Pokémon Ultra Sun MONOTYPE (Fairy) • Stream #14 • Fighting For The Throne

[https://marriland.com] How’s it goin’, everyone? Marriland here! And that’s right, it’s the Pokémon ULTRA SUN FAIRY MONOTYPE challenge, where I can only use Fairy type Pokémon! This is NOT a Nuzlocke, but still a pretty good challenge, and it’s being streamed directly to YouTube!

POKéMON SWORD AND SHIELD MAY BE DISCUSSED HERE, so if you do not want to hear about these games, please do not tune into the streams. I will be discussing OFFICIALLY RELEASED info (no leaks, no rumors, etc.).

► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgYcvjQqu5W4PA7zBsGj51Ei78uTm5SkV

• Pokémon that aren’t Fairy-type can still be caught, but cannot attack while in battle (obvious exception: the beginning of the game until a suitable Fairy-type is caught). This is so Pokémon that evolve into Fairy types, like Popplio, can eventually evolve, but need to be babied a bit to get there.
• There is no limit to how many of a species I can catch or use.
• I must play on the “SET” battle style, so I don’t get the free switch out after KO’ing a Trainer’s Pokémon.
• I cannot revive Pokémon in battle using items. (Fainted Pokémon will be grayed out on the layout.)
• I can only use one healing item on each Pokémon per battle. There will be an icon over the Pokémon on the layout once an item has been used.
• Pokémon Refresh cannot be used past two hearts.
• Roto Loto cannot be used except when it is forced by the game.
• The Exp. Share may freely be used. It’s seriously not as broken in Gen VII as it is in Gen VI, especially late-game.

► Keep things family-friendly (no swearing, insulting people, inappropriate jokes, etc.). You will be timed out or banned for failing to comply with this. Inappropriate usernames will be timed out on the spot.
► Be respectful of Marriland and the people in the chat. This is supposed to be fun for everyone.
► Please do not ask for shout outs, talk about other streamers/YouTubers, self-promote your own channel or someone else’s, ask for personal information, and so on.
► The chat does go fast. I will not respond to everyone’s question. Do not repeat the same question over and over again (it’s fine to repeat it once, or every ten minutes, but otherwise it may be treated as spam). I’m here to put on a show for you guys to watch, not to answer every single question. (I appreciate it if you say “hi”, but please understand that I’m not going to reply back so I can keep playing the game for you! But please know that I’ve seen your greeting and appreciate it!)

I’ll be streaming the Pokémon Ultra Sun Monotype every Thursday at 5:00pm US Central Time on YouTube, and it will be available on YouTube immediately afterwards!

► https://marriland.com

► https://twitter.com/marriland

FACEBOOK (I stream Minecraft here):
► https://facebook.com/marriland

TWITCH (I stream other stuff here):
► https://twitch.tv/marriland



  1. Tyreke Robinson より:

    Magnezone YAH YAH YAH YEET

  2. kevin Rodriguez より:

    Marriland why not play smash bros or something other than Pokemon maybe that’d get you more views

  3. Hal Ryder より:

    I guess Cinnabuzz’s role is just to take hits in the final fights? Probably the most disappointing member of the team by a mile.


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