10 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Will Be AMAZING!

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon are right around the corner, and with all of the new trailers making the games look incredible, I though that in today’s video we’d go over 10 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Will Be AMAZING!
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10 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Will Be AMAZING!
10 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Will Be AMAZING!
10 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Will Be AMAZING!



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    Holy crap I’m early.

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    Early, good video

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  7. The black spider より:

    2 more weeks I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT AND CAPTURING THE LEGENDARYS and hopefully the legendary shinies

  8. Hunter Dust より:

    I’ve been waiting for this game for almost 6 months now. I also think it’s going to be amazing

  9. ninja nixer より:

    Yo wassup

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    Hdvee I have question like ash and pikachu are partners and me and pikipek what would your partner Pokémon that is not a starter Pokémon

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    2 weeks to go #GetHYPED

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    Hey HDvee how u bin doing

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    Under 1k Squad?

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    Yo its me

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    Diss game gonna be lit it’s good to see Pokemon go for a final blowout

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    I’m hyped for Ultra Moon!

  17. Jadeazora より:

    1. Ghetsis
    2 Cyrus
    3. Archie
    4. Maxie
    5. Lysandre
    6. Giovanni
    7. Every single last member in Rainbow Rocket
    8. Guzma being on your side.
    9. Enhanced storyline
    10. Volcarona being in the Dex.

    Those are my personal reasons anyway. 😀

  18. Abx2 より:

    Fuck this where’s Pokémon gen 4 remakes??

  19. Johnnyy Bravoo より:

    Nice video HDVee! The 10 reasons you mentioned about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon was very accurate and precise! 10/10! Totally agree with you! Wow! The last new games coming on the Nintendo 3DS this year! Thanks man and GameFreak for giving us everything we asked for!

  20. PokeStatic より:

    This game is a nice treat to fans. Pushing aside those who keep bashing GameFreak and Pokemon for their NORMAL schedule of game releases

  21. David Niewinski より:

    USUM= Bets POkemon Game

  22. Khepri Main より:

    Can I get mega banette in these games cause its my favourite pokemon

  23. Ash Ketchum より:

    Living in Australia doesn’t have too many perks, but we do get the games pretty much first, soo…

    13 DAYS HYPEEE!!

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    I’m HYPED!!!!

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    Again, the genwunners are jello

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    I agree

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    Matts At It Again!!It’s A Pokemon Game It’s Gonna Be DOPE!!!

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    so early?

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    Going to be the best games ever??????????

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    It will be amazing.

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    Hello My Friend HDvee XD

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    Can’t wait to play this on an emulator!

    Just Kidding ???

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    I dunno why, but UB Adhesive seems to remind me of a certain Legend of Zelda character. Also, I’m likely gonna enjoy the Alola photo club

  35. Some Gamer より:

    There will probably be version exclusive legendaries.

    Because of that i’m getting both.


    Omg I am erly???

  37. Real Black Lion より:

    14 more days.

  38. Ninja Pikachu より:

    The fact that we can have totem sized Pokemon on our teams are amazing

  39. Your Friend Boat より:

    Will you try a shiny speculation on UB adhesive?

  40. Your Friend Boat より:

    I’m guessing that team skull will be teaming up with you

  41. Jade Bach より:

    Hm… Do you think that the sunglasses are somewhat like those VR goggles? :] Like, those Pokemon you rent are somewhat “virtual” so you have to wear it to be able to use the battle agency? Just an idea

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    Game on yeah!

  43. Enderninja 327 より:

    Out of all the villians I’m most excited for Ghetsis so I’m gonna bring my team from Pokémon White to battle him again. The Unova Gang (Samurott, Zebstrika, Unfezant, Excadrill, Sawsbuck, Zekrom. I’m bringing Zekrom to the fight with Reshiram amd Kyruem.

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    Your awesome hdv

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    It will be the ultimate finger at square Enix

  46. Tucker Jeffrey より:

    I will miss team skull…

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  49. CrystalFox13 より:

    “Nothing New” “They’ll be terrible” TheGamer (Also has a terrible channel) Made a top 15 reasons why US & UM will be terrible list. Only the titles were announced at that time! The reasons why are so dumb too. GameFreak is doing *amazing!*

  50. CrystalFox13 より:

    *Genwunners:* Y we no go back to Kanto. 0/10

  51. PT Jax より:

    I’m so excited for ultra sun and ultra moon

  52. Realm_Holder より:

    Am I the only one who hates the new look for Archie and Maxie?

