Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon Also Available in Veteran Trainer’s Pack – IGN News

Nintendo of America has announced an additional release version of upcoming Poke-sequels Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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  1. Joyful Steven より:


  2. David Ribeiro より:

    Im just gonna stick with the amazon steelbook dual pack

  3. Get-In-2-Get-Out より:

    I like turtles.

  4. Hector Yerena より:

    You guys are 3 days late with this

  5. sendit より:

    i’m getting the feels of microtransactions here.

  6. vicente mendoza より:

    well, why would anyone want both ultra sun and ultra moon again? (200 pokeballs are so unappealing)

  7. Rajid Hussain より:

    When I saw “Veteran” I got excited because I thought they were finally gonna add difficulty modes so that us Pokemon ‘veterans’ don’t have to suffer the hand-holding that newer Pokemon titles are notorious for.


  8. Apollo Justice より:

    Honestly I’m not sure I’ll buy this. This game is only 2 months away and I’ve yet to see a feature that justifies its existence.

  9. SHUTupNrocK8 より:

    I can’t wait to be filled with a carob copy… yesh

  10. Jordan Brett より:

    Lol how long till they start selling dlc?

  11. SirDino21 より:

    Only reason I’m buying this one is because I haven’t played sun and moon yet(play almost every other pokemon) and because the main legendary looks cooler

  12. Bill Silvia より:

    Why would veterans need 200 extra pokeballs in a game that gives you pokeballs every five steps? In what way does this appeal more to vets than rookies?

  13. Ƶenni Don より:

    Honestly who really needs 200 Pokéballs

  14. ninjad3 より:

    yeahh those 200 pokeballs aint worth 80 dollars nor the art book for me. master level AI is what im hoping again with these ttiles.

  15. AbdallahSmash026#1Fan より:

    Looks shitty

  16. VanVily より:

    real ones allrdy got marshadow

  17. Sobble In Comments より:

    Woohooo! I love Pokémon!

  18. Swaggron Swag より:

    I per ordered ultra moon today

  19. Ralph Uldaneta より:

    to everyone complaining about the difficulty, change battle style to set and dont use a starter pokemon. thats hard mode. has been since forever “veterans”

  20. Lazy Panda より:

    Can I have those ultra tiddies bundle? 😛

  21. Nobody Anonymous より:

    Damn naomi is THICC!

  22. renegades_forever より:

    I WANT MARSHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Claus Obv より:

    I’ll pass on this

  24. C. Precious Jones より:

    What kind of bundle is that

  25. Albert Cruz より:

    now I don’t have to worry about version exclusive pokemon

  26. Johnny's nonexistant lines より:

    Honestly I was expecting something else from this game, so far the only new things we’ve got are a new pokemon and different pokemon in the region. Unless they announce something big I will have to think twice before buying this.

  27. ttvgregpaul より:

    $80 for 2 games!?!?!?!? I gotta get $10 more dollars!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Cynda Stuff より:

    Does this mean we can skip the tutorial?

  29. Leon Chen より:

    When I looked at the title on my phone, the title only showed “Ultra Sun and Moon also Available in…” and I thought it would end with the switch. I got so excited then clicked the video. Then I cried my eyes out…

  30. SuperMassivePancake より:

    Whoever needs to be given 200 pokeballs is not really a veteran lol. They could at least give you some cool Pokeballs that you can’t get anywhere else or something. Literally no need for 200 regular pokeballs other than making the games slightly easier than they already are.

  31. Otoma より:

    Wow… 200 Pokeballs…. What the..

  32. Haru Okumura より:

    2 games with 16 art cards with possibly my senpai mimikyu? Absolutely

  33. Sword より:

    200 pokeballs, lmao.
    The most useless bonus in existence.

  34. Gonzo J より:

    Tbh the only thing I care about is Marshadow how to get one? I already have a salazle


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