Pokémon Ultra Sun Part 1 – Choosing Our Starter Pokemon! (Gameplay & Walkthrough )

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are finally here! Let’s dive back into the Alola region and find out about the Ultra Recon Squad, Team Rainbow Rocket, Necrozma and of course the brand new Ultra Beasts! I hope you enjoy my walkthrough of Pokemon Ultra Sun and join me on this brand new Pokemon Adventure!
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Pokémon Ultra Sun Part 1 – Choosing Our Starter Pokemon! (Gameplay & Walkthrough )
Pokémon Ultra Sun Part 1 – Choosing Our Starter Pokemon! (Gameplay & Walkthrough )
Pokémon Ultra Sun Part 1 – Choosing Our Starter Pokemon! (Gameplay & Walkthrough )



  1. CodeNameLegoBoy YT より:

    Hi your the best

  2. Jayden Lumsden より:

    I was in love stream

  3. Jayden Lumsden より:


  4. UmbreonHD Roblox & More! より:

    Yay u choose rowlet
    But not moon 🙁

  5. Jenna Wade より:


  6. rachael carney より:

    yay team rowlet!!!!!!!

  7. Team Jub-Jub より:

    Hi Matt Remember Me From The Streams When Will You Transfer Your Shiny Litten/Rowlet/Popplio

  8. Joshua Merriweather より:


  9. Chelsea Herrera より:

    *_A L L T H E W A Y F R O M L O N D O N_*

  10. Suicune inside より:

    QOTD : Rowlet

  11. Holten The dusk Lycanroc Gamer より:

    QOTD: Rowlet and litten cuz im trading my litten from sun to ultra moon

  12. sugary noodles より:

    I’m going to choose Popplio, cuz last time I picked Rowlet 😀

  13. cartoons and stuff より:

    In the playthrough, are you also gonna show us we’re all the items and stuff are as well?

  14. ThomasJD より:

    Hey dude, love this! 120th viewer.

  15. Lucy Agius より:

    u is too hyped you might bang ya head

  16. Blugg より:

    i picked all 3 starters

  17. Evan almighty より:

    Are you going to use a shiny rowlet or not

  18. KingPlayzGames より:

    Getting game in like 2 hours

  19. Buizel With A Portal Gun より:

    Ello how are y’all?

  20. LOGAN DAVIS より:

    One like for litten

  21. LOGAN DAVIS より:

    One like for popleo

  22. LOGAN DAVIS より:

    One like for rowlet

  23. abbie x より:

    Picked rowlet for moon and gonna pick litten for sun!

  24. Andy MacInnes より:

    i picked litten

  25. Stefan Brouwer より:

    Are you going to play with or without the exp share? Want to buy it too but Will do that later

  26. TheLonely Mimikyu より:

    QOTD:if İ Ever got TO play sun or moon İ would choose popplio cause noone likes it but I WOULD!!

  27. Toasterz N The Hood より:

    i chose litten (nacho libre), though atm zorua is my main boi, ive never used it before so its a pretty fun experience

  28. AquamarineKay KB より:

    If you played as the girl, your bed has an eevee cover on it, also a pink Pokemon as your rug

  29. Borky ™ より:

    QOTD litten

  30. Link Mountaineer より:

    I’m a bit behind and went back to finish the National Dex in Alpha Sapphire, play Moon, get Ultra Moon at Christmas, and then Dawn Wings time! Litten in both, though.

  31. Thomas Burke より:

    I picked rowlet

  32. Yeshua Soto-Velazquez より:


  33. corilew26 より:


  34. charles townsend より:

    Same starter I used in sun, rowlet, the best and coolest starter (except for the middle evolution).

  35. JayMan より:

    awesome shirt!

  36. Penguingamer 2251 より:

    I got ultra moon and it’s so good

  37. Penguingamer 2251 より:

    I got Fowler because I chose litten for regular moon

  38. PhillyTheKid56 より:

    QOTD – I am choosing Popplio even though I haven’t got it yeet!

  39. NerdyCactus より:

    Qotd: I’m gonna pick Litten when I get the game

  40. E.K. -13 より:

    i wish i had this game

  41. JR TRAINER GX より:

    I picked Rowlet (When I get it) for Christmas

  42. maximum Montague より:

    Lol who can’t get it until Christmas

  43. Real Black Lion より:

    QOTD: litten because I’m a cat person

  44. Silverwing of Moonclan より:

    I chose popplio

  45. Lucky clown より:

    I become 15 in november 21 what will i get for my birthday mmm it starts with a P

  46. Spirit Jolteon より:


  47. Aideon 1 より:

    So hyped!

  48. Lucky clown より:

    Can game freak just changes the mother in pokemon the look the same just changes the her styl and the clothes

  49. Curtis Playz より:


  50. Brony Plays1 より:

    I got litten

  51. Snoopy skydiver より:


  52. CreeperSlaier より:

    Rowlet for life man and get your special rockruff

  53. Victor E Trujillo より:

    Love the new story in the alola region. And the pokemon.

  54. Victor E Trujillo より:

    I choose Litten in the last game of Pokemon Moon and now lm choosing Poplio when I get Pokemon Ultra Sun.

  55. Lucky clown より:

    That freez on the webcam look at that dude the face from a real Pokémon fan 14:33

  56. Shion Rasenka より:

    I chose Litten. Female with Hardy nature. I was very pleased.

  57. Thomas Cruz より:

    Are u playing this on 3ds?

  58. Furious Macaron より:

    Rowlet is my favourite starter!! [And pokemon]

  59. Nathan Santiago より:

    I’m really excited I just got out of GameStop and I got Ultra sun and Ultra Moon and I’m really really happy to play ????????

  60. Dimitris Af より:

    i think that in the dub version of the anime the name is pronounced Kakui

  61. dbroncosfan71 より:

    I let my gf pick for me and she had me go with Rowlet

  62. anto williams より:


  63. AquamarineKay KB より:

    You can transfer Pokemon by quick link or festival plaza until bank gets updated late November.

  64. Marteon Smith より:

    I chose popplio ?

  65. Dimitris Af より:

    Your Rowlet impression rocks!!

  66. Ernesto Salas より:

    QOTD: Litten all the way


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