  53. the 1 chosen gamer より:

    You are mean

  54. matthew caze より:

    Know ones remember Cyrus

  55. Shinyhunter Sj より:

    Hey why do u not reply to people now

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    Pokémon Stars is better than Pokémon sun and moon

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    wait no more 3ds games ?noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    89th comment

  59. Thunder Boar Games より:

    These will be MY last pokemon games in my Life.

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  61. TAJ B05 より:

    short version of vid 1 reason why us and um will be amazing 1: everything

  62. Bawdy wawdy より:

    A girl at my school is treating the release date like a Holliday but honestly I can’t blame her.

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  64. TheGlitchingBOOM より:

    UB adhesive looks like it could be psycic/poison but nope

  65. Pumpkinist より:

    Small mistake in this. Platinum did actually introduce new Pokemon.

  66. Jeffplayz 123 より:

    This is the true 20th anniversary game!

  67. Jeffplayz 123 より:

    Juggling Ultra Recon
    Anther Foundation
    Ultra Beasts
    Trails and Trial Captains
    Darker plot
    20 years of villainy
    This is going to be crazy

  68. Nexus person より:

    this is omega ruby ultra sun and alpha sapphire ultra moon sorry bad pun

  69. Nexus person より:

    every one call your ub assembly trumps wall

  70. Anti-HyperLink より:

    Because of a bunch of shoehorned post game shit? I agree.

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  72. zeitGGeist より:

    v hyped for this game

  73. JayJayJc Bondoc より:

    The time I’m getting a 3DS Is the last time where they are gonna make a game on it

  74. noe lara より:

    Time to be a Pokemon master one last time and blast off team rocket

  75. The Blue Gallad より:

    Were u using Waterflame’s Music?

  76. Maxwell Chng より:

    I still think the ultra recon squad are actually good guys

  77. Abraham Bernard より:

    I love Ultra sun and Ulra moon
    Theme Rocket is back ????
    But is there still a theme Skull?

  78. Emperor Rabbit より:

    Gen 7 is the best region of all Pokemon series

  79. Phan Tom より:

    I don’t want US and UM to exist, ask why

  80. Andries Velten より:

    I’ve given my team pretty much thought already. I think I’ll choose Popplio as my starter since I chose Litten in Sun. And I think I’ll catch a Tsareena and Talonflame (hopefully they are still catchable) since I didn’t have a elemental trio in Sun. Not sure what else I should catch but the new games will probably have more Pokemon to catch. In gen 5 for example, you could only catch Unova Pokemon in the first games but you could get Pokemon like Riolu and Eevee in the second games as well.

  81. The Best 147 より:

    I love pokemon no matter what the game is

  82. Royale Clasher より:

    Nice list its awsome!

  83. Royale Clasher より:

    Oh yeah wil you stream today? I love the streams!

  84. Jorne Daniels より:

    I dont have oras so if there is anyone who can give me a exeggutor with skill swap I would be very happy I will give a shiny Poliwrath if u want

  85. Story of My Life より:

    Maxie has lighter skin than me, and that’s saying something.

  86. Story of My Life より:

    So far my team is gonna be:
    1. Rowlet line
    2.Gengar line
    3. bird line
    4. A water type
    5. A fire type
    6. And a dark type.

  87. The_Liam_Brand05 より:

    It’s lit!!

  88. Jake Jennings より:

    1. Problem with Ultra Sun and Moon, it’s the last Pokemon DS game

  89. Golden Azumarill より:

    Is this ment to be similar to Verlisifys video “10 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Will Be TERRIBLE”? I cant unsee it now when I am thinking about it XD

  90. Victor Lytz より:

    This better include Kanto

  91. Miko 503 より:

    This game is so awesome, because probably that will be the last one for 3ds… I have to buy a switch

  92. old gold より:

    Not thot

  93. Golden Azumarill より:

    I think this video was good quality, about something fun to watch and well put togther. The only “bad” thing was that you said the titel of the video quite a lot, but that is only my pet peeve so keep doing what you are doing!

  94. Jorne Daniels より:

    I want to shiny hint fast. So i want a exeggutor with harvest and skill swap (buy with bp in oras). If u want to know everything how to get it watch the video of aDrive. Type in aDrive harvest. If there is anyone who wants to give me one i will give registeel

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  96. ofmon 777 より:

    its ultrabeest A-dee-cvie

  97. Krillin より:

    got a pokemon ultra sun & moon ad.


  98. Pokemon Master より:

    What Starter Are You Guys Gonna Chose?
    I think my first team is going to consist of:
    1. Decidueye
    2. Lycanroc (Dusk)
    3. Oricorio (Sensu)
    4. Turtornator
    5. Golisopod
    6. Minior
    What do you think?

  99. FireRGYT より:

    Awesome vid Hdvee!

