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♫ Intro Music ♫
Hyper Potions – Big Snowman

♫ Outro Music ♫
Porta Vista – Hyper Potions

Outro and Intro Designed By Myself



  1. ioan burrell より:

    Heck Yeah

  2. Charlie Grandison より:

    first to comment what a good trailer

  3. Mickey より:


  4. zachissuchanerd より:


  5. StickFigureJosh より:


  6. Ray Ray より:

    Those new z moves look super cool! I’m not too huge on z moves, but I like these ones!

  7. King Daniel The Dandy より:

    Hi luke. what do you think of the new necrozma forms. Personally i love them.

  8. Henry Cozzolino より:

    you shaved O_o

  9. Gdogmcsquizzle GB より:

    This intro is CLEAN

  10. Power Trainer Lenny より:


  11. Timothy Abbitt より:

    Lunala/dawn wings Necrozma’s Z move ignored Mimikyu’s ability

  12. T.J. XY1567 より:

    Hey @Gmaerboyluke I hope there is more good news in the future and I hope this game will get super amazing then black and white 2

  13. TheChimchan より:

    Honestly Luke, your reaction video is way too early. Reactions shouldn’t be posted before 2 weeks after release! Wah!

  14. MercuryDjinn3 より:

    Every time a video doesn’t show up in my sub box, I just so happen to check that person’s channel and find it anyways. I don’t know what kind of luck that counts as. o_0

  15. BitBoyLine より:

    Rotom Date Simulator!!

  16. Cosmic Dimension より:

    I might get back into watching pokemon youtube. It’s just the new generation that put me off

  17. Susan Vestergaard より:

    Yes finally I can do it to yes yaya

  18. King Daniel The Dandy より:

    I love that there making the rotom dex more of the part of the game

  19. luffyDman より:

    I love how they break through sturdy and mimikyus thing

  20. Joseph Drouin より:

    You are squealing

  21. zachissuchanerd より:


  22. kix より:

    u fast as f*c boi

  23. ThronedPenguin67 より:

    A video from you that I don’t need adblock for?! A miracle

  24. Jessica Pedley より:

    These games are so dope and I love both Sogaleo and Lunala new Z move

  25. Munchlax77 より:

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but Mimikyu had it’s disguise up so the z move could function like Mold Breaker

  26. Chris Morin より:

    I love the spooky intro Luke

  27. Hestos より:

    More double Battles!!! <3 <3

  28. SanderSanity より:

    I hope we can level up the Roto-Powers like we had with O-Powers. Grinding in Sun and Moon was such a pain in the ass, so it will be nice to have Roto- Exp Points Lvl 3 or S even. Anything that makes the tedious parts of Pokemon less tedious is a massive plus. No if they just remove shiny locks, and add move tutors to cap the generation, we’d be in business.

  29. JJMand より:

    The moon Zmove goes through mimikyus abillity?!?

  30. Genocide Shinobi より:

    that yell was soooo manly ???

  31. TheMissing Shadow より:

    Wow you are fast

  32. Z_Colo より:

    Dusk Mane Necrozma with Weakness Policy will be incredible.

  33. KitschyLiepard より:

    Am I the only one who noticed that mimiku’s disguise was completely ignored? And possibly gigalith’s sturdy, as well? Could it be that these z-moves have a built in mold breaker sort of effect?

  34. pengie9290 より:

    Anyone else notice that Necrozma’s Z-moves completely ignored Gigalith and Mimikyu’s abilities?

  35. wernt0 より:

    The fact that Rotomdex now has a 3D model could suggest that you will be able to use it to battle.

  36. 六specs_heat より:

    Seaaring sunraaaze…SUUUUUMAAAAAAASHU!!!!

  37. Gijs ten Thije より:

    Did hè notice that the mimikyu dies with his abilty active

  38. En riikess より:

    Fuck me hard against the wall

  39. DJ Roop より:

    I really lile the themed intro, did u do it?

