Pokemon Showdown Road to Top Ten: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Ubers w/ PokeaimMD #5

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The Pokemon Showdown Road to Top Ten: Ultra Sun & Moon Ubers! A Competitive Pokemon Showdown Laddering series featuring PokeaimMD! In this series Joey will try to climb the Ultra Sun & Moon Ubers ladder on Pokemon Showdown, attempting to reach Top 10! Hope you all enjoy! :]

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asfgerthrrth Enjoy!



  1. Papa より:

    obligatory first

  2. Andrew Flynn より:

    >Road to Rank 1

    Best title

  3. Dallas Young より:

    Ayo title says OU btw

  4. ___kimon より:

    Love How Consistent Joey Is, My Off Days Goes Towards Priorities And Pokemon ?

  5. Sab Saler より:

    ay joey the title and description says ou

  6. Lawrence B より:

    Mewtwo Y please, potentially with a lele or something, super fun but I never see Mewtwo Y in vids etc
    Edit: damn, that team at 28:30 is pretty much that, although deoxys attack with it is kinda over used

  7. Tiny Mangoes より:

    I saw the title and thought you invented a time machine

  8. Henry Harwood より:

    Hot damn, we going all the way now! Good luck!

  9. Trump Took My Corn より:

    Here before the title gets changed

  10. Phoenix237 より:

    Why does Primal Groudon look so blue in the thumbnail? ?

  11. Tomkii91029 より:

    Hey I choked at the very end 😀 so close to beating the legend himself.

  12. Andrew Rings より:

    Look Joey… we appreciate Ubers road to top 10 but I think I speak for everyone when I say

    Where’s primal Groudon showcase episode 5?

  13. Pujolly より:

    Joey: *uses Kyogre*

    Primal Groudon: Am I a joke to you?

  14. Mac より:

    god i miss the days before oras

  15. Denis The Menace より:

    I know it’s now nowhere near as good or threatening as it was back when it was allowed in OU, but seeing Dugtrio still gives me PTSD, 3 headed demon

  16. Mr I Don't Even Know より:

    *chooses three heads over the god of the earth*

    Groudon: am I a joke to you?

  17. Austin Robinson より:

    I see kyogre I click

  18. PHTEVEN 261 より:

    Dugtrio is the most mysterious pokemon ever.
    What the hell does its body look like?
    How does it reproduce with Ditto or other Dugtrio?
    Did it get its fake hair from the same shop as Trump?
    Did it ever teach shuckle organ harvest?

  19. Cimbrán Chacarita より:

    Which time does Joey stream in USA? I’m from Europe and i want to snipe him xD, i have been playing for 3 years and trying to find him and that never happened ?

  20. Kevin Fetters より:

    This isn’t the weather pokemon we expected, but it’s the one we needed

  21. Pranav より:

    34:06 I thought the harsh sun automatically thawed pokemon…?

  22. Jay Romeo より:

    “Not using Primal Groudon is worse than using it”
    That doesn’t sound balanced tbh

  23. Toni Lauri Grunow より:

    Ayyy that’s my boy. Watching your videos while being in finland (visiting my family). 😀 Got my favorite Youtuber always with me.

  24. Aerial Ace より:

    Give turanator rapid spin

  25. Nexus Stutterz より:

    If you’re gonna add the typing for mons why not add the nature +,-

  26. 555Kazuma666 より:

    Wouldn’t sucker on deoxys attack have been the play?

  27. WhynotCreepy より:

    Man your luck is so terrible yet you always break through. I admire that 🙂

  28. I Appreciate It より:

    AWESOME choice for this episode’s soundtrack. This might be one of my favorite tracks now. Thanks Joey!

  29. MrRcmc より:

    Please use mega blaziken!! I wanna see some classic sweeping destruction

  30. Banjo Coach より:

    Could you maybe use focus sash blaziken? I used that back in ORAS ubers and it would be fun to see you use it.

