INSANE SHINY GROUDON IN ONLY 88 ENCOUNTERS! Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Shiny Pokemon Reaction!

Shiny Legendary are very difficult to come across, especially when the odds are so bad! However though, today’s video goes over a live reaction of us finding a shiny Groudon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!


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Hey Guys, HDvee here! If you’re looking for videos on Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Top 5’s, Pokemon Top 10’s, Pokemon Theories or even Pokemon Let’s Plays, then you’ve come to the right place. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are some of the best new Pokemon games we’ve ever seen, and so if you’re looking for content on the two new Pokemon games, you’ve come to the right place! On my channel you can find videos to do with Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, videos on the Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime, Ash Ketchum videos, up to date Pokemon news videos, Pokemon Rom Hack & Fan game showcases and of course Pokemon Let’s plays of the newest games! I hope you decide to stick around, and have an awesome rest of your day!

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  1. Ash Greninja MLG pro gamer より:


  2. DJ Tile Turnip より:


  3. scarfired より:


  4. wacky fails より:

    I call hacks…joking

  5. RegiceTomb より:

    ‘Twas there, who else was?

  6. Liam Pinder より:

    HDvee start your stream now please

  7. Liam Pinder より:

    Please reply

  8. Fat Torra Cat より:

    That’s amazing man, u have the most insane luck XD

  9. GhostyGengar より:

    hOLY HECC.

  10. Hoenn League Champion より:

    You have the craziest shiny legend luck I’ve ever seen

  11. Jennifer Mulholland より:

    I’m soft resetting for shiny treecko I’m on my 61 srt

  12. ?????? ????? より:

    Hmmm the stream did stop right

  13. Jonathan Reid より:

    Annnd shiny!

  14. Roan Hollinger より:


  15. Cow Moofies より:


  16. Shiver Shock より:

    Dude, WHAT?!?!?

  17. Shiver Shock より:

    Guys, which Sinnoh Starter should I use for Diamond?

  18. Extinct Toaster より:

    please give my some shiny voltorb luck. im at day 3 with a search level of 574


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