:

    That ended with a BANG!
    Love your pokemon battles, especially the sweep ones. Keep it up!

  12. DPRD JZ より:


  13. stupidclusive ! より:

    do you still stream?

  14. Justin X より:

    Golem the Nuzlocke Slayer.
    Ability: Sturdy
    Special Move: Explosion.

  15. BowserDude28 より:

    Nice pet rock you got there

  16. ron mamauag より:


  17. Justus O'Connor より:

    GG for some reason i thought it was gonna be alolan golem. Nicknamed shiny mew in a pokeball ? Lmao your opponents lately are making me laugh with those legit af pokes.

  18. The Game unleashed より:


  19. FuzzDaFuzziest より:

    amazing battles as always, nice job viz

  20. calvin kwan より:

    The weedle strat is 2 op

  21. Michael Jordan より:

    Ah Golem, the biggest boy, he bulky.

  22. aB より:

    Aah golem, with its typing rock/ground giving it a total of 6 weaknesses 2 of them being quad weaknesses and it’s ability sturdy being completely useless because of the vast number of priority users in OU, it’s pretty much guranteed to get ur opponent’s greninja it’s ash transformation.

  23. Ketiyas より:

    Why do these players never have even 1 priority move? xD Nice video though, I love golem

  24. Isa Amir より:

    not even using screens POG

  25. Bizzy より:

    Priority Moves-*allow us to introduce ourselves*

  26. Angel Carrillo より:

    I have a shiny Golem too ?

  27. Trucking Fitness! より:

    You didnt miss stone edge… Hacks ?

    Love your videos

  28. Dingo Blue より:

    This type of shit is the reason why I subbed!

  29. Dingo Blue より:

    0:00 til 0:10

  30. Dingo Blue より:

    I fucking love these setups. They don’t have the future sight for this type of shit and that’s pretty much just 1 real play. Sweeping teams with just Heracross is still satisfying.

  31. 0 anonymous より:

    What’s this simplified graphic pokemon?
    I’ve not ever seen that. let me know about this.

  32. Iam Pokemon より:

    why does everyone sweep people with lots of shinies?

  33. Rob Otto より:

    If the Pokémon games were more dynamic would be epic.

  34. Gacha kid Plays より:

    Hi vizually. I was playing pokemon showdown… But somehow my sprites turned into memes

  35. Biguki より:

    ngl i did the same with aggron

  36. kracman99 より:

    Why icebeam is supereffective on greninja

  37. iZeldian より:

    This is WHY…more like This is HOW

  38. Sandro Vunta より:

    No priority against tho ?


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