Brand new information is out about Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! This information is confirming alot of information in regards to the post game of Ultra sun & moon, and also some information about old legendary pokemon appering in Ultra Wormholes!

This information I first discovered on feintattackse’s channel so if you want to show him some love check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-K_krRbXQVM4G1HWANDGRQ

Check out the full article here:

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon Isn’t A Sequel, Has A Different Main Story With Other Worlds To Visit

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  1. pokémaster 270 より:


  2. Brayden Dye より:


  3. Percabeth Forever より:


  4. Nick Victory Fire より:

    these games will be so freaking awesome & super lit

  5. Zysrox より:

    A month of waiting for the games is too long !! GameFreak is making the HYPE MORE REAAAL HERE !!

  6. Zelda is a boy and you play as him. より:

    Some people are sad because we dont get a usum demo.. but if you think of it Pokemon Sun And Moon are just a big demo for USUM.

  7. shreshth sharma より:

    New trailor is out

  8. PeteletGaming より:

    i think the pokemon following you feature will be like the certain area thing like the pal park (i think thats what its called) in sinnoh

  9. Lance Urbano より:

    I was expecting the game would have to go to another region in the post game 🙁 . But I liked the idea of the wormhole thing where you meet legendaries. Its like the hoopa rings in ORAS

  10. king j より:

    Ruffled you are best

  11. Ryan Fassbender より:

    I feel like there’s so much hate towards Ultra Sun and Moon that it really doesn’t deserve. Sun and moon weren’t fantastic, but USUM seems to really be working on the points of discontent for the fan base. I’m super excited for USUM

  12. What did you do to Snoke より:

    Not much news even here, but it’s satisfying to see that the story will be double that of Sun and Moon. I imagine most of it will be post game. Ruffledrowlit + FeintAttacks co-op confirmed at the start of the video, btw!

  13. Rest in beach Carl より:

    Sounds really promising, if we can get some more alolan forms or new pokemon then it would seem like a 10/10.

  14. Super mario Plush games より:

    This interview is way better than I thought it would be… BUT FREAKING MEWTWO!?!??!? Dude! I’m calling we are returning to the distortion world to catch garatina! There was a arceus event planned in D+P but got (maybe platinum but I’m pretty sure just those two) where you could visit arceus and what was it? A long path leading up to the legendary. Sound familiar? Like replacing legendary with ultra beast would be exactly like the ultra beast dimensions. So maybe we could see something similar to that? I hope so

  15. Pika-Mickey-Chu より:

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon Will Be Brilliant Pre-First Year Wedding Anniversary Presents For Me And My Wife, On November 18, 2016 At The Stroke Of 12:00 A.M. Midnight At The Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Launch Party Event Me And Her Got Married, Tomorrow Is My Wife’s 23rd Birthday, Just 6 More Days Until My 31st Birthday!

  16. Brandon Littzi より:

    If this is true and they wanted to use the full potential of the alolan region they should’ve made alolan forms of every god damn pokemon

  17. FeintAttacks より:


  18. Colin Nolan より:

    either way.. and anyway are not the same thing

  19. Pokémon Fan より:

    Early squad

  20. Candid Vita より:

    How is an ultra beast a pokemon? More like an alien I think

  21. Silas Meinardus より:

    More legendaries confirmed? And Mewtwo? I`m even more hyped now!

  22. Dro Briggz/AAG Axel より:

    Screw Z moves bring Mega Evolution back.

  23. Guardian Lycan より:

    I am a big fan of both z-moves and mega evolution my favorite
    Mega pokemon is mega lopunny.

  24. beashoreProductions より:

    I’m officially getting this game.

  25. Signal より:

    Z moves are absolutely great.
    They are not B/Sing either you haven’t asked many people or just don’t know because of your opinion

  26. Great One より:

    Boring same old same old Game Freak No Creatively at all!!!!!!!!’
    I have most of Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts
    It Is waste of time they only
    Made 3 Ultra Beats and made
    Small changes ………. Most
    Fans. are throwing Up they
    are dissatisfied because
    The Game doesn’t have
    Spice or to blow our brains
    Sorry this game will be
    Boots to Asses

  27. TonyDaExpert より:

    I am hype af

  28. Evan Plays より:

    Bruh many people already know that ultra sun and ultra moon is an alternate story

  29. Gonzy より:

    It feels like they’re going pretty damn crazy with these new games…I’m a bit excited! 😮

  30. Typai より:

    Give us multiple Apricot Balls pls…

  31. lim jia jun lim jia jun より:

    Go back fighting 48 Gym Better. ?

  32. Great One より:

    Hello first wherever you are I will watch whatever I want to watch
    and that freedom if don’t like go
    outside build a Snowman ⛄️besides
    am sorry if I bump into your beloved
    Game Freak It seems you can’t criticize
    Game Freak they can’t do no wrong
    for some of you they are Holy.But no one is Holy and Righteous it is written in Holy Bible and Critics are everywhere
    even in you under your Bed!!!

  33. lol TheRobot より:

    U talar svenska? Nice

  34. Alice In Youtubeland より:

    I would prefer Mega Evolutions too. 😀


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