Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon News, 12th Sept – NECROZMA FORM NAMES REVEALED!?

Alreet Trainers! Corocoro leaked today and within its pages were the names of the new forms of Necrozma! We’ll probably get more leaks throughout the day so keep an eye out!

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  1. Lynk Cable より:

    Those names!!!!! ??

  2. Ty Kelly より:

    What is with the new mascot

  3. EL 376 より:

    Beautiful names!

  4. Jabes より:

    soz to burst ya bubble mate but the pokedex states that solgaleo necrozma form is called dusk mane and lunala necrozma is dawn wing so lunala’s one aint far off. Well those r dah english versions of the names anyway


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