POKEMON CORO CORO LEAKS! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News SOON!

POKEMON CORO CORO LEAKS! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News SOON! We have new information about Marshadow and the Marshadow Event as well as a surprise Ho-Oh event for the new Pokemon Movie. So far Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news has been elusive, but lets see what happens with the new Pokemon game.
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  7. 01MrBLA より:


  8. xdajlo82 より:


  9. melvin mcbride より:


  10. 01MrBLA より:

    What if ho-oh is the link from gold/sliver to sun/moon?

  11. Skabzy より:

    The first surprise is probably something to do with Lugia and Pokemon Silver like the page for Ho-oh?

  12. The Phantomist より:

    Hopefully we get Marshadow soon, *Shiny Tapu Koko* cough *Ash Hat Pikachu* cough

  13. OMEGA より:


  14. Cooper より:

    I’m guessing they will be announcing a few new ultra beasts and details on the necrozma fusions.

  15. Leonard Batson より:

    Just saying shiny Marshadow goes purple when using attacks instead of green like the normal one

  16. Infisly _ より:

    wow marshadow is out the day after my birthday, sadly I don’t have a Japanese copy of sun or moon.

  17. Shiro Sedny より:

    who knows the big scoop is pokemon SM will be port to switch….really hope😅😅

  18. ShadowInazumaDigimon より:

    I am really hoping for some new alolan forms or maybe new megas

  19. NDLS より:

    Joshua the shit writer when he sees this:
    Ho-oh ain’t new, the game will be bad.

  20. Forgive me より:

    PLOT TWIST: marriage in pokemon ultra sumo

  21. aadish 99 より:

    so fast

  22. Plesio より:

    can u do a video about good strategies for a possible alola x johto competition???

  23. The 'Nexus' より:

    Arc/ Mary’s // read the Grisham /// EXACT you get what you ask for .the best. :*

  24. The 'Nexus' より:


  25. William Dowling より:

    Why would they make a ho-oh event if gold and silver are being released also

  26. Mirai Kuriyama より:

    I lick my own pussy

  27. IGBO AMAKA より:

    Thanks man

  28. James J より:

    How do I buy a coro coro?

  29. HotPocket McGriddles より:

    woo 3 Am

  30. Dave Marin より:

    when marshadow attacks he glows green. shiny glows purple

  31. DualDEATHLucario より:

    Get ready for millions of hacked Marshadow

  32. Hyperlink より:

    I would like more info for E3, but I’m doubtful there will be much if any. Guess well know at 9 am (for me at least)

  33. Vic 8963 より:

    Caterpie’s easy to a rainbow of its teammates than six miles per second and seldom #brokenpokedex

  34. Christopher Santiago より:

    20th friking pokemon movie

  35. BROcan より:

    Marshadow changes its form every time he attacks, and his shiny form makes that form change to purple.

  36. Fionnst3r より:

    All I’m gonna say is starting tomorrow NOBODY use wonder trade. Just stay safe offline for awhile.

  37. Eevee Backwards より:

    Be prepared for a lot of hacked Marshadows…..

  38. Carter Coupland より:

    shiny marshadow?

  39. Mauro Pinto より:

    that looks more like a countdown, like next there’s ultra scoop in 3 pages, ultra scoop in 2 pages, ultra scoop in 1 page and ultra scoop

  40. Builder Bumpers Gaming より:


  41. Jay fergie より:

    my sweet marshadow XD
    but when does north America get marshadow and ash hat pikachu

  42. Some Nerd より:

    When shiny marshadow uses its Z move its mane glows pink and not green.

  43. Pixelchu より:

    Marshadow comes out on my birthday, same day as the Pokémon movie!

  44. Jdog より:

    Hmm another good event for Japan who thinks we will get another crappy event?

  45. Mary Ann viloria より:

    verlisify is marshadow a movie event

  46. Seth より:


  47. Peter G. より:

    Wait is e3 today?

