Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Champion Battle + Elite Four

The finale of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon walkthrough. Beating the elite 4 and becoming the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon champion!

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  1. Fahmida Lucy より:


  2. Blue Panda より:


  3. Christmas Owl より:

    Hi verlisify

  4. Bob Newby より:

    Yo verlis whut up 🙂

  5. Firax Chawes より:

    Thanks for the video, Verlis!

  6. Akumaten Juugou より:

    It all comes together all over again

  7. Doge God 111238742290 より:

    Hala is gone :'{

  8. kevin arispe より:


  9. Pocha Kozaru より:

    Hau ain’t the champion.

  10. Kathleen Somano より:

    Damn it… I prefer Kukui as a final battle. Hau’s pokemon is too easy to deal with. His pokemon with less defense, definitely going to be easy to one shot

  11. Logan Myers より:

    Lol, Hala isn’t even an Elite Four member

  12. Mech Speed より:

    Could you not have put that in the fucking thumbnail

  13. Pocha Kozaru より:


  14. ezzybear74 より:

    Does anyone know if pokemon bank works for these games yet?

  15. narutouzumakijoshua より:

    “In just under 10 hours” bruh can you please stop bragging about that in every single video, it’s not even impressive cuz you know we all would rather sit down and enjoy Pokémon games than speed through them

  16. Humbling Garchomp より:

    wait u can catch legends before the league?

  17. axolotl より:

    *_”That’s had a lot of fun with Kukui in the past”_*
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Sexy Ducky より:


  19. Trainer Red より:

    The game already came out?

  20. XxKikito AnimationsxX より:

    i dont want spoilers already, i mean cmon… the game _just_ came out today… e,w,e…
    Im sorry Verlis, but i will probably watch this a lot later than now. I still need to buy Pokemon Ultra Sun. Hope you understand. -,v,-


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