New pokemon Ultra sun & ultra moon news.Solgaleo & Lunala ZMoves & rotomdex upgrade.Article reivew!

2nd video i post up today since i had some extra time on my hands after i left work and all and no bullcrap errands either .Nice lolz .Other than that my friends ,subscribers fans and viewers ,thanks so much for liking that video i did a few days back about the streetfighter news that came out almost 12 days back .Appreciate it friends .Links down below to the article and as always. Peace the hells out you guys im gone and out like sauerkraut and ill see you guys on the next one laters and goodbye:

link to article and video here guys:

http://Facebookcom/ SSanimemangasonyfan



  1. papugrosso より:

    Do a stats guessing of Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma video


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