POKEMON FOLLOW YOU!?!?! – New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer News Analysis

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    School can’t stop me now ???

  2. Aayush Bansal より:


  3. Zeliga より:

    This trailer was pretty boring tbh.

  4. Brayden Medlin - UltimateUmbreon より:

    Mo. This is clickbaity as fuck

  5. Wheezy God of hyperdeath より:


  6. Ya boy guzma より:


  7. Azure Aether より:

    I see cobalion in the clouds


    I’m so excited!

  9. Tony より:

    I’m happy Ryuki is back. Hope we get more back story on him.

  10. Green Keegan より:

    I watched the Pokémon video first and I knew the thumbnail was clickbait when I saw it lmao

  11. Blazing_Blaziken より:

    Dude nice Arrows and Circle- it’s as if I couldn’t see that myself! :]

  12. Tony より:

    Judging from the map, aside from the worm hole, is that ocean is more orange (maybe just in a different time of day) and a lot clouds being brought together.

  13. Missiletainn より:

    Pokemon do not follow you, that is obviously an event, the rockruff will only be in that area, and when the player leaves, or out runs the rockruff, the rockruff will stop following, you can tell because they are so far behind the player, and that they don’t show it off later, and that they are chasing the player from a weird angle, like they started from a set point

  14. NoChillAustin より:

    Could be like Platinum where we go through the other dimension, we could possibly get to go through the wormhole in order to save alola once again

  15. Morsay Mr loget より:

    nice clickbait bro

  16. Taco 0.5 より:

    I want Pokemon following you again, but I don’t have high hopes for it

  17. Dunk Nation 2018 より:

    I was right yessssssss!?

  18. Hansiger Obba より:

    How many time they have to say it has a new story. Did you not listen at the announcement ????

  19. glaciemdraco より:

    I think there’s an island beneath the wormhole-looking shadow (?)

    So it could be a new island or dimension or something o.o

  20. SleepyEspurr より:

    To be honest, I’m not holding my breath with the pokemon following you thing. Besides that was only a second of footage.

  21. OmegaJak Fan21 より:

    I believe that the wormhole on Poni Island leads to a bigger area in Ultra Space that is more open. remember when you’d go through the hole in sun and moon it would switch from day to night I believe it now might lead to Ultra Space instead of changing time it changes worlds that would be so awesome and I believe that their allowing a Pokemon to follow you to put a Heart Gold Soul Silver aspect to it what do you think?

  22. Cyniot より:


  23. ChronicBlue より:

    I bet the pokemon following you thing is gonna be a place like Amity Square in D/P, but only for Rockruff. Maybe that’s how you get the three forms. Like walk around at night you get Midnight Form etc.

  24. WhykeyC より:

    Finally some story shit about Ryuk and that random elite four woman I hope 😐

  25. Braden Allan Network より:

    Pokemon US/UM take place in a different timeline from Pokemon Sun/Moon. US/UM is not s prequel or sequel, they take place in different timelines.

  26. Raphael Ferrari より:

    vulcano exploded

  27. jiffy the bot より:

    The frame with Ryuki looks like he’s in In the Vermilian gym

  28. Sleepy Lps より:

    That doesn’t look like an ultra wormhole it looks more like the distortion portal in platinum.

  29. Buttered_Oranges より:

    Seeing kahili doing a z pose makes me think she will be a trial captain this time (or gym leader) ?

  30. Silvia より:

    Watch out Mo, or Verlis is going to shit on you because you clickbaited!

  31. aviper27 GAMING より:

    There is an island on the top right of the map

  32. Ehre より:

    Mo, I didn’t get what you wanted to tell us in the thumbnail.
    You need more red arrows <3

  33. Airgearzx より:

    It’s so dumb that there’s so many people believe that the following mechanic is returning just because of 1 second of gameplay that looks similar to it. All of you are going to look like dumb asses when this is proven wrong.

  34. CyberCrossFrost より:

    what happend to all that grass on the island in the left down corner.

  35. Cole snead より:

    Mo it’s not a bucket hat it’s a fishing hat

  36. Lunawolf44 より:

    Sorry, I couldn’t seem to find what you were pointing at in the thumbnail, could you maybe enhance it and add more arrows?

  37. What did you do to Snoke より:

    I was looking at a hack called ‘Dark Violet’ version and found a video that you did in 2013 that for some reason you were doing on another channel. Your voice and how you speak is so different now in comparison…


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