Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – All Totem Pokémon Battles (1080p60)

QOTD-1► Which team did you use to defeat each Totem thoughout your adventure? Please, share me your story? I’m very interested to hear your story! 😉

List of all Totem Pokémon Battles :

0:03 : Vs Totem Gumshoos
3:14 : Vs Totem Raticate
5:51 : Vs Totem Araquanid
10:25 : Vs Totem Marowak
14:38 : Vs Totem Lurantis
19:49 : Vs Totem Togemaru
28:27 : Vs Totem Mimikyu
36:10 : Vs Totem Kommo-o
41:16 : Vs Totem Ribombee

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!
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  1. Mixeli より:

    List of all Totem Pokémon Battles :

    0:03 : Vs Totem Gumshoos
    3:14 : Vs Totem Raticate
    5:51 : Vs Totem Araquanid
    10:25 : Vs Totem Marowak
    14:38 : Vs Totem Lurantis
    19:49 : Vs Totem Togemaru
    28:27 : Vs Totem Mimikyu
    36:10 : Vs Totem Kommo-o
    41:16 : Vs Totem Ribombee

  2. Mixeli より:

    Have a great day! Enjoy the video!

  3. Gabriel Pereira より:

    Thanks mixeli

  4. Ryan Trudell より:


  5. wizardmari chicken より:


  6. Dragon Master The EdgeKing より:

    Is it stupid that everytime I fought a Totem Pokemon I would turn off sound and play Gangsta’s Paradise???

  7. Deadly Nathan より:

    I used incineroar,Toucannon,Primeape,Lurantis,Whishiwashi,And Golem.

  8. PokeTrainer Orange Pokemon and more! より:

    totally not first

  9. Heracross X より:

    Totem Kommo-o’s probably my favorite, because he isn’t a joke anymore.

  10. Alberto Villatoro 2 より:

    I love your videos Videos 😀

  11. TM AllBest より:

    totem marowak and togedemaru were a true nightmare.

  12. Espeon804 より:

    Totem Ribombee still gives me nightmares.

  13. XSerperiorX 2002 より:

    Darn you araquanid togedemaru and rimbombee

  14. emy より:

    IM EARLY! And the hardest for me was getting the Electric Z-Move from Totem Togemaru

  15. Drakel Lich より:

    Like it or hate it, Totem Pokemon are super fun and cool to fight, and they are actually challenging. USUM turn it up a notch and make them even more ridiculous

    except Raticate and Gumshoos but eh, evolution requires sacrifice

  16. lisa semarron より:

    I used Primarina ,mismagius,lurantis ,
    Garchomp, Nintales and golisopod . sometimes I swapped a few out for rimbombi ,muchlax and shinotic

  17. PJCeon より:

    My team was incineroar, decidueye, primarina, mimikyu, dusk lycanroc, kommo-o and sometimes gardevior

  18. Myran Abdounasir より:

    My team was Primarina,Salazzle,Tsareena,Zoroark (my mascot),Bewear and Mega-Altaria

  19. Meep Memez より:

    Am I the only one who had trouble on Ribombee?

  20. Weird Rock より:

    Lurantis……My favorite Pokemon but my least favorite Totem because of how tough it is

  21. Foxy Freinds Foxy 123 より:

    I dispise that rimrombee seeing my team was ,primarina, Dragonite,and other dragon Pokemon

  22. Leighanne Richardson より:

    So awesome!????????⛰??

  23. Mathiasokarter Ferreyra より:

    Primarina,Talonflame,Toucannon,Sylveon,Vikavolt and Togedemaru

  24. BiyikFrostDiaz より:

    Good lord these revamped Totem battles were much harder (except Gumshoos and Alolan raticate)
    But for the better

  25. George Washington Entertainment より:

    I love how so many people said Pokemon games got easy. Totem battles were a pain in the ass. It was a 2v1 battle where the totem pokemon has a stat boost. Fuck totem Lurantis and totem Araquanid.

  26. Flor Mauricio より:

    My team I used was

    Ultra Sun:
    Groudon from ORAS
    Solgaleo-Necrozma (Combined the two)
    Hawlucha (from link trade)

    Ultra Moon:
    Lunala-Necrozma (Combined)
    Hawlucha (Caught)
    Primarina (Used via Pokemon Bank)

    I’m late, sorry about that I was sleeping.

  27. Derpy Demon より:

    You put sun and moon by accident

  28. IzzyMinionce より:

    My Bug Squad include:


    I thought i would be trampled the whole game (cuz bug pokemon generally a potato in previous gen) but nope! i just created a terrifyingly awesome team!

  29. Winston King より:

    36:05 mimikyu is behind the fence and the grass near the building…

  30. Samuel Welch より:

    QOTD: Decidueye, Vikavolt, Alolan Dugtrio, Salazzle, Bewear, and Noivern

  31. Julien GROLLEAU より:

    Ui ! ?

  32. DogcraftMC より:

    My team: Primarina, Toucannon, Vikavolt, Salazzle, Kommo-o and Lurantis. And sometimes I used Crabominable.

