Dusk Lycanroc Confirmed, What does that mean for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Dusk Lycanroc came from a New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Merchandise leak that is now even more valid for potentially having even more new Pokemon!

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    Your Boi is here.

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  10. Yellofones より:

    You upload absolutely anytime you want don’t you

  11. death shiba より:

    w o a h

  12. Ronin _GX より:


    *flips table

  13. UltiKnight より:

    Early joke time

    The fact it took this long to get more leeks.

    And the dawn form lycanroc haters!

  14. Rocco D'Arro より:

    notification goes off… sees title, *spams the left mouse button*

  15. Luis Rodrigo Paniagua より:

    Not Last

  16. Mollycat The kitty より:

    Yay more plushies and news!

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    I must have it! I MUST HAVE IT!!!!

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  20. OhKThen より:

    This is what we live for when it comes to Pokèmon.

  21. Nick van Ginkel より:

    Twilight Lycanroc? So that’s why it’s orange!

    Day, night, twilight
    Sun, moon, Venus

  22. Christmas Owl より:

    I’m buying that plush

  23. Deanna Daley より:

    Hey verlis, do you think that fossil Pokemon would possibly be introduced in us and um? There was that dude chilling on the second island (don’t remember the island name) talking about his dream of one day opening up a fossil Pokemon theme park. That would be really cool I think because all of the Jurassic Park movies were filmed on Hawaii.

  24. Killua Zoldyck より:

    Yo we got Verlisfy! But your asking why? Because it’s awesome to have pokerTubers! I would laugh if
    Your a wooper,

  25. Jair Espinoza より:

    Shut the fuck up Nintendo and take my money! I need that plush!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. - zsDUGGZ - より:

    Oh shit dusk lycanroc has potential of being broken! STAB accelrock plus 30% more power with priority!

  27. TylerBlackRunIt より:

    Yep I’m getting Pokemon Ultra Moon

  28. Arten より:

    Every time you mention Paul Ryan, I can’t avoid thinking about Jim Sterling.

  29. dylanhammer 4587 より:

    when will the weakness cup mega stones come out?

  30. Dabs_All_Ovar より:

    why did my dab leave me

  31. Seeker33 より:

    Ending is the best part lol.

    Dusk lycanroc plushes look adorable but I don’t do plushes so I just get one in USM and train and pet it.

  32. Nasir Robinson より:

    I want the Dusk Lycanroc Plush

  33. Yorick Abrego より:


  34. Wardo より:

    I personally love this new Lycanroc,I get its a retextured Lycanron Midday but it has a meaning behind it

  35. Nasir Robinson より:

    I love this Dusk Lycanroc and the Plush I really want one of those

  36. D an us ha . . . より:

    Un loupe de peluche!

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  38. lcdevin より:

    Anyone else buy a shirt?

  39. Señor Swirls より:

    I think it would be cool if the Lycanroc dusk form stands on two legs for special attack and on all fours for attack

  40. Chevster より:

    Why the hell is everyone flipping out on a Lycanroc form? This is legit one of the only leaks we’ve gotten ever since USUM was announced. I want to see features or new alolan forms. How is it “Big” when it’s just a form of Lycanroc?

  41. Red より:


  42. Roodle より:

    Lycan rock kinda looks like a cyote with its red-orange fur its kinda cool

  43. Luis Rodrigo Paniagua より:

    Dusk Lycanroc looks good movesetwise and abilitywise…
    That artwork looks dope af…
    That plushy is fricken adorable…
    Lucario and Charizard got to share the spot of my favorite pokemon with another pokemon

  44. Escanor, The Lion Sin of Pride より:

    Jesus people, it’s still day light during the “dusk” aka sunset. It makes sense that it would be more midday then a prefect fusion of both. Be happy it more meta with tough claws… Add life orb and destroy with accelrock

  45. Mark Guyton より:

    Now we should question if the other characters in the anime will get new forms of their mons as well. There are still a few in the anime that are not fully evolved yet (like the Steenee). There is also Togedemaru and Mimiku, which also got representation in both the anime and the US UM trailer.

