Team Rainbow Rocket! All Legendary Pokémon Available! Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon News!

Welcome back, Pokémon Trainers! It’s time again for a weekly news update video thingy! Professor Chas will run down a number of the noteworthy highlights in the world of Pokémon from the past week, keeping you up to date on all the major news announcements, such as new Pokémon TCG expansions, online competitions, rare item and Pokémon distributions via Mystery Gift, and much more. Plus, watch for the weekly Pokémon TCG booster pack openings, with your chance to win the Pokémon TCG Online code card pulled from each booster by answering the Question of the Day, or #QOTD, given towards the end of the video!

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If you’re interested in attending League Challenges or League Cups at the Pokémon League at Heroes’ Beacon, you can find information at Heroes’ Beacon’s website:



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