Pkmn Ultra Sun and Moon 10/14/2017 News



  1. IRReleVaNT IRL より:

    Why is your channel called The spore man?

  2. IRReleVaNT IRL より:

    I always thought mimicku was going to have something special.

  3. IRReleVaNT IRL より:

    And trust me your channel will grow all you need is commitment and it will work it out

  4. IRReleVaNT IRL より:

    You should also use IMovie it works great! And it’s free! You can edit and record although it takes a while to set up the screen recording and it doesn’t have any markings that say iMovie or something.

  5. IRReleVaNT IRL より:

    If you want to get rid of the red tint in the back round or fix the shading in your face cams you can buy high quality LED lights also on

  6. IRReleVaNT IRL より:

    Your last video got blocked!


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