BEST NEW RARE POKEMON LOCATIONS in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon! Zorua Location USUM

How to get the best Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon – Rare Pokemon Locations in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon!
This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Guide will show you
Pokemon USUM Zorua Location
Poekmon USUM Zoroark Location
Pokemon USUM Noibat Location
Pokemon USUM Noivern Location
Pokemon USUM Buneary Location
Pokemon USUM Bagon / Salamence Location
Pokemon USUM Inkay Location
Pokemon USUM Mantine Location
How to get Zoroark, Noivern, Lopunny, Mantine, Malamar and Salamence in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

New Alola Pokedex in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon
Rare Pokemon Zorua / Zoroark USUM
Rare Pokemon Noibat / Noivern USUM
Pokearth Alola Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Locations
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  1. Harvey より:

    Why was this re-uploaded?

  2. Graysonian より:


  3. Aura Dragon448 より:

    No mention of Larvitar in Diglett’s Tunnel?

  4. Houghton patrol より:


  5. [KGO] Aceleo1665 より:

    Just got a shiny noibat encounter

  6. James R より:

    Buneary was the first pokemon i ran into after getting my starter

  7. Azdaja より:

    I like how the two Pokemon in the thumbnail are two of the Pokemon I’m putting on my Ultra Moon team… when I eventually get to play the game. xD

  8. Dajohnnie Sanders より:

    My favorite pokemon of alltime is lucario, Lopunny and zeraora. I’m happy that i can get them in game. Also i feel like lucario and Lopunny are counterparts to one another both have baby form, evolve bye happiness and have mega forms.

  9. Excalibur 493 より:

    If y’all manage to get Mareanie, I’ll let you in on something good: it gets Pain Split. Now that 50 base HP doesn’t seem so bad.

  10. Trinachi Stewazt より:

    Where is Kurt ball

  11. Lucy Agius より:

    Am I early or late

  12. Romeo Rose より:

    I got a breedjected noivern lv1 when I was first playing Y and with my (f) Ralts and fenniken, before gym 1 I rolled through the game like a god

  13. Isaiah Brown より:

    Zorua is available at the very beginning of oras

  14. NoNkilooo より:


  15. TheGamerDoug より:

    “New desirable pokemon available in the game” Rattata appears.

  16. Ya Boi Guzma より:

    I got zorua, inkay, and buneary.

  17. Frosti DK より:

    can you trun normal sun into ultra sun ?

  18. Killa Meme より:


  19. Lưu Thiên Ân より:

    If anyone wants to evolve clamperl for Shell Smash before the elite 4. You can get deepsea tooth from Sharpedo and Deepsea scale from chinchou. Have a Pokemon with compoundeyes at the lead spot to increase the item rate, have the move thief or cover to get the item. SOS it until you get the item.
    Else, you can just sos clamperl until it calls Huntail and Gorebyss.

  20. Grind with da Winning team hoe より:

    You can catch Huntail n Gorebess in the wild

  21. The Builders Creed より:

    ur beatin the game to fast man

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