  100. Humbling Garchomp より:

    Wish we could get totem-sized wailord

  101. Hero Haxorus より:

    Ah, back when we thought 2 evil teams in one game was too many. Too bad there is 9!!

  102. joseph diab より:

    What if all the protagonists from all the old games come to help you take down rainbow rocket

  103. Steve Mansour より:

    My b Day is 5 days after its released rockruff here i come!

  104. William Feeman より:

    i love how excited you are

  105. William Feeman より:

    pls Victreebel alolan

  106. Albert Flame より:

    “Buh muh Sinnoh remake”-Every butthurt Sinnoh fanboy

  107. Rocket Ronnie より:

    great nice cool video mat

  108. Rocket Ronnie より:

    like if you subscribe to hdvee

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    The 11th thing would’ve been mega evolution but hey I’m not complaining

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    Amazing video I luv it

  111. Komasan より:

    Before I watched thos I thought it would be exactly the same as sun and moon.

  112. Jayden Pixel skull より:

    Theory that all of the bosses like Maxie and forgotten the author name but maybe all of them were young in worm hole because Maxie and forget author name maybe young

  113. Sam Crook より:

    It would be cool if we team up with Silver to take down Giovanni

  114. Blue Fox より:

    I want to play Pokémon ultra sun and ultra moon but l do not have any money ????

  115. Genesectite より:

    hope there comes a new type space

  116. Dave Isaksson より:

    Sooo unfair i live in EU

  117. Zack Ridley より:

    UB add-he-suh-i-vuh

  118. Blue Fox より:

    That is an new update or a new game??

  119. Daniel Miranda より:

    but i thought team rocket disbanded

  120. Al Lo より:

    Automatically liked your video ????

  121. Iris van landeghem より:

    team plasma 1 cardinal 2 getsis are eviil mistyand 3 sisters colress nanndo starlyn barret aldith latias nurse jooy and red eyes nurse joy gothic are pure and otherssincere too

  122. eeveegirlgames 57 より:



    IN case anyone doesn’t know, the reason rainbow rocket has rainbow in the name is because necrozma is the prism Pokemon, and a prism is an object that divides white light into every color of light in the rainbow, or rainbow light.

  124. Lpscrazycat 8963 より:

    I’m so sad that Pokemon is not going to be on the ds anymore

  125. Flamethrower より:

    Is this actually the last Pokemon game on 3ds

  126. Claire Neave より:

    Good vid you a true Pokemon master

  127. Malisteen より:

    I still think the games would have been better as straight up sequels. They still could have pushed the alternate universe/wormhole gimmick, they still could have brought in rainbow rocket, introduced new pokemon, brought back all the legends – everything good about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon could still have been there. But we also could have seen how Alola as a region and the characters in it changed and grew following Sun and Moon as a result of what you as the protagonist did in the first game. We could have seen how the Alola pokemon league developed, could have seen some of our old friends become the regions first gym leaders, maybe seen some of those faces become Kahunas. Guzma joining the good guys could have been earned character growth. We could have seen Lily help her mom recover from both her poisoning and her poisonous worldview. Instead, we have an ‘alternate retelling’ that brushes everything aside so that everything we did in the prior games retroactively doesn’t matter at all.

    Don’t get me wrong – Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be amazing for all the reasons you said, but all of that still would have been there if these games were sequels, without trampling all over the memories we made our first time playing through alola.

  128. Artok 812 より:

    Man! Your vids are soooooo boring
    Pls trynna cut short on time
    Content was OK though

  129. Hot Lusamine より:

    I’m getting this game! Should I get moon or sun?

  130. Brett Mannix より:

    I wasn’t going to get the game but I may have to now

  131. CozmicVideos より:

    Imagine if we can REALLY catch EVERY legend, AND they’re not shiny locked. That would mean, that for the first time ever in a Pokémon game, we’d be able to catch a legitimate shiny Celebi!

  132. Queenlugia2000 より:

    Unless my dad suprises me with it early… I’ll have to wait til Christmas

  133. Jazmine Starkey より:

    Its going to amzaing!

  134. Jazmine Starkey より:

    Ive played pokemon for 20 years

  135. Spyros Bifsas より:

    The only fun thing about usum is the villain rematches and the legendaries available .the rest isn’t quite appealing to me .game rating 4/10

  136. John Doe より:

    Except the games aren’t double the size of SuMo. The full file is only ~.40 GB larger than SuMo.

  137. simon truijen より:

    Still need to pre-order it tho… Should do it QUICKLYYY. Also sorry for not watching da streams. Last week i was to the other side of my country for playing in some musicals.

