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  1. GreninjaCG より:

    R ur gonna be covering other leaks? if so thatd be pretty appreciated

  2. White Queen より:


  3. GalacticElliot より:

    Spoiled 🙁

  4. KellyAnimalLover より:

    Hopefully we’ll get a look at their in-game models soon! It’s so frustrating only having the sprites

  5. HayleyRocks より:

    Can’t wait to actually play this game in full motion, great video by the way ?

  6. cim より:

    Maybe UB Adhesive and the one that looks a lot like it are sorta like how Hoopa Unbound is just an alternate form of Hoopa

  7. AlolaPika204 より:

    OMG!! NO WAY! One looks like Mega Mewtwo X! The other one is probs Necrozmas new form

  8. [Galaxy] HoRiz0n YT より:


  9. *Alejandro* より:

    Ppl are saying the yellow sprite is an “ultra lucario “

  10. The4thGenGamer より:

    **UPDATE (spoilers obviously)** – UB ENGLISH NAMES BELOW!


  11. Dark CanadianLime より:

    Holy I’m ealry

  12. Bry Deca より:

    Just my thought on the pokémon with the wings, The yellow one don’t ya think it looks like the eyes from the poster. With the blue bits and the shape. Just saying this could be the main legendary pokémon to USUM story like they did with BW2.

  13. *Alejandro* より:

    I appreciate you for using silhouettes

  14. shiny shinx より:

    The second one looks like mewtwo

  15. some guy より:

    First UB that evolves?

  16. N the Otaku より:

    I didn’t come here for spoilers.
    I came here because Josh.

  17. some guy より:

    Austin john plays shows the first hour of gameplay he has the game early

  18. some guy より:

    The one with scythes looks like it has some ties with the legendaries… Only one week left to find out 😉

  19. AetosofValla より:

    I love the look of the yellow black and blue one!

  20. Toidi Eht より:

    I think the scyther-like one is the bright thing on the box art

  21. Yggdrasil Amatsu より:

    UBs can evolve though, Cosmog is classified as a UB and it evolves into Cosmoem, and then into either Solgaleo or Lunala.

  22. Patrick より:

    It almost looks to me like that 3rd new one is a mix of Solgaleo and Lunala, especially since it is surrounded by Solgaleo-Necrozma and Lunala-Necrozma.

  23. DreaM Rpg より:

    can you stop post these spoilers. will be apreciated.

  24. Buck Tooth BillyBob より:

    UB abhesive UB rubber band

  25. The Ultimate Umbreon より:

    Zeraora is a mythical Pokemon.

  26. jesseboo3 より:

    Oh i’m so hyped!

  27. Pokemon Rival Barry より:

    There was a leak when UB Adhesive was revealed that it would have another form.

  28. Polar Network より:

    What if there 8 gen

  29. Vance Richards より:

    I was so happy with UB adhesives design and prayed it was a fast special attacker but that evo sprite looks wack ! Like why did it evolve ? it could’ve had almost azelf stats and been fine

  30. Jessica Pedley より:

    They look freaking badass I love the designs of Pokémon so much 🙂

  31. The Psi Mega より:

    Kinda sad that there arent new alolan forms, but the ubs are nice.

  32. Jaret より:

    You said they don’t evolve but didn’t Type:Null evolve? Or was he not a UB

  33. Spencer XYZ. MC より:

    Necrozma light form in btw solgaleo and lunala?! I may be right.

  34. Hermie Crab より:


  35. supersonic2d2 より:

    the yellow one with wings is nekrozma light form

  36. Miki Argentum より:

    I don’t know if you heard but some of the past villain themes are already leaked.

  37. 5TEPHAN より:

    The yellow with blue one looks like an walking zapdos/articuno

  38. Galaxycat Chan より:

    I know this is probably bad reasoning, but the reason I don’t think yellow boi is a UB is because its sprite has clearly defined, Pokemon-like eyes, something which every UB up to this point lack. Even UB Adhesive and the mantis one(I forget its name) who DO have defined eyes look very different.

  39. Yemar Puello より:

    That third new Pokemon you showed matches the eyes from the trailer

  40. Metro Toast より:

    The one you said looks like UB: Adhesive almost looks like an Alolan Beedrill

  41. Peculiar Violinist より:

    We will most likely get an answer when the last trailer releases

  42. Blubby the Blobfish より:

    Its confirmed that adhesive evolves when it knows dragon pulse at a certain level

  43. Gdawg より:

    Dude, the mythical Pokemon thats yellow has a model that was leaked on Twitter already

  44. Mr. Wednesday より:


  45. MrAuthor3DS より:


    UB Adhesive: Poipole (Poison)
    Similar colored one: Naganadel (Poison/Dragon)
    – Evolves from Poipole while knowing Dragon Pulse
    UB Assembly: Stakataka (Rock/Steel)
    UB Burst: Blacephalon (Fire/Ghost)
    Yellow Mythical: Zeraora (Electric)
    – Learns Plasma Fists, an attack that changes the user’s Normal-type attacks to Electric-type
    Ultra Necrozma (Psychic/Dragon)
    – Either Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma must hold Ultranecrozium-Z to take on this form
    – Its Ability is Neuroforce, which boosts its super-effective attacks further

    That said, the last two new Z-Moves to see are:
    – Mimikyu: Let’s Snuggle Forever (from Play Rough; a really strong physical Fairy-type attack)
    – Ultra Necrozma: Light That Burns The Sky (from Photon Geyser; shares its Atk/Sp.Atk property, and it ignores Abilities)

  46. Siner666 より:

    UB evolution?

  47. Shady Marshadow より:

    Zeraora looks like a legendary

  48. ArcticToaster 18 より:

    Good video! You earned a subscriber!

  49. Bagels より:

    Zeraora is not an Ultra Beast.

  50. ppom9 より:

    I just don’t want story spoilers, kthxbai

  51. ppom9 より:

    That yellow UB actually looks sick af.
    It also looks like Mewtwo a bit, so it might be related Rainbow Rocket…
    unsure lol

  52. The Flaming Casadilla より:

    don’t worry it evovles with dragon pulse and the other one is a mythical pokemon and is electric

  53. Tm Moreira より:

    the yellow scyther is an necrozma origin form

  54. CrystalFox13 より:


  55. CrystalFox13 より:

    Adhesive *does* evolve.

  56. CrystalFox13 より:

    Zeraora is a new pure electric mythical pokemon.

  57. Mirrorswitch16 - より:

    The pokemon in the middle of the legendaries is a necrozma form


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