  31. Brotha Protean より:

    Joey I have a team for your Ubers run that has a qwilfish on it. It’s a spikes stacker for weakness policy dusk mane + metronome yveltal.
    The Qwilfish set is designed to be a lead against smeargle as it’s a faster taunt user and can intimidate lead p-groudons and necrozma. Explosion is the only real offensive move that has the utility of doing some damage and prevent defog or denting an unboosted modest Xern. Metronome yveltal is the wall breaker and can bluff a choice scarf or specs depending on how its played. Arceus ground as a groudon and zygarde check that out speeds lucario, mixed kyogre as another offensive wall breaker and groudon check and its helped by the pressure of tspikes. Scarf marshadow out speeds common variants of Geo xern after the boosts and can steal them away. And packs shadow sneak to pick of weakened opposing marshadow. And dusk mane eats most hits and clicks SD or RP depending on the situation.

  32. Aaron Becks より:

    Hey Joey. Love the series. While on the topic of adjusting the team preview, would it be possible to add a + and – on the stats that the natures boost and hinder? Still don’t know all of my natures yet… lol

  33. kjbjupiter より:

    are hp or defense ev’s better for recover? or does it not matter

  34. Allie Ryan より:

    Could you use banded ho oh

  35. ashwin ajit より:

    Joey you should try a choice band ho-oh team

  36. Acey より:

    Bro Joey, specs modest yveltal ya gotta try out. That shit dirty strong bro. Kinda hard to build around but god damn unless your name magearna or smth you aint got no switch ins

  37. Xeakpress より:

    I knew Joey was a Filthy Team Aqua supporter

  38. David Nasrazadani より:

    You planning on using a team featuring Marshadow?

  39. SuperSayianWarrior より:

    Yo Joey, I ran a similar set but not Mega Scizor Scizor @ Choice Band
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 92 HP / 252 Atk / 164 SpD
    Adamant Nature
    – Bullet Punch
    – Pursuit
    – Bug Bite
    – Knock Off

    This set with the Hp and Spdef evs ALWAYS lives a Moonblast baring a crit, Lives 81.2% of the time from Thunder and has a 31.2% chance of surviving Thunder, Now Hp fire kills 100% at plus 2, but livees 25% of the time unboosted, and can deal 73.2-86% against Xern with Bp, so even slightly weakened Bp becomes more dangerious

  40. TheFreshResh より:

    Been liking the music lately, keep that up man

  41. Nexus Stutterz より:

    14:59 the sound you make when you see Whitney in shorts.

  42. The Yammi より:

    Using Primal Groudon this time, guys.

  43. Mizticall より:

    Love these vids Joey keep it up. Enjoying all of them and you’ve used Father so I’m loving seeing you showcase other stuff I’m not as familiar with. Keep it up!

  44. Unknown Justin より:

    Just thunder him dip

  45. jaap ten dijk より:

    34:05 Intense sun and still not thawed out

  46. jaap ten dijk より:

    Damn the Freeze hax? I felt those

  47. dragonmaster951753 より:

    I haven’t started it but I’m going to start a drinking game everytime you say
    “look at my Pokemon and look at their team”. You trap Groudon and was like look at my Kyogre and look at their team. It’s your favorite phrase

  48. Rackeel Brooks より:

    Mono psychic hyper offense with tapu lele psychic terrain extender would be dope

  49. Justin Guardner より:

    Still no Blaziken vid. Sadness begins to set

  50. Walter Kowalewski より:

    The last match was entertaining

  51. Hugh Williamson より:

    Good stuff Joey! Still hyped if you used specs Palkia

  52. Granto Boi より:

    Would love to see a Mega Luc squad

  53. LuckyLadTV より:


  54. shuckle より:

    Teams like this where they’re hinged on one mon make me nervous, I’d prefer something more well-rounded
    You should use Marshadow next, it’s a cool mon

  55. Cooper M より:

    Use Arceus-Ice please

  56. John Cole より:

    Nice channel! Looking forward to seeing more uploads!

  57. Brainfly より:

    This is for sure my fav road so far. Keep it up BOI

  58. UltimateNinjaSensai より:

    F is for F *reeeeeeeee* ze

  59. TMOSP より:

    Excuse me, your team appears to be missing Primal Groudon. Please try again.
    At least Arceus and Necrozma are still here. I don’t know what I’d do if they left too.

