Random Battles To The TOP Pokemon Showdown Ultra Sun Ultra Moon #3

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Random Battles To The TOP Pokemon Showdown Ultra Sun Ultra Moon #3

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If you want to Wi-Fi battle me to make sure to be in my Discord and Follow me on Twitter to know when I’m doing them!


(What you’ll find on my channel)
Mainly on my channel, I like to post a lot of competitive Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon wifi battles and competitive Pokemon Showdown videos with Pokemon teams from you guys or/and different unique Pokemon teams I come up with!
I’ll be doing Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Wifi Battles and Shiny hunting in my live streams and videos when the games come out! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this as the best Pokemon channel :}
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  1. Blackvoid2me より:


  2. Kimmy Plays より:

    360 p squad ♥

  3. Shary Khan より:

    3rd,If u fight me i had to use my weakness policy

  4. The Poké Group より:

    Can u battle me on ultra moon? My username is Cooper

  5. Elijah Gonzalez より:

    Love these vids

  6. Antonio Iniguez より:

    I never get crits against sigilyph.

  7. Michael Jordan より:

    Too late for mothers day Kkhan video?

  8. Kobe Tran より:

    to people who have fathers ok

  9. Cristopher Echevarria より:

    I think I battled you recently. Just noticed your username! ?

  10. Loadedreaper 1 より:

    Sweep with Arbok

  11. Miku Nakano より:

    castform can only transform in drought hail or rain


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