  40. TwistedIndividuals より:

    Bruh, Solgaleo turned into Sonic during his Z-move.

  41. Sir HYBRITONIUM より:


  42. Daniel Cota より:

    Wow thats a new dudududu

  43. Andycat X より:


  44. ZigglerGuy より:

    Im sorry, but this Rotom Dex using a Z-Move thing is retarded.

  45. Tixelpip より:

    Where is colosseum?!?

  46. Awesomeness11 より:

    Of course luke would like the rotom dating sim elements.

  47. xeptian より:

    that intro spooped me

  48. AndyOctovia より:

    Damn luke…. back at it again with priceless reaction… <3

  49. Terry Wimberley より:

    At least you don’t have to “bond” with Mr Bonding anymore.

  50. StripofPaper より:

    Thumbnail goals

  51. Smelliot95 より:

    From the official site, it looks like new o powers are finite supply, it says “encounter power x1” in a screenshot. Maybe some of them like encounter or hatch last as long as you keep the game on, otherwise this kind of sucks.

  52. Chucks churro eating face より:


  53. Ayuna Matsushima より:

    You’re talking too much!

  54. Benicthehedgehog より:

    You do realize that Shady might call his RotomDex by ur name. Right Luke? Though I am curious how Nappy will think of this.

  55. Ayuna Matsushima より:

    Well at least we don’t have to be harrased by what’s his name, you know, the guy in X&Y wearing a pink suit.

  56. Ayuna Matsushima より:

    You sound like a girl when you get excited.

  57. a Bear より:

    yaas keep making these reaction videos. support!

  58. ajm017 より:

    Those Z moves are literally finishers out if naruto ultimate ninja storm????

  59. Firewave より:

    I knew you would have loved it!

  60. Grizlocke より:

    howd ur video not get taken down

  61. ZedaGirlfriend-AlexGamerD- より:

    The move compares Attack and special atk and uses the highest

  62. Piplup1704 より:

    Looks like Masuda method hunts are going to be much faster with these Roto powers

  63. Mr.Presincat vlogs より:

    Soooooooooooo cuuuuuuute

  64. Jim Reid より:

    NOOOOO!!!! No alolan arcanine!! They showed Kanto version… ?

  65. The Commenter より:

    “Best Pokemon news all year!”
    I sense bias

  66. Desideria Crowne より:

    I can’t wait for the games to come out. They are really hyping it up so hopefully it will be good.

  67. SakichuPikachu より:

    Luke fangirls like me and everyone else who saw this trailer


  68. Bowmaster86 より:

    How do u pre order the game

  69. FlyontheWall412 より:

    g a y s e r

  70. Some Gamer より:

    I swear to god…

    If the battle tree returns and you can battle a Trainer called Luke who has all Rotom forms…

    That would mean that they’ve known about you!

  71. The Labrador より:

    Luke be bustin’ hella nuts in this video.

  72. Nick Victory Fire より:


  73. Jason Corum より:

    Rotom is so awesome. He will not just be allying any more.

  74. SquishyOfCinder より:

    You’re literally one of the few people who like the rotom dex and it makes me happy honestly

  75. francisjairam より:

    Thank god its only the single player that allows you use 2 Z Moves and not online. Its like they know that if they allow this online it would be unbalanced. Props to Game Freak.

  76. Crazy Dialga より:

    Those new Z-moves are legit Final Fantasy summon levels of overkill

  77. Manny Silvestre より:

    Sogaleo can now spin like sonic

  78. Cool trainer Roel より:

    The Z moves goos to disguise

  79. Conformal Line37 より:

    The squeals!!!!! ?

  80. Hi I am Snek より:

    What’s interesting is that Mimikyu still had Disguise up, yet it still got hurt from the Z-Move…

  81. Kaleidoscope より:

    So I remember you getting Pokemon moon when it came out. Which version are you gonna get this time? cx

  82. COOL Moosesesesesese より:


  83. polarity345 より:

    i never heard a high pitched scream for rotom before. That made laugh hahaha!

