NECROZMA vs SOLGALEO / LUNALA CUTSCENE – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon Story!

NECROZMA Vs SOLGALEO / LUNALA in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon. This is one of the major Pokemon USUM Story moments and it is AMAZING! We saw a bit of it in some of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trailers, but in the full versions of the games, the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Story Cutscenes are really good!

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    1st comment

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  3. Golden Curry より:

    Is it finally here!?

  4. Manectric Mania より:

    I just got the game today

  5. TheGamerDoug より:

    3 first comments LOL

  6. Chaotic BlueShell より:

    Why is it ok to show this. Yet when Odyssey came out,people got pissed when spoilers were shown? What’s the rules on showing spoilers?

  7. Riley pikachu Jeff Roblox より:

    I got the game

  8. Cameron Craig より:

    Verlisify you are a piece of shit. I dare you to bring up a topic that we can argue on. Or, if you reply I will start one

  9. TGolden Minecart より:

    why is that idiot player smiling when necrozma just beat up nebby

  10. REDLEAF 0905 より:

    I feel bad for him he messed up once and now he is alone

  11. ookwormbay7 より:

    where’s the commentary?

  12. REAPER KID627 より:

    Pokemon ad on a pokemon vid seems liget

  13. Zoey K より:

    I love how Nanu is just so chill. XD

  14. everythingawesome 2004 より:

    This game looks awesome mostly the cutscenes


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