Pokemon Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke: Ep. 40 (Semi-Final): The Elite Four

We have arrived. Will we be able to defeat the Pokemon League? Or will we fail our challenge at the last moment? We shall soon find out!

Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke Rules

1. First and foremost, this playthrough is blind. This means that I have never played Ultra Sun before, and I am not allowed to look up anything about it. I did the same thing with Sun, but the difference here is that this series is NOT fully pre-recorded like Sun was. Therefore, please do not spoil anything to me in the comments!

2. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead. Dead Pokemon will go into a specific PC box and never be withdrawn.

3. Only the first encounter of any route or area is allowed to be captured. Duplicates clause is in effect, so if my encounter is something I have caught already, it does not count. For Ultra Sun, I am extending duplicates clause to include ANY Pokemon I used for a significant amount of time in ANY past Nuzlocke I have done. For example, if my encounter is a Zubat, I can choose to skip it and get something else. I CAN still catch it if I want to, though. If I choose not to, then Zubat is no longer catchable for the remainder of the challenge, no matter what.

4. Battle style will be on “set”, which removes the option of automatically switching out when the opponent is sending out another Pokemon.

5. No items may be used during battle. The only exceptions are held items, and Pokeballs on my first encounter of an area.

6. Pokemon Refresh cannot be used in any instance.

7. The Exp. Share must be turned off. However, I may use it during off-screen training, so long as no progress is made in the story.

8. “Z” Moves cannot be used.

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  1. SockopJunkyJin より:


  2. Hunter Burke より:

    I beat them with ledian

  3. TenTonTerror 227 より:

    I’ll show you I can beat this game with out ubers. Used it to beat the entire elite 4.

  4. Megabakufun2 より:

    37:08 best part of the video had to rewatch it 10 times

  5. mmdd1996 より:

    the first thing I did, is look at the level. elite four lowest level pokemon is 56 and highest level is 60. he didn’t overlevel, i was worried for nothing 🙂

  6. I Liek Mudkipz より:

    >Picks a Fairy type to counter Hala

    >Hala is replaced by a Steel type trainer


  7. Nicholas Kyriss より:

    hmm… now that i think of it, naganadel does look like crobat

  8. Hylianguy38 より:

    No offense, but I doubt he will take down the final opponent with what is left of his team.

  9. Momiji より:

    I mean sure, using “ubers” in the main story game makes it easy, but let’s face it, that’s the only time you’re even going to use them.

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