  84. Gareth O'Malley より:

    omg the SPOOPY Halloween intro is amazing

  85. Byron Nakatsuka より:

    Schoolgirl Luke??

  86. Koujoung より:

    I don’t even understand what pokemon is anymore…

  87. Jonathan Rannstad より:

    Your voice is like a baby when u are happy, but i like it. my voice is like that too

  88. Cody Jones より:

    I had only just seen the trailer, so I immediately had to see your reaction too. As a fellow Rotom lover, I’m as excited as you you are, Luke. ?

  89. oCharmaster より:

    That thumbnail is everything.

  90. Celesty より:

    Tooooottttaaaalllllyyyy not fanboying there, Luke~ XD

  91. Zeromega159 より:

    anyone else notice how the new z-moves for necrozma seemed to ignore mimikyu’s disguise as well as gigalith’s sturdy?

  92. Masterlucarion より:

    I’m going to have a lot of fun combining Z moves. Z-Conversion to Z-Hyperbeam? Yes please

  93. Just_Blazed_Jr Alcantara より:

    You can’t use rotomdex in wifi battles so that’s good cause it would be like using a bag.

  94. Stefanos Lappas より:

    Double extreme evoboost baton pass into a strong boy

  95. Tekno1 Teknola より:

    Hmmph… Did anyone notice that Lunala, OHKOed Mimikyu… That was NOT busted??! OP

  96. Gustavo Rodríguez より:

    Knew Rotom was gonna be in the thumbnail even before this was uploaded

  97. SpiritGalade より:


  98. JuicedUp Mew より:

    I’m glad he made a video so I don’t have to watch verlis

  99. Jovian999 より:

    Ok Game Freak, if you can add back the O-power type stuff on the lower screen, then you can take online trade and battle features out of festival plaza and put them there too.

  100. Nativ Safra より:

    Luke , You’re A Guy , So Stop Fangirling

  101. Niamh J より:

    Luke’s reactions are the purest things ever

  102. SubZero9120 より:

    I saw the “roto stealth” does he get a dexnav?

  103. Call me Zelda ONE moar time より:

    U got this out quickly

  104. Call me Zelda ONE moar time より:

    Pokémon hasn’t caught u yet they caught Callum showing Z – Moves though

  105. Call me Zelda ONE moar time より:

    U called Lunala a he… when u were watching her push it into the Ultra Wormhole

  106. Call me Zelda ONE moar time より:

    Some of the stuff u said were O-Powers didn’t exist last gen

  107. Cole snead より:

    Could you just me or does the bag in Pokemon Ultra sun and Ultra Moon book need as hell ?

  108. nycotic より:

    this video should be titled “the manliest screams on the internet”

  109. Ulisse Ayule より:

    The O Power for Hatching is so useless. It’s so easy to hatch with Tauros Riding! XD

  110. vileklawz より:


  111. MarshMarlowXD より:

    photon gay zor haha lol funny get it I said gay its so funny lol

  112. Jacottae Osborne より:

    Solgaleo on that sonic spindash

  113. SpectrumTwelve より:

    I wish you’d just watch the trailer without pausing at least for one run

  114. Bryan Conaway より:

    Luke as long as u use this intro I will bless ur marriage

  115. Purple Coffin Man より:

    this intro is so fitting because its Friday 13th in Aus.

  116. Enigma Vortex より:

    Yes, I approve of the new Rotom features!! And yes, I’m so excited!!!!

  117. NROD BlazingBolt より:

    I love when Luke reacts to Rotom

  118. Derped Turtle7 より:

    I think they should they should add a legendary with more that 2 typings

  119. The Flyin' Mudkip -Pokemon Channel より:

    Luke to Rotom is like me when I see other people’s boxers (dog) (I have a boxer)

  120. Matthew Breen より:

    Rotom is in the video, I feel like I have to watch Luke’s reaction.

  121. Killer Fire より:


  122. CJ2XTRME より:

    If we don’t get any new regional variants for a while even though I really want some. I would love to see more exclusive z-moves for them like they did with Raichu.

