Pokemon Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke: Ep. 41 (FINALE): Friends to The End

There are many things regarding this playthrough that I wish had done differently. For example, my continuous criticism the game, or just constantly saying “this is the same as Sun”. While I don’t necessarily disagree with anything I said, it downgraded the narration quality severely, and I should have realized this. Also, playing it blindly was not a great idea. Not only was I not fully successful in doing so (i.e. Ultra Necrozma), but it shifted the playthrough’s focus away from being a Nuzlocke. I will further discuss these things in an upcoming video, but for now, please enjoy one of the most intense, suspenseful, and fun battles I have ever had in the history of my challenges. Thank you all for watching this playthrough, and I hope you enjoyed, despite everything. Rock on.

Ultra Sun Blind Nuzlocke Rules

1. First and foremost, this playthrough is blind. This means that I have never played Ultra Sun before, and I am not allowed to look up anything about it. I did the same thing with Sun, but the difference here is that this series is NOT fully pre-recorded like Sun was. Therefore, please do not spoil anything to me in the comments!

2. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead. Dead Pokemon will go into a specific PC box and never be withdrawn.

3. Only the first encounter of any route or area is allowed to be captured. Duplicates clause is in effect, so if my encounter is something I have caught already, it does not count. For Ultra Sun, I am extending duplicates clause to include ANY Pokemon I used for a significant amount of time in ANY past Nuzlocke I have done. For example, if my encounter is a Zubat, I can choose to skip it and get something else. I CAN still catch it if I want to, though. If I choose not to, then Zubat is no longer catchable for the remainder of the challenge, no matter what.

4. Battle style will be on “set”, which removes the option of automatically switching out when the opponent is sending out another Pokemon.

5. No items may be used during battle. The only exceptions are held items, and Pokeballs on my first encounter of an area.

6. Pokemon Refresh cannot be used in any instance.

7. The Exp. Share must be turned off. However, I may use it during off-screen training, so long as no progress is made in the story.

8. “Z” Moves cannot be used.

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  1. Super Cute Espeon queen より:

    When I played this I was so suprised that Hau challenged you

  2. Fernando Rivera より:

    This has been such a good play through

  3. I Liek Mudkipz より:

    Lol he just kinda forgets Incineroar is a fire type

  4. I Liek Mudkipz より:


  5. Rixizu より:

    I am not sure you can call this the finale when you still have Red/Blue and Team RR to beat. That is where the real challenge begins.

  6. Flint Of Death より:

    Can you pleeeeeeeeeease do the Rainbow Rocket episode?

  7. Jue Viole Grace より:

    Unpopular opinion: I agree with Aquablade with the game being pretty much the same as its predecessors. At least the boss fights, such as with Hau and the Totem Pokémon, were pretty cool. I only bought the game so I could play competitively 😛

  8. AHighDef. Experience より:

    This was a great champion battle, I was so happy when it was revealed that Hau was the “champion” battle.

    I’m taking it that you haven’t recorded the Episode RR, which is a shame as it would have been nice to see you react to it, but oh well, I’m looking forward to your next challenge and hopefully the Gen 8 games when they come out. Gen 7 has been a good run even with its ups and downs and I hope that the move to the Switch only makes the games bigger and better

  9. Green GamerVAK より:

    Honestly the next nuzlocke should either be completely blind or not blind at all

  10. Padawan_Bud より:

    Crobat is amazing, but Magnezone may do better.

  11. Hylianguy38 より:

    I’m sorry for doubting you again.

  12. kevinpo3 より:

    you know, if zanbato didn’t have that +speed nature, it probable wouldn’t have outspeed incineroar bc they both have 60 base speed. so that nature was actually a good thing

  13. AwesomeAggron より:

    Zanbato’s jolly nature saved the day incineroar and jellicent both have base 60 speed. So that nature that almost made you decide not to use zambato saved your nuzlocke.

  14. PJ Martin より:

    I know you don’t care about post game but are you going to do the rainbow rocket story?

  15. AwesomeAggron より:

    LOL, I like aquablades iteration of the story better.

  16. AwesomeAggron より:

    Your opinion of USUM reminds me a lot of how i felt with skyward sword. There are many strengths of that game. Dungeons, characters, story but then on the flipside the beginning of skyward sword is a drag. Motion controls on bloody everything is just not ideal with the Wii. Sword combat while fun with bosses was such a slog with regular enemies. Seriously it can sometimes take 40 seconds to kill bokoblins in that game. The song of hero quest is some of the biggest filler in any video game with the only part being interesting is the final silent realm and lanayru. Fi won’t shut up that I am low on health or that I need to use this to proceed why couldn’t I figure that out by myself game. Anyways I guess I ranted but this really parallels to what I think about skyward sword vs AB’s opinions on USUM most of the things that he mentions hating don’t entirely degrade the game for me except unskipable cutscenes. I have still only done one blind nuzlocke play through of both games and they were both awesome challenges but I can’t bring myself to play through the game again knowing I will have to through a good 3 hours worth of cutscenes. I can’t play through skyward sword again either. Sorry for ranting if you read this you are awesome and have a good day 🙂


    Your idea for the story is a lot better than what Gamefreak did. But this story feels more like a 3rd version which is what I judged it as so I thought it was an okay third version but it just felt like a filler game made to hold people over for the switch release. It’s definitely not my favorite Pokemon game but it was alright I guess

  18. Jimjamatic より:

    Thank god I don’t play any Pokemon game for the story and have never found any of them engaging XD

  19. Scott Rohrbeck より:

    After the Eagles winning the super intense Super Bowl a week ago, this just throws on all the intense. My 2018 is looking to really be intense if all this keeps up! 😛 But Jellicent surviving that Darkest Lariat, my god. Absolutely unreal.

    That aside, I do get all the people that overall didn’t care for the games and this generation in general, but I still love this game and generation. I’m sure I’ll still be playing these games for a time to come, regardless of what others might feel about them. I will say though, it’s telling that Hau went from your least favorite rival in the originals at the beginning of the generation to bordering on your favorite.

    But even so, this was quite the adventure and I’m glad that I watched throughout it! I don’t know what you’ll do next but I do await it.

  20. Leonardo Farias より:

    Friends to the Champion battle

  21. Peter Bloomfield より:

    the way this game handles legendary pokemon in post-game isn’t bad… but ill tell you what it is, its worse than how ORAS did it
    IMO gen 7 right now is my least favorite gen. i might be overreacting because its right of my favorite gen 6 and a big step down

  22. STUDENT Richard Sakurai-Kearns より:

    Great playthrough in general. That final battle was closer than expected. Kinda tempted to calculate if that crit at the end mattered.

  23. VioletNinetales より:

    lets see you beat Ultra Necrozma without toxic


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