NEW Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Trailer and News! NEW Z MOVES AND ULTRA BEAST!! MY REACTION!!!

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  1. King Daniel The Dandy より:

    Hope you get the job man!

  2. King Daniel The Dandy より:

    This game is literally looking so good!

  3. Trainer Gooby より:

    He does look like jenga. Lol.

  4. Anthony Goode より:

    Title – Oh… Okay!

    1:41 -Even though I don’t own the real Z-Ring, I do the motions and I literally memorized every single one of them.  Thank gosh I am not the only one who does that.

    2:02 – Lets… GET IT!  Bro he gonna need some Moomoo Milk after that.

    2:35 – And look at me trying again and again trying to beat that trial… 

    2:36 – I like the Solgaleo animation more too.

    3:05 – Rotom Dex Z-Move?  Okay…

    You know who Necrozma looks like low-key…
    If Zekrom and a Porigon1 mated.
    I’m to silly.

    4:04 – Ransengan!  Chidori!
    I am a pretty big Naruto Anime fan to…
    Defiantly not as much as Pokémon though.

    4:46 – Bro, Cracking me up.  I am done.

    8:15 – Lets… GET IT!

    9:44 – I love how he just gives his honest opinion and testifies to himself and doesn’t even say, “Imma edit that out.”
    Do you get that youtube channel reference?

    10:05 – Really.  Really.

    11:31 – Really.  Really.  That’s their suit.

  5. spyro 25 より:


  6. RoN M より:

    ur reaction when sogaleo runs is ultimate!!


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