    Who knows at this point… I sure don’t.

  46. battery より:

    Can’t lie but, that plush is adorable

  47. KrazyKrabbs より:

    a midday lycanroc with orange juice spilled on to it with a midnight form haircut

    I’m totally going to use this pokemon and buy all the plushies of it

  48. Sizzle Games より:

    I need help with finding a good water type pokemon. Willing to trade that shiny tapu koko for a squirtle.

  49. Data Master より:

    I just hope nobody names twilight lycanroc “Jacob”

  50. RubADub より:

    DuSk LyCaNrOc Is So BaD lIke Oh Em GeE lEiK wHy WoUlD gAmEfReAk Do ThAt BeCaUsE iM aN eXpErT oN pOkEmAn

  51. Local Maple より:

    VERLISIFY My Fan Friday Submissions are on your Reddit! Check there. If you like any of them, feel free to let me know, and I’ll upload more battles. I don’t care if you postpone my video a week in order to include the best battles.

    I actually have more (planned) Fan Fridays than I have Battle Codes. So please, check there and tell me what you either want more of for a video, or what you won’t share. I really want to post Fling Flong (it works Battle Tree, but still IV training) and How to Break the Battle Tree.

  52. Linked_Deku より:

    Cheesus rice stop showing us the dang toy leaks

  53. Captain Mega より:

    I’m not early so let me say something serious

    This Video

  54. Lux より:

    Holy shit. Tough claws is the ability I always put on my lycanroc day in AAA. Accelerock, sucker punch, brick break, fire fang.

  55. Super Nerd Liam より:


  56. Pixelchu より:

    Who else wants the fakemons from Pokémon clover to be official


    Just me?

    Alright then

  57. Local Maple より:

    The official merchandise I’m looking for:


    Maybe with “It’s Friday!” below it or on the back.

  58. Waffle Daily より:

    I don’t care what any of y’all say, still gonna buy the plush

  59. Riley より:

    Unlikely thing to happen:Lei eevee is the new spiky ear pichu and it comes with an eeveeium Z

  60. ShadyOshacool より:

    Gonna get the plushie for whynaout

  61. Mr.Ducksnickers より:

    Who here is gonna preorder ultra sun and ultra moon, as I’m gonna preorder ultra moon

  62. Starmie52 より:

    Dawn is the opposite of Twilight too

  63. LightDragonTV より:

    Honesty I think the introduction of Dusk Lycanroc opens up the door for more Dusk Time Evolutions. Maybe we’ll get a new Psychic/Dark Eeveelution that’s a hybrid of Espeon and Umbreon. Maybe the rumored “Male Salazzel Form” is a Dusk Time Evolution and that’s why Male dont evolve, cuz they need the same conditions as Dusk Lycanroc. Acknowledging Dusk as a Timeframe for Timebased Evolutions could open up so many possibilities

  64. Snuf Cake より:

    It’s a a recolor….. maybe I’m missing something here I don’t see any difference all I see is different color

  65. Gylenis Lamberty より:

    I’m early lemme make a joke

    What? Do you thought I was going to say something random?

  66. Aero the Zoroark Edgelord より:

    I’ll buy all 3 Lycanroc Plushies.

  67. Santa Bird より:

    Hey Etho, I see you sneaking into this vid 😛

  68. Pimbador Master より:

    If realy has tough claws i think it might be good in competitive tree megas have this ability mega charizard x , mega metagross and mega aerodactyl

  69. EmeraldSpencer より:

    You need to make a “When Pikachu gets angry, sparks are going to fly, and things are going to die” shirt. It’s easily one of my favorite Verlisify quites.

  70. typo より:

    uhhh i need a dusk lycanroc plush

  71. Nytro Nunda より:

    All the new forms so far:
    Ultra Sogaleo
    Ultra Lunala
    Dusk Lycanroc

    I think Nintendo forgot a certain ghost/fairy type

  72. droidcis545 より:

    A single Pokemon form reveal is still not major news in my opinion. Hope something decent comes at some point.