  60. Quiyonce より:

    Loved that last battle

  61. Strongside より:

    That Arceus-Water play was wrong, but my thinking is that he assumed thunder did around 55% while also not knowing that Kyogre was scarfed and thus was scouting. Scarf Kyogre isn’t listed as a set anywhere and it hadn’t attacked yet, so he didn’t have any info on exactly what it was other than not Primal.

  62. Akil Wallace より:

    What is e-killer?

  63. Sam Farmer より:

    “I know what he’s going to do um”

    “Very surprised that came out..”

  64. liam clements より:

    not to discredit ubers (lie) but who else is really hype for the pu top ten?? i fuggin love that meta and I wanna see how joey plays around it

  65. Matthew Rehg より:

    He keeps saying E-Killer. What does that mean?

  66. PatrickTheGAMER9987 より:

    Do Choice Banded Marshadow next Joey plss

  67. Jazzie P より:

    intense sun should thaw out frozen Pokémon lol

  68. Anime Mob より:

    Where is primal Groudan

  69. Skyace13 より:

    I checked the Kyogre roll on M-Vena and it was 30% 2HKO without the crit. So pretty lucky on that one

  70. Torin Snow より:

    sub screech dugtrio? Ubers is wild man

  71. itarfer より:

    6:54 BRO u have a WIFE

  72. itarfer より:

    You and necrozma should Get a Room

  73. Kevin Corso より:

    “primal groudon took away kyogre’s reign” …i see what you did there, joey.

  74. GaleAria より:

    Do you think we can get a Reshiram during one of these?

  75. breloommaster12 より:

    1:35 “took away regular Kyogre’s *reign* ”

    Ha, I get it

  76. Nicholas Nelson より:

    It’s SPDEF and SPE now, finally!

  77. Seevyem より:

    Intense sun, yet doesn’t thaw. Pokemon logic.

  78. sneaky grizzly より:

    I wish to see a z-geomancy Xerneas

  79. John White より:

    Ultra Necrozma is ugly as fuck, like no matter how you slice it. There are some ugly pokemon but this one takes the case in laziness, yeh just paint all of it white/yellow, add a jumble of spikes and shit, looks good. Done making the new legendary boss!

  80. RobotnikIsSexy より:

    More fire than epected. How tf did you get 10 dislikes? I miss seeing you use duggy, ggs

  81. Levi Hikage より:

    Love watching you thought process. Keep killing it, man.

  82. Antonio Iniguez より:

    Hey Joey! Could you use mega Blaziken some time?

  83. Nextilo より:

    15:00 yeet

  84. hardberry より:

    Joey do you play chess?

  85. Mewtwopsychic *Zan* より:

    Hah Arceus is more consistent than Groudon I knew it right from episode 1

  86. Ritsuemaru より:

    If we talking about giving mons moves give garchomp dragon dance

  87. Nochill Beeham より:

    “I totally know what he’s gonna do right now” … -> “Very surprised that came out”

    lmfao Joey xD

  88. Rider45 より:

    32:55 I see no legitimate reason not to sucker punch here. Deoxys doesn´t have espeed…. it´s defenses are crap and dark aura sucker punch from uninvested 131 attack should easily be enough.

  89. joe loua より:

    Yo aim , Scarf Zekrom with Koko and a bunch for Groudon sounds fun =p

  90. kai b より:

    luv ubers fren

  91. Col2k より:

    after grinding competitive rocket league and super smash, I love watching these vids slower paced but still competitive videos right before going to bed.

    your personality as well as your decision making/analytics is a huge inspiration Joey. Much love and respect, hope you don’t slow down ik it’s been a couple years

  92. Isaiah Jack より:

    Oh look I’m versing Joey lemme just lie and say I’m using a shitty team haha ? what bullshit man

  93. Seiji m より:

    People apologizing for crits is kinda lame

  94. Drake Thompson より:

    Yo Zesty played that game awesome

  95. Henry the PaleoGuy より:

    So weird that Xerneas got a broken set-up move while Yveltal just got a flying giga drain.

  96. Isaiah Jack より:

    When peeps say HF Fren u should be like oh thank u my friend

  97. John Christopher Guadalupe Ocasio より:

    Use the team your boy used at the end!!


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