  48. Tundra Hunter より:

    What about the E3 Nintendo press conference?

  49. xman101 より:

    It’s not leak it’s a magazine company that gets information from Pokémon and put some things about it in the magazine

  50. Little_ NightFury17 より:

    I’m glad that Ho-oh is getting some love. It’s the only legendary Pokemon that has yet to be movie. I can’t wait for the 20th movie.

  51. NetherGhastGaming GamePlay より:

    yes yes leaks I’m still saving money to get a 3ds and I haven’t played yptye original yet😢but that’s ok maybe I can get both original and ultra

  52. Delta Sans より:

    Will marsadow be a download or code event

  53. Daskdragon より:

    Tentacruel needs to come back into usage since it basically got replaced by Toxipex. It needs an Alolan form! Alolan Tentacruel!!!

  54. 2Noob4Me Woah より:

    Guys at the marshadow page down left corner is another form of it?!

  55. Jeremy Chimelis より:

    1 is probably lugia if this is for the gen 2 release

  56. LightDragonTV より:

    There’s a new scan on Serebii by the way

  57. UnknownPulse より:

    So when is Nintendo’s E3 presentation??

  58. Stacia Garriott Kass より:

    how do you catch marshadow

  59. Sérgio より:

    My birthday is tomorrow

  60. PlushyKale より:

    Leaks, leaks, LEAKS!!!

  61. Day · より:

    5:44 He called them Z-Crystals XD

  62. Adam Clayton より:

    It’s needs a national dex

  63. Infernus Tornayden より:

    I think Ho-Oh will be a gift pokemon, if and when a password gets released for it. Just like Magearna. (Just my educated guess.)

  64. DanG1991 より:

    Shiny Marshadow’s Z-powered form is purple instead of green.

  65. Thoa Tran より:

    Bring back Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! I played it when I was 7 and still love the game.

  66. FuegoYT より:

    Maybe the nintendo switch version will come out next year?

  67. Queen Bowsette より:

    ok fuck japan and thier exclusive pokemon im hacking tf outta my game ive waited to long for this shit

  68. Queen Bowsette より:

    i gotta change my status on all my social media to fuck japan no lie -.-

  69. Queen Bowsette より:

    the only reason i was keeping my sun and moon games was to wait for marshadow i feel like selling my games and getting fire emblem:I

  70. Alex 10 より:


  71. Queen Bowsette より:


  72. Char Wolf より:

    x and y seems so ancient anymore

  73. Jason Sandoval より:

    Another part of the page was added with what looks like the pikachu movie hat

  74. Jaer Nihiltheus より:

    I just want Rotomdex to be less annoying, and it’d be nice (no means a “need” but it’d be nice) to have procedurally generated side missions, as the ones in SM were somewhat rare.

    Oh, and if they don’t introduce more islands in Alola I’d also want them to up the scale of the islands by just a bit. (This is really a gripe with Pokemon in general, though I can see why they make the games with such a small scale, but it’d be nice, especially along side procedural generation in terms of the “show me x pokemon”, “catch x amount of x pokemon”, or “find x hidden item I dropped in x route/city” type quests).

  75. Synthesis Beats より:

    Alolan Jynx

  76. Ace Trainer Fiplip より:

    The Ultra Scoop 1 is about the 20th movie’s Ash-Pikachu for Ultra Sun/Moon

  77. Pomik より:

    Yea…f**k Europe and Americe

  78. The Sleeping より:

    Are the codes released for the Hoenn megas available for people who didn’t participate in the competition?

  79. Alex Lunair Boss より:

    Was also revealed at E3 the pokemon company is currently working on a pokemon RPG for the switch to be released in 2018

  80. Orasorb より:

    I’m buying a new DS, setting it to japan, and getting that Marshadow. I am tired of these Japan only distributions. Then I’ll transfer it over to my game.

