Pokemon Showdown Live Ultra Sun and Moon #152 [Ou] – Muddy Water

I said three this week right ;]. Don’t doubt me!
__ __
Exciting Information

The Team – https://pokepast.es/4edf06bace86cd20

Go here to Master Pokemon –

Post your teams here – http://www.smogon.com/forums/members/mencemeat.160257/

My Twitter – https://twitter.com/Mrjamvad

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Artwork – Xous54, TheAngryaron, Tomycase

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  1. Peyton Manning's HGH dealer より:

    Jam’s early morning ride on his rascal went so well that he’s uploading early!

  2. Mike J より:

    Ahh I fondly remember your Moltres rain team too. Good times

  3. John Ducas より:

    You just played bad first game

  4. gitgud haters より:

    Yes you have heard of Rain yes you have heard of sand teams but have you heard of S-ain teams?

  5. gitgud haters より:

    Jam [scrolls on the Zapdos icon stating its pressure]
    Also Jam *he switched in trying to static me*

  6. Auro Cords より:

    Nice one Jam
    Good start to my morning :]

  7. PHTEVEN 261 より:

    U were gone for a really long time.
    Game 3 is against a very common team called menci rain.
    Look up the rmt ;₩

  8. Kevin Tran より:

    Never underestimate AV Ttar.

  9. theo7 より:

    AV Tyranitar has about as much special bulk as Chansey. Put some respect.

  10. Nicholas Cisneros より:

    Shoutouts the Yugioh names, and the typoed “Frag[r]ance”.

  11. Raymond St . John より:

    Saw this notification hours ago and finally had time to watch my guy conquer the ladder. Let’s see how it goes, appreciate the upload bro [:

  12. Jean Bortolon より:

    I’m laughing insanely after I saw Magearna’s Z-Focus Blast did only 65% damage on TTar. When I built this team I couldn’t even imagine that.

  13. Older General Skywalker より:

    That last Azu would have ripped me a new one


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