We are doomed.




  1. Legend Slayer より:

    3 fuckin z moves damb sounds broke as hell

  2. Legend Slayer より:

    Z kommo o plus z gearna + z lando

  3. Romie Homie より:

    1 was fucking stupid. 3 is fucking gay.

  4. stardust 932 より:

    dude this will not happen.. because vgc.. its a 4v4 .. and there will be no reason not to bring 3 of your pokemon with z moves… this will break vgc which is what they care about

  5. Tace より:

    we doomed, i ain’t trying to face z-volc, z-lando, and z-magearna on the same team

  6. Ape-ocalypse より:

    I hope that Smogon just limits it to 1. I know they have this whole mentality of not doing arbitrary bans, but they already did the same thing for sleep and noones complaining about that

  7. Justin Schmidt より:

    dear fucking lord.

  8. Solar Flare より:

    this shit is busted straight up kiss game balancing goodbye

  9. Void Kamehameha より:

    Well, Say goodbye competitive, if you even are at this point.

  10. Rod Bag より:

    What a fucking joke

  11. Maahir Momtaz より:

    Game Freak literally killed the meta. Counters? What’s that?

  12. Its YaBoi より:


  13. Serious Striker より:

    This isn’t the case guys. Misinformation from NumbNexus. Bulbapedia says it’s just more exclusives, like Kommo-O.

  14. shadowdraqon より:

    if this actually is true. Cancer stall will finally be eradicated. and i would be hype 4 dat.
    i hope this is true.

  15. ad34rt より:

    Lol there are some advantages though. Stall would be dead :). Battles would be quick enough that Pokemon might actually introduce 6 v 6 battling :D. But yeah think this is just a toy lol.

  16. John Smith より:

    I don’t think this is true, but it’s my personal feeling that Z-moves won’t be brought back in Gen 8 (which will probably happen just as soon as they can finish it up for Switch), so making them super hyper broken to end gen 7 would give them an excuse for that.

    While I’m throwing wildness out there for gen 8 (EIGHT): VGC will switch to triple battles since Switch will actually be able to handle it (3v3 on 3DS is brutal), Triple typing will be introduced with staggered effectiveness (double for primary, 1.5 for secondary, 1.25 for third), more moves with dual types will be put out, 6 move slots finally, two new types, no more type immunity (too tricky with all these typings floating around), megas will become regular evolutions.

    Gen 9: they’ll roll things back to gen 5 (sans gems) and everyone will breath a sigh of relief.

  17. Zukrad より:

    Guys, everyone calm down

    Go check the official site, Z-moves are still a one time use only

    The tweet meant that you can use more TYPE of Z-moves (Like the Kommo-o Z move)

  18. Just another Archive より:

    If this shit is true and it does get banned (and it would) stall becomes even more disgusting to deal with. Hope this is bullshit

  19. Aecito より:

    If this is real,then whoever thought this at game freak was a good idea should be fired

  20. Nunmanji より:

    Honestly there’s no way this is true lol

  21. Prant より:

    I hope Smogon bans 3 and limit it too 1 or competitive is over tbh

  22. TheFriedBri より:

    I really hope this isn’t true. I thought z moves were awesome at first but now I’m starting to really hate them. A lot of offensive mons best sets are z move sets (talking about all tiers here, not just OU) like Duggy (why the fuck haven’t they banned that yet?) and it is just going the already unbalanced power creep even further. Or who knows? It might actually even itself out, but not likely probably. Please let this not be true.

  23. Wonderful. より:

    Stacking Z moves? Way I thought of it was “Skystrike, skystrike, skystrike”

  24. Nakeeb :D より:

    guys, this will break stall, also, ubwill have to be a genius to make a good team with 3 z moves on out of 6 mons, cuz a LOT of mons need they’re specific item.

  25. Robert Holland より:

    I was thinking maybe one Pokemon can have 3 z moves as a option but can only use one

  26. Sam より:

    Do you have any uu teams without xurkitree because that’s all their is on the discord server and do u think rain is still viable in uu if xurkitree goes or even if it stays.

  27. aybekay より:

    there is no way that that is true. It would just break VGC as well if they did that.

  28. Alejandro Lobato Cantos より:

    Game freak cares about vgc at least, I can’t imagine vgc with 3 z moves per game and just having to predict each turn what mon is blowing up cause z moves so I find hard to believe that these news are true

  29. NinNoah より:

    DUDE. IT’S FAKE. They meant to say NEW Z-moves, and there’s nothing from GF saying there’s three Z-moves. It’s FAKE.


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