Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Bans, EA Removes Battlefront II Microtransactions, Skyrim on Switch

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Today’s episode of WHAT YOU MISSED Video game news consists of Star Wars Battlefront II altering it’s micro-transaction system again. Also star Wars Battlefront II has changed it’s system to expedite people who desire to pay for faster ranking.It’s still pay to win, but when you pay this time you apparently get alot more. Depending on how you feel about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II, you might agree this is good or bad, but its still microtransactions. Vivendi will no longer take over Ubisoft, Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch is a decent port, albeit, on low settings. Final Fantasy XIV has some strange role playing going on, Nintendo Switch out sold all hardware and is sold out in japan also. Pokemon Detective Pikachu finds a voice actor, and finally people who pirated Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are permanently banned now. Both on Youtube and on the Nintendo 3DS which had the pirated Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon games on them.

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Battlefront 2’s Updated Microtransactions Will Allow “Accelerated Experience”

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Belgian Gaming Commission Begins Gambling Investigation on Battlefront 2



Skyrim: Switch vs PS4 Graphics Comparison + Docked vs Undocked Analysis!

Inside The Brothels Of Final Fantasy XIV


It’s Fall And The Nintendo Switch Is Still Selling Out In Japan


Nintendo says in customer service email that bans stemming from pirated Pokemon Sun/Moon copies are permanent

Nintendo says in customer service email that bans stemming from pirated Pokemon Sun/Moon copies are permanent

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  1. hari brown より:


  2. Reservaciones Hotel Ever Green より:

    Yeah im first

  3. The SinisterSableye より:

    Funny. I was just building a pokemon team right now

  4. Burai Murian より:

    What’s this about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon being Banned .? Probably the piraters of the game

  5. Windflower 95 より:

    Crap Nintendo is killing YouTube channels now for playing provioted games

  6. You're a Clod one, Yellow Pearl! (IamLH) より:

    If you want know why he is called the chrome dome: You’ll have to buy the DLC for $199.99.

  7. Cherity Hall より:


  8. Santino Bit より:

    My mum just ate my dog.

  9. DJGardawubz 12 より:

    Don’t forget role-playing on KIK

  10. Ale Sorbara より:

    Now EA gotta remove pay to win from every other game

  11. metal bulbasaur より:

    Old pokefan protomario

  12. Rebecca Carn より:

    I love that hoodie you always have the sweetest Pokemon gear on where do you get it from

  13. g00py Grandé より:

    I got a US/UM advertisement before you talked about the pirated game ban

  14. Mega Kabutops より:

    Glad I can turn on notifications again hello proto how u been

  15. Gamer Addy 99 より:

    EA r just selfish.They don’t care for Star Wars fans.Ive been playing Splatoon 2 lately because of Splatfest.And playing Salmon run.

  16. Burai Murian より:

    Can you make some gameplay clips at least ProtoMario? Just curious

  17. some guy より:

    For some reason ultra sun and moon have a lot of marriage related things lol

  18. Zer0 より:

    Why the hell do you complain about micro transactions, especially in destiny 2. All you can get in destiny 2 is cosmetics for gear. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY OF IT. In battlefront 2 you can literally buy characters. That’s why people are pissed. You have to either play 40 hours for a character or buy it. Micro transactions are not all bad especially if done like destiny 2’s way.

  19. Ammar Mujkic より:

    I’ve pirated Ultra Moon a few days ago just to test it out, but I’ve bought it yesterday.

  20. NarutoSenpai より:

    What happened to your old profile pic?

  21. chucknorify17 より:

    Wow, seriously? The only way to get banned for pirating a game on the 3DS is if you have it early and use online functionality. Morons.

  22. chubby monk より:

    I wanted to randomize vanilla sun, so I downloaded moon using free shop, I technically bought the game already and didn’t want to take my cartridge everywhere

  23. DryBones271 より:

    Did anyone know the Flying Z crystal is available way earlier in the game than Sun and Moon? If you didn’t, well it is. I US and UM, the strength boulder was removed with taurus rocks. You can just go down and get it, also Kahii the flying-type user teaches you how to use it. I’m wondering though…. if each trainer has a z-crystal they can potentially teach you, who teaches you the ice-type one?

  24. Tech&Prep Network より:

    Do not claim victory.  Companies and other large entities do this exact psychological event around the world….That is….

    1. Introduce
    2. Remove (From back-lash)
    3. Reimplement (Usually either under different wording if not the exact same thing)  Since it will seem to be better than what is forgot in the past, it receives less pushback, and the large entity gets away with what was in motion.  

    Examples?  Any internet laws with mass outcry has been reimplemented under a different name for a start or snuck back in under a different bill without any secondary out cry…

     Fun Battlefront II Fact: Websites such as Amazon only allow people who purchase the game (verified from their site) to only post reviews unlike almost any other item.  Censor the haters and only allow positive reviews from the fans.  Don’t forget two days ago it was covered here that the refund button was removed from the game as well.  EA doing what they do best.
    ————————–This message will self destruct in…. NOW.———————————

  25. Danny Alvarez より:

    everyone is saying its a good port, idk what youre talking about…

  26. Danny Alvarez より:

    why are you surprised sports games get good sales lol

  27. SkyTheMagicalGamer より:

    So basically, If someone has bought the games and don’t have a 3DS capture card Because of how expensive and annoying they are to get and can only record it in the highest picture quality using Citra emulator, Nintendo can still get you ban on youtube at any time, This Is just an others reason I’m glad generation 8 Is coming to the switch, So more people can easily get in to the Let’s play and Nuzlocke fun with the newer Generations,
    Also, Nintendo doesn’t care about the fair uses of emulators and roms Because they think It piracy altogether!

  28. GalaxyLight777 より:

    getting the pokemon game early and getting banned for it? this seems familiar….

  29. kazuto kirigya より:

    Proto I hate to break it to you but you cannot use frame rate to compare all versions of Skyrim they all are locked at 30 FPS with the exception of the the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions which had problems this has always been the case with certain Bethesda games I do agree that the resolution is not as good as the others but the frame rate is exactly the same

  30. Star Pit より:

    I don’t mind good DLC nut micro transactions are stupid and pointless especially if you can get the items in game it’s just lazy.

  31. Chris P. Bacon より:

    The bad thing is that the micro-transactions will return

  32. ProtoMario より:

    8:25 for a nice surprise

  33. Sparx632 より:

    30fps and 720p is great, especially since the game is now portable.

  34. DryBones271 より:

    I finished the first island, but I’m taking my time, and looking around for side quests.

  35. kazuto kirigya より:

    Also I am shocked to see that we have more of the same stupidity from sun and Moon launch happening again I however legally pre purchased mine off the eShop because I am not an idiot like these pirates

  36. MrJ より:

    EA make enough money already from Ultimate Team


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