Vs Giovanni Music – Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Leaked music

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  1. Leon Ochoa Saenz より:

    Qué buen remix

  2. Alan Morales より:

    Muy siniestro XD

  3. Juancho Agúndez Gerardo より:


  4. Eduardo Francisco Arce Calderón より:

    Parece la canción de Soraya Montenegro planeando una maldad

  5. Cbastian Esquivel :v より:

    Dime dash con su dizfrash :v

  6. Atractivio Xav より:

    Me parece un buen soundtrack para el duelo con Giovanni

  7. David Rivas より:

    Que buena nostalgia al inicio :’v

  8. Eduardo Tellez より:

    No diré que le falta algo… Le falta todo no es vedette

  9. Brandon Herrera より:

    Me hace recordad demasiado a una de Monster Hunter

  10. Vizually より:


  11. Sebastian Bugmann より:

    esa intro ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Shibe Inu より:

    inb4 this channel gets deleted off the face of the planet

  13. Franco Valerio より:

    is this real?

  14. Stop Delfinofobia より:

    Alv con estudiar historia esto es más importante

  15. TheChoujinVirus より:

    welp, this is going to get DMCA’d big time

  16. Hunter Aitken より:

    The music JUST got leaked and it’S ALREADY ON YOUTUBE?!? Thats fuckin impressive!

  17. SuperWu より:

    hey, /vp/

  18. GalaxyGlitch より:


  19. LinkcarioX より:

    Finally Giovanni has his own battle theme.

  20. django777777777777 より:

    ultra NUT

  21. BBDeathz より:

    omg you hear parts of the tr hideout and other stuff in this :ooo

  22. Luis Rodriguez より:

    Simplemente BRUTAL >:v

  23. some guy より:

    The rest of the music?

  24. Shadow X より:

    speed it up at 1.25 and it sounds amazing

  25. El Hombre Bush より:

    Se les ocurre filtrar cosas justo cuando debo estudiar para el examen

  26. PsiUmbreon より:

    Love that it has all of the various Team Rocket themes mixed into it.

  27. TheNorth15 より:

    Sounds like something out of Pokemon Stadium and Stadium 2, maybe Colosseum and XD as well.

  28. Bryan Bendickson より:

    Now this sounds like he’s back for vengeance

  29. 72Stef より:

    I thought it was a Monster Hunter music first

  30. マジかよラギア最低だな より:


  31. crunchvx1001 より:

    Is this a remix from gold and silver with themes from red and blue’s hideout

  32. Antonio Santos より:

    1.25 ???

  33. DaSheepKiller より:

    Wasn’t expecting this but it’s SO GOOD!!!

  34. RaptorXGamer より:


  35. Flamecalvin より:

    I legit get a Gale of Darkness vibe from this theme!

  36. Rui André Ribeiro より:


  37. ArmpitSchmarmpit より:

    Holy shit

  38. Masterblaster 303 より:

    It’s been 21 years for this guy to finally get his own song lmao

  39. José Iván C.R より:

    1:01 Aether foundation

  40. Gabriel Murad より:

    My goodness
    I can’t even
    This is just so good
    I’m speechless
    All those themes in it

  41. Lunar Commander Sionis より:

    Fuck they all have a legendary…


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