  138. simon truijen より:

    Only 2 weeks!!

  139. Professor Frankly Gaming より:

    Or pokémon will be on the 3DS but like platum on the switch

  140. tehmina sadaf より:

    I want it but i dont have a 3ds

  141. James Gassaway より:

    I don’t think the alolan form will be oddish. Here’s my reasoning why:
    1. Pokemon with alolan form seem to alawys evolve into another pokemon with an alolan form too. So if there was only one, and oddish got it, it would make sense to give the rest of the oddish family an alolan form.

    2. Pokemon that get alolan form are currently only from the Kanto region. If Oddish really did get the Alolan form, then that means bellosom would get one too, and he’s not from Kanto.

    3. There are better Candidates, even for the grass/poison type matchup. There are other pokemon that fit this category. I don’t think it will be Bulbasaur, since that would require a form for his evolutions and venasaur’s mega, and mega-alolan forms aren’t a thing. Also if one starter got one, the rest would have to follow suit, and it’s already been revealed charmander doesn’t have one.

    So what is the pokemon? Chances are it’s either victreebell or vileplume. I predict Vileplume, because if oddish was in the game, then the flower Vileplume is based off would make much sense. Besides, I would rather see Alolan Vileplume than Victreebell. (Vileplume also doesn’t break the rules above, since it doesn’t evolve into bellosom.

  142. Hey Angelina より:


  143. Hey Angelina より:

    🙁 never gonna get a switch they are always never available, If I get one I’ll use it for Pokémon games and hand it to my brother cause I’m sure he’ll get at least 1 game finished before another pkmn game comes out

  144. #5minsrevision o_o より:

    Why was alola photo club on the front if it wasnt included on your list, i think its probably the best feature to get excited for

  145. MicahPlays S より:

    I found this watching Verlisify rant on 15 reasons UsUm will be terrible….

  146. Tenant Science より:

    also check out this and this: JJ7W-WWWW-WWW9-H9XC

  147. John 123 より:

    Why do people hate USUM. In my opinion the only thing that is the same as Sun and Moon is the region the Pokemon and some characters .other wise the story is going to be totally different

  148. Sophie Li より:

    I’m so pumped for this

  149. Claww04Gaming より:

    first of all gr8 vid 2nd of all what about pokemon black 2 also having new pokemon

  150. joseph dollinger より:

    You are so bad at your videos

  151. Emma Etchells Foisy より:

    This game seems amazing!

    The only thing I’m sad about is that it’ll be the last 3DS Pokemon game released :/

  152. Naruto Shippuden fan Weeb no it's dedicated fan より:

    I had to delete mainly everything to get it for the data because I didn’t have a sd card ;-;

  153. PhoenixHelix より:

    I’m still left to worry about whether or not we’ll be able to transfer Pokémon from this last game on the 3DS to the Switch game when it’s released. And when the 3DS is no longer supported with the internet, what about Pokémon we want to raise from Gens III through V?

    I might be that one dude who might be the only one worrying about this, but the last thing I wanna see is another Gen II cut off, like we had from Gen III onwards, which as of the rerelease of Gen I and II for the virtual store had only just been resolved.

  154. somebody より:

    the fucking thumbnail! NO! THERE’S A NEW POKEMON?! WOW! AND HERE I FUCKING WAS AVOIDING SPOILERS- sorry, but as you can tell i’m rather triggered.

  155. Car o One Person より:

    ? Of course is videos Barely over 10 minutes long

  156. Gumball YT より:

    Sad thing you cant get all the legendary Pokemons in one game ;-; and for certain legendary Pokemons you need two certain legendaries to get it

    Edit: these are the legendary so in ultra sun and moon you can get

    Ho oh

    For Pokemon ultra moon

    Also enable to get these Pacific legendaries here’s they are
    Rayquaza- kyorgre and Groudon on your team
    Kyruem- zekrom and reshiram on your team
    Giratina- palkia and dialga on your team
    Suicune- ratiou and Entei on your team
    Landorous- thunderous and tornadous on your team

    The legendary Pokemons I didn’t include in these list are available for both versions.

  157. randomabilideze209 より:

    700 like

  158. Story of My Life より:

    I got an ad for usum XD lol!

  159. Kylorenn 6000 より:

    To all the haters who hated this game when Nintendo direct came out and announced it

    Everyone: (hears Nintendo direct) OMFG why can’t we have a game in the switch these new games are going to be a piece of crap and have no difference in them to there original counterparts.
    Me: ( hears Nintendo direct) no there not! These games will be epic!
    Everyone: (sees new trailers) ahh we totally said that these games are going to be good!
    Me: ???


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