  33. Kosuke Sato より:


  34. BoBol より:

    Ribombee is cute and EVIL

  35. Squirtle boy より:

    Lurantis is harder than cynthia

  36. Explorer Alice より:

    I used Primarina, Vikavolt, Malamar, Pelipper, Toucannon and Ledian for all of the totems. I swapped out Malamar and Pelipper for Silvally which I evolved from Type: Null) and Necrozma Dusk Mane(which I used the N-Solarizer to fuse Necrozma and Solgaleo) in the post game. I also swapped out Vikavolt for Blacephalon in the postgame.

  37. Jesper Das より:

    spiky shield AND bounce

    Its almost as if you’re not supposed to hit him at all

  38. 『frdwrd』 より:

    As for me, in USUM, hardest totem pokemon is Marowak. THATS was challenging battle. For me even elite four was not so hard.

    Sorry for engrish.

  39. David Youtubeur より:

    Mixeli tu pourrais faire une vidéo sur l’évolution de l’attaque liquidation ?

  40. Mark van der Wal より:

    Mimikyu and Kommo-o are the hardest Totem Pokemon in USUM in my opinion.

  41. 商昱鹏 より:

    I actually dont like usum’s totem pokemon. Most of them are exactly the same pokemon as the captains’ ace pokemon. Togedemaru is an exception because this battle is designed pretty well.(Compared to SM’s Vikavolt battle. It has Charjabug as the team mate, which boost its special moves power due to the ability. But Vikavolt only use physical moves… )

  42. Iver Pagente より:

    Your decidueye really loves you

  43. wisepokemonman28 Just hatched Leviathan XD より:

    The twist comes where Araquanid comes and destroys wishiwasi

  44. IhsanGaming より:

    12:07 666 Exp!?!?

  45. Anti Amourshiper より:

    What’s better Totem or Dynamax/Gigantamax?

  46. Aryan より:

    My team:

  47. SaikuTheDawg より:

    Gumshoos looks like Donald Trump but in pokemon

  48. Random Person より:

    Gamefreak: “You remember those gigantic totem pokemon back in US/UM?”

    Player:”Yeah, why?”

    Gamefreak: “Well, we’re bringing them back in the next game, but bigger and for no fucking reason! Creative, right?”

    Player: “……”

  49. Se1ro より:

    I used Decidueye, Vikavolt, Metagross, Ribombee, Wishiwashi, Zoroark and, at the end of the game Necrozma.

    Hardest for me was Marowak, ‘cause i dont had any water pokemons at that moment, but when i got wishiwashi a defeated him easely

  50. Nero the Water User より:

    Why was Kommo-o so hard this time around? I tried three times and barely won on the third one

  51. Dav Vera より:

    Me gusta mucho la escenografía de Pokémon Us / UM nunca los pude jugar

  52. super reddie より:

    nice again it makes me wanna reset my ultra sun over and the second totem pokemon was a pain kept summon more allies

  53. Gallade - The Gale of Blades より:

    I used for ( this is based on my memory )
    Totem Raticate
    Litten ( 1 more level until torracat )
    Totem Arqanoid
    Totem Marowak
    Alolan Marowak
    Totem Lurantis
    Alolan Marowak
    Totem Togedumaru
    Alolan Marowak
    ( i cant remember my 6th )
    Totem Mimikyu
    Alolan Marowak
    ( Cant remember this 6th to )
    Totem Kommo-o
    Alolan Marowak
    ( cant remember last 2)
    Totem Ribombee ( I think Ultra Necrozma doesnt count elsewise i used same team )
    Champion ( FINAL TEAM )

  54. Panda より:

    I used Incineroar, Lopunny, Raichu, Tyranitar, Sceptile and Swampert

  55. Dan Smith より:

    Totem Pokémon are annoying to fight

  56. Gracie Gonzales より:

    My MVPs for each Totem Pokemon

    Totem Raticate: Trumbeak https://youtu.be/M8LuZcTJk5A
    Totem Araquanid: Toucannon https://youtu.be/R9Nv58l1Rb8
    Totem Marowak: Brionne https://youtu.be/vxsW4szUE7o
    Totem Lurantis: Toucannon https://youtu.be/3WTAklcZQ0M
    Totem Togedemaru: Primarina https://youtu.be/Cc1TGbBFfYU
    Totem Mimikyu: Primarina https://youtu.be/a9e5_cjNEk0
    Totem Kommo-o: Toucannon https://youtu.be/o2-Fr4lD6c0 (You might want to skip to the part where I face the totem pokemon since it’s almost two hours long)
    Totem Ribombee: Ribombee https://youtu.be/1HaAPBJjg0E

    Most of these totem battles were in one hit. If you don’t believe me, the links are there to prove it. I improved on these videos.

  57. Xtian RecaLL より:

    Who’s here for the glitch in Totem Raticate in UM

  58. Ron より:

    I hate the slow down in the 3ds games. They’re good quality games but damn I wish they run more smooth.

  59. The Maged_Maniac より:

    Did anyone else realize that totem raticate had gumshoos’s cry. I just learned that


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