  73. Wookiecharmander より:

    This guy really likes dusk lycanrock

  74. Rubz より:

    There’s going to be a Dawn lycanroc I’m calling it now

  75. Zygarden より:

    How to trigger a Pokemon fan
    1)- Dunsparce is better than Rowlet.
    2)- get popcorn
    3)- enjoy the show!

  76. The Last Lion Turtle より:

    Signature special contact rock move please.

  77. Lucario DX より:

    You da man Verlisfy I don’t know why people hate you you are honest and love your content.

  78. Yankarlo Chavez より:

    I mean I do like the whole new form with lycanroc, but they just made it a mid-day lycanroc with orange fur, and the mid-night hair. I might get a lot of hate for this but I thought it would have been something special like, different legs or one eye blue and the other red

  79. ShaD K-Mon troopa より:

    Worth the Lycanroc sweep for dusk form.

  80. ShaD K-Mon troopa より:

    Tough claws Dusk Lycanroc=Ashs mega x confirmed.

  81. Larry より:


    no I’m just dreaming?

  82. DanK MelonZ より:

    UU or maybe rock type weavile

  83. GD ChromatiQ より:

    *K A S O G A R E ?*

  84. Sour-Slug より:

    Is it hacking/cheating if you got a shiny 6iv Japanese ditto from wonder trade and use it to breed? I didn’t ask for it or hack it in.

  85. Shiny Braixen より:

    Awesome another lycanroc form can’t wait still prefer the midnight form but overall lycanroc is my boy an I’m ready for dusk here.

  86. Dark World Studios より:

    I predict that there’s most likely going to be more Minior colors

  87. Alinivar The Painting Guitarist より:

    How much money is he gonna be? I wanna buy the plush!!!

  88. Romeo Rose より:

    I now want 25 of those in game

  89. jalen tyler より:

    It’s like every cool conscept for alolan forms are fake

  90. Code_Ninja より:

    I’m early let me make a joke:

    New pokemon. Not just different forms.

  91. Franklin Furtor より:


  92. RocketTwurpSLR より:

    Omg, exactly what i thought! We should of saw the corocoro Lycanroc first too! It it more Bad ass, love the official art design! I thought it was a different pokemon at first!

    tough claws= physical attacker. Agreed

    also, I did my own rendition of dusk Lycanroc art earlier. i might post it on twitter when ive finished. (I should spend more time on twitter lol)

    I think serebii may have released the hi-res now.

  93. TonAva_ Re0ed より:

    I’m sorry i know this has nothing to do with the video, i apologize in advance but does anyone happen to have a foreign rockruff(jolly)(male) it took me three days to breed a shiny rockruff but its nature is bashful but it has 4iv and since i did not have a jolly rockruff, the natures were random

  94. Gabriel Lockwood より:

    + Verlis
    Dusk Lycanroc looks kinda like your channel icon

  95. _submarine より:

    Pokémon has never done this to us before … STILL no official trailer for USUM! I can’t believe it. It’s almost mid-August. Crazy.

  96. Darkyyy より:

    I’m early, let me make a joke

    Pokemon GO

  97. Denis Ikonomi より:

    People are saying it is a recolor over and over but if people looked at the original 2 forms. Midnight lycanroc which is what people say is the only original form but look close all it does is give lycanroc new legs replaces the rock mane for its long hair folds lycanrocs ears and colors it red. You can check for any other differences because there are not. Dusk lycanroc is just the color of sun set, with both manes and green eyes. So people should shut up with lycanroc not being original because it is a form not another Pokémon.

  98. l3utton-TO より:

    That’s enough reason to buy us and um

  99. kevin brouwer より:

    I was wondering or there are more islands in the pokemon amime that relate to US and UM. Because we had only two island trials and also the two grand trials while pokemon sun and moon game had already four island trials on this point. So are there more islands? Eight islands and eight trials with eight grand trials witch could form the eight gyms in US UM or something? What do you think about this?

