Pokemon VGC 2019 (Ultra Series) Ultra Sun and Moon Wifi Battle: Charizard X Gon Give It To Ya

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Charizard X? In VGC 2019? What sort of sorcery is this? Who would ahve thought a Trick Room Charizard X set would put in so much work!

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Music from my outro
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  1. Jonathan Castro より:


  2. Jonathan Castro より:

    Mega charizard x nice and scary with dragon dance shes a monster cool i got a charizard y ?

  3. AZ Sh より:

    What do u think of the new trailer for sword and shield ?

  4. Abdul Art より:

    howcome you didnt dragon claw the chancey instead of the ogre? chancey has bad phys def!

  5. Lloyd Johannessen より:

    We got Heavy Metal Linoone and Dapper Weezing today. This is a Good Day.

  6. Dylan Evans より:

    Such a cool team, I’ve never thought of pairing slow xern with a TR setter but it really does put in the work in and out of TR ?

  7. chaiguitarguy より:

    I love the progression from just bulky xern to bulky xern next to trick room with the nihilego to counter other xern to full on trick room xerneas. Never saw it coming

  8. Logan Buternowsky より:

    I really like that porygon set, its very unique. Please show off Gothitelle in the next video.

  9. jeremy ming より:

    You want a silvally? Type and ivs or anything like that possible

  10. Corey Garris より:

    Based on title alone, you earned my like


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