  81. Breeze Doodles より:

    Wait we have pokerides for everything but dive ahaha new pokerides I bet u gonna need a corsola as a sinker then sharpedo or lapras or anything else underwater

  82. Martin Dickerson より:

    Woo finally Kamen rider Marshadow xD seriously his z move looks like a rider kick

  83. Cavacia Miles より:

    hey I forgot marshadow wasn’t even on the game unless someone hack sun and moon which is every other person I meet

  84. Ryan Savage より:

    we did a lot of new megas since there was no new ones in sun and moon like mega flygon

  85. Andres Castaneda Hernandez より:

    what if page one is something about mew

  86. Mark Guyton より:

    Here’s to potentially new Alolan Pokemon, hopefully from the other gens.

  87. Chocolate-Kun より:

    Serebii didn’t get it wrong. In Japan you read right to left and backwards instead of the standard left to right and forward of English culture.

  88. ValiantIllusion より:

    One Punch Marshadow. Make it happen

  89. Faceintheclouds より:

    alola :
    and some johto pokemon as alola forms

  90. Aaron Pehlman より:


  91. RocketTwurpSLR より:

    Wahoo Coro Coro has leaked… I’m REALY curious about that other page. Maybe they couldn’t show it cuz of E3.Maybe they are sprinkling some more news about the sequels during pokenn tommorow.I find it strange how they showed a lot of pokenn and been discreet about the sequels (in last weeks reveal) hopefully they have some epic featutures in USUM.
    It does feel like they going slow paced with the main games right now.

  92. Ian Schombs より:

    Ultra scoop 1 is probably lugia

  93. EvoShow より:

    watch page 1 be Lugia and silver version :/

  94. Reynaldo Cansino より:

    I’m happy to see Ho-Oh finally getting some love.

  95. Jake Keller より:

    could you try live streaming when you are doing a mission

  96. StingToDeath より:

    Trash the Festival plaza, give us back the underground

  97. awad bazzari より:

    mega HO-OH !

  98. Zach より:

    What so good about HO-Oh I mean 2nd gen remakes made in gen 4 and gen 4 remakes in UsUm? why the hell Ho-oh or could the other event be lugia?

  99. Ryan Ramos より:

    😀 I was right!

  100. ACES WORLD より:

    I want marshadow!!!!

  101. fishpop より:

    IT BEGINS!!!

  102. VoltTrainer Sidd より:

    Alolan Mew Lol!!

  103. RizzleAandE22 より:

    So are new legendaries just movie fodder anymore? :/ One thing I loved in SuMo was lunala/solgaleo’s tie to the whole story through nebby. I want storyline that involves the legendaries even like gen 4 with the lake trio, palkia, dialga and giratina. Fingers crossed Ultra Sumo wil be awesome

  104. ImplodingMuffin より:

    Personally, I miss the Megas. I personally prefer gyms, and much would’ve rather had a DP remake. Although, tying up Necrozma is nice.

  105. Popplio Loves より:

    marshadow isn’t freaking news I want NEW LEAKS NOT OLD

  106. Timothy Carroll より:

    fuse all the useless unknown pokemon to create a ancient but powerful pokemon.

  107. bblurre より:

    oh you silly fuel. marshadow is already available through hacks

  108. Nuigi 12 より:

    I think shiny marshadow should be a dark blue or purple

  109. Gibbo The Hippo より:

    Mega flygon. Nuff’ said. I would accept alolan form as well.

  110. Pug the Plug より:

    This reminds me of the good old days, I used to listen to this same guy last year when the original games were coming out.

  111. Christopher Ranosa より:

    There is an easter egg poster in the 33rd episode of pokemon sun and moon. The poster shows what seems to be a silhouette off necrozma. The poster is found behind Lana after she obtained her z ring… The scene is almost at the end of the episode. Necrozma hinted early in the anime..

  112. sonic hedgehog より:

    ultra sun and ultra moon is based on gold and silver. ILLMINATI CONFIRMED

  113. Thomas Harvey より:

    Crap it’s the 20th of July so no Marshadow for me 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣


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