Where’s The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon News???

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon were announced on June 6th and we have gotten very minimal information about the game so what’s going on?? We are talking about it here!

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  1. Nara Zyrena より:


  2. Zeon Johnson より:

    first comment Wooo, but yeah where is the news?

  3. BlueGamer11 より:

    Oi we don’t need news rn. The games come out in like 3 months.not to mention a lot of the game is going to be similar to sun and moon so theres nothing much they can give. Anything else they give kinda kills the new surprises. They will probably give some info out in October but its going to be minimal.

  4. saiyan 4414 より:

    Considering Sun and Moon was pretty much spoiled before the games came out, I would be perfectly fine with little to no news.

  5. Sriracha Kanto より:

    we got most of the news (new features) last year lol. We probably have 1 more solid trailer left.

  6. ShinyT より:

    Coro Coro will leak in mid September I say in about a week or so

  7. Azure Aether より:

    The question marks on the toy leaks which predicted dusk lycanroc will be officially revealed on September 29th

  8. Eric Falcon より:

    Yeah after what happend with sun and moon (people stealing the game playing it early and uploading it online) we kind of deserve it. It sucks those assholes ruined it for everyone but what can Pokemon and Nintendo do?

  9. Eumelanin Knight より:

    The color added in Crystal was kind of a big deal at the time.
    But in hindsight…Yeah, they didn’t try too hard there.

  10. XAngel MoonX より:

    It’s called patience, better than being spoiled.

  11. Mikasa Ackerman より:

    Whats your intro song 😮 its sounds really good


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