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Corocoro leaks to reveal new Lycanroc form and more USUM news!

WE HAVE COFIRMATION! Guys we have confirmation by Pokemon themselves that we will be getting some new information tomorow about “Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon” we are going to get information directly from the Pokemon company and one of the people over at Gamefreak in regards to what will be in the coming USUM games!.

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►Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon LEAKS!?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDKoKoig5lI
►Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon!? OCCULT & ALIENS+DIMENSIONS TALK!? what could all this mean?
let´s talk about it in this video guys.

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  1. Raven Lockhart より:

    I was actually first for once

  2. Raven Lockhart より:

    Excited for tmm

  3. 9INESC4RZZ_ より:


  4. Leon Draceus より:

    Ayy, Pokenchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. RuffledRowlit より:

    So what do you guys think we will be getting ourselves in regards to news tomorow? will the Lycanroc forms be confirmed or will be perhaps be getting something totaly different? let me know down here in the comments guys 🙂

  6. IAmPlayer Gaming より:

    Who’s early? 😀

  7. YaBoiJ より:

    It’s coming out tonight for me

  8. Artti 555 より:

    ultra sun and ultra moon information nice! cant wait until it gets released

  9. SMPG より:

    I doubt game freak wanna do this as they were pretty bumbed that no one liked the ultra sun and moon news

  10. the best gamer より:

    cool new informason

  11. Mr. Whiskers より:

    Oh shit it’s confirmed

  12. Ocaniya より:

    Thanks so much for letting us know! Cant wait!! <3

  13. SMPG より:

    I want colres to have a bigger part in ultra sun and moon as when I saw him I completely fanboyed over it…and he did nothing.

  14. S3XY McG33 より:

    Notification squad where u at? ._.

  15. Knights of Gaming 2016 より:

    Among all dog like Pokémon, I like lycanroc the most.😊

  16. Artti 555 より:

    it would be cool to see midnght form and midday form would get both different evolutions but if there is only one new form than i hope its mega or even ultra lycanroc for now we can only speculate

  17. Tall Nerd Molayne より:

    I sure hope its not edgy

  18. SugarStars より:

    Omg hhhhhyyyyyppppeeee!

  19. Tall Nerd Molayne より:

    How much you wanna bet the new lycanroc is just a midnight lycanroc on all four legs

  20. Alinivar The Painting Guitarist より:

    I think we will get the confirmation on the New Lyconroc form, but of other new forms too!!!!!!

  21. The Flying Dropbear より:

    AEST is Australian Eastern Standard Time. You would be about 10 hours behind this timezone, so when it’s 9am here in Australia, it should be around 11pm for you in Sweden. so you would be looking to see it happen in about 7 and a half hours from now.

    BST is British Standard Time
    EDT is Eastern Daylight time (eastern USA, eastern Canada)
    PDT is Pacfic Daylight time (western USA Western USA)

  22. Moon Valencia より:

    maybe that was the dusk form lycanroc

  23. SorventTV より:

    I think with the lack of news content we are actually going to get a bulk of news, pokenchii or however you spell it usually does reveals a long with something extra like a battle or a little skit, maybe we will get a trailer when the battle is happening a real trailer not a teaser and maybe they will showcase the new lycanroc form as like a plush or something like that while also showing new forms of pkmn….idk just an idea

  24. Stan loonA より:

    Verlisify had predicted this ages ago and covered this ages ago not hating just saying

  25. Kyle Poyma より:


  26. ttvgregpaul より:

    This information better include: ” gyms will be returning in Pokémon ultra sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon”

  27. Soulite より:

    There was a leak that said a trailer was on August 6th!

  28. Eternal2401 より:

    I bet it’ll be sunset form

  29. PastelPeach Animations より:

    Ps. Lycanroc is probably gonna be confirmed on the 10th. So… if there is any info regarding lycanroc… it probably isn’t going to reveal much

  30. Theo YT より:

    IM SO HYPED!!!

  31. cя¡мรσห [The Revolution] より:

    Pokemon better follow us in game!

  32. Metehan Aktalay より:

    Like ash’s rockruff right ?

  33. Dante Laylor より:

    I hope it better than the 2 other forms but I’ll wait and sed

  34. la vie est belle より:

    maybe it going to evolve into a fusion between day form and the night from or( a star from )

  35. RanX3 より:


  36. noize thezoroak より:

    Watched a verlisifiy(sorry if I butchered it) already knows the new form.

  37. Wolverine 9098 より:

    watch it will only be 15 seconds long

  38. erik より:

    you’re our new Pokémon info God because TTar is probably grounded or something

  39. Melvin Cruz より:

    hype hype hype i wonder what pre order bounuses u get

  40. Midnight☪Wonder より:

    IS IT TOMORROW YET!?! IS IT TOMORROW YET!?! IS IT TOMORROW YET!?! (I’m gonna keep asking that until it’s finally tomorrow)

  41. Mystreek より:

    the anime make sense. they have green eyes because it’s based from a green flash – a phenomenon occurs during sunset when the sun is changing colors. nice attention to details

  42. Pikamon Productions より:

    Wait! You’re Swedish??


  43. Mia Gaming より:

    Where would the link to the discord be? I’m very interested 🙂

  44. Timbo Slice より:

    Same day that those leaks said it would release

  45. realar より:

    Tomorrow, try in a few hours. Pokenchi airs in just a few hours!

  46. ImBananas より:

    Just an hour and 15 minutes left for me, I can’t wait!!!

  47. bobandbill より:

    Hi there, I’m bobandbill from PokeCommunity. Just want to say thanks for featuring and linking our Daily article – much appreciated! =)


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