  123. Mιdɴιɢнт より:

    I’d like to say that Dawn Wings Lunala with Prism Armour is fuckin’ OP. Half damage from Ghost and Dark attacks? See you in the banned section.

    EDIT: By the way at the end of the video I was laughing so much at Luke fangirling.

  124. Eliana Guevara より:

    Your reaction is cute 😉

  125. Nathan Schultz より:


  126. lazer125 より:

    Pass Powers and O-Powers in Gen 5 and 6 respectively. i can see why people forget about the Entralink and Entree Forest in Gen 5, but then again the Dream World back when it was available.

  127. Devon787 Junior より:

    Luke and Rotom is the perfect couple.

  128. David Dispenser より:


  129. paracoѕм より:

    Luke x Rotom is canon now

  130. eoss akira より:

    Wow. A poketuber that loves Rotom just as much as I do. Gonna subscribe since we’re both fans of rotom. Yes pun intended.

  131. Wizards Wanted より:

    Pokemon Needs to stop there making way to many games!I mean for real.

  132. PROJECTROBERT89 より:

    one thing I noticed not really sure tho is that the new z moves for the Necrozma forms of ultra sun and ultra moon seem to ignore abilities like Sturdy and Disguise since Mimikyu Disguise was still intact judging by the head and Gigalith has sturdy……unless they have other hidden abilites I haven’t heard of….

  133. altijd is gametijd より:

    if you watch the moonraze thingy, it goes through mimikyu her disguise, right??

  134. Some Rotom Not Gender Specific より:

    I love rotom he’s my favourite pokemon

  135. Dec Vlogs より:

    Just actually noticed the games option box is the same colour on the webcam overlay… cool

  136. Dec Vlogs より:

    Happy thanksgiving know they finally actually made a last game on a console quite good ??

  137. Regine Thadal より:

    Is he gay

  138. Grace より:

    not even gonna lie, the moment i saw the rotom bits in this trailer i wanted to see your reaction

  139. eggonyofase より:

    Tbh I’m not a fan of Solgaleo’s Z-Move because of the name. The Japanese name is way better. Sunshine Smasher? Come on, that’s great.

  140. Pikachu Ketchum より:

    Kind of off topic but anyone else think that Halloween intro is everything?

  141. Seth W より:

    I’m so hype for Ultra sun and Ultra Moon can’t wait

  142. Incendium より:

    No one gonna mention that Lunala’s Z move went through Disguise? Or do all Z moves do that. I don’t like Z moves much so I never use them unless I need to.

  143. Louie Jones より:

    This game is gonna be a late birthday gift to me from nintendo

  144. Annika Hillus より:

    Luke just had a fangasm

  145. Roy Arosemena より:

    Luke, there is a new trailer. Check it out

  146. Lauren Montez より:

    Dose eny one else think UB Burst looks like a cake pop

  147. Gaiacrusher9fan2 より:

    There is one detail you overlooked: Searing Sunraze Smash and Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom bypass the effects of Sturdy and Disguise and any similar ability.

  148. KopaXTani より:

    I had a feeling you’d be gushing over the new Rotom thing!

  149. Reath より:

    Your intro is very spooky…keep up the spooky ness!

  150. The Gibbs より:

    Luke is English but can’t pronounce English words lol

  151. Adamk Kampen より:

    I’ll support you with my Z-powered Like Click!

  152. Lavender Heartz より:


  153. DragoniteKing /AgentWoomy より:


  154. DragoniteKing /AgentWoomy より:

    GameboyLuke Is A Weeabo On Rotom

  155. Crimson Red より:

    He sounded like a little girl screaming about the rotom dex

  156. eggs n' bacon より:

    *”PHOTON GAY-SER?!”*

  157. Opiliiad the shiny Litten より:

    Pure adorable rotom <3

  158. Pamarthi Jagannadharao より:

    Are u a girl to scream like that


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