  100. Fangnier Uchiha Fernious より:

    “Are we going to get Kanto Alolan pokemon”
    I think you did a derp Verlis. Nice video none the less though. I am hyped for these games.

  101. Arctic Winncer より:

    I’ve been contemplating the merch, might get one to support my favorite Poketuber but… Kinda holding out for a different design. I like them, but I dunno. We’ll see…

  102. dragon girls with dragon balls より:

    But wasnt there 4 place holders in the data mine?

  103. Kompis より:

    Eyy, Verlisify watches Etho! Best youtuber (etho)

  104. GhettoMan777 より:

    Content like this is what makes me proud to subscribe to verlisfy. All the hate videos he somewhat does makes me laugh because it adds spice to his channel. But overall his cover videos, guides, and gameplay are what make his channel amazing. I love you verlisfy! (No homo)

  105. Savage 17 より:

    I hope there is a new nul form

  106. BostonBaller14 より:

    Video starts at 0:20 and ends at 1:46

  107. JackyLantern12 より:

    vlerisify do u still play showdown as your name being toxapexbestwaifu

  108. Johnnykyu より:

    why is there a status that lower physical attack and not special attack wtf

  109. Dimas W. Pratama より:

    I just don’t get it. Why people still hate / spaming dislike on Verlis with no reason.

    Nice info Verlisify. Waiting for more leaks about USM. Keep up!

  110. Hung Huynh より:

    With the new Dusk Lycanroc form, I really want to see an Aether Paradise Oricorio.

  111. Space Core より:

    You know it just occurred to me… Midnight Form has Red eyes. Midday Form has Blue eyes. Dusk Form has Green eyes…That apparently turn Red when it attacks…I see what you did there, GameFreak.

  112. Logan より:

    When are people gonna realize that Dusk Lycanroc is just a Shitty version of Mega Aerodactyl


  113. Shaolin Sho より:

    Yeah that’s what I thought when on an artwork it looks more like a combo of the two and you can see midnight form in dusk a little better.

  114. Neonlight The Doomhog より:

    I KNEW IT!!! i knew Dusk Lycanroc would get a mixed move set of its Midday and Midnight forms!!

  115. Bill Cipher Fan Kameň Vorvaňovič より:

    One thing worries me a lot.
    Serebii states that the Dusk Lycanroc cannot be obtained in the game besides the event.

  116. EZLoseGames より:

    8:47 “SMASH OR PASS: Pokemon Edition”

    I wonder why that’s there

  117. Bic jc superior より:

    Im not early let me make a joke

    Uncreative and unoriginal jokes that have nothing to do with the video

  118. LOLSpectator93 より:

    Next episode Mimikyu will be exposed 😉

  119. Aron YouTube より:

    I hate dusk and midday laycanrock am in the midnight team

  120. nirthpanter より:

    I always make it to the end

  121. Montblanc より:

    Several months ago, I accidentally came across some of this guy’s “How to use…” videos. He tends to see something positive in every Pokemon. My favorite is Arbok so seeing him come up with some actual strategies (instead of whining and not using it ever “because stats” and ” it sucks” like other YouTubers do for almost every Pokemon in existence), this alone makes him great.

    So, can anyone tell me, what’s the big deal? Why do so many people hate him? Am I missing something?

  122. xenonim2013 より:

    A dusk lycanroc front horn remind me ash staraptor, the typing of dusk form might fighting and rock type Pokemon. 2 more form to reveal, mimikyu true form and togedemaru new form or next evolution.

  123. Sigilyph The Pokemanz より:





  124. ShinyLocke より:

    Dammit i clicked on a verlisify video

  125. ShinyEevee より:

    qwq i would love a new eeveelution x3

  126. ig56ruje より:

    i feel sry for u. shofu served ya petty hard. u have to counter him someway. eg. kick his ass on showdown…

  127. PastelPeach Animations より:


  128. Rowlet Ex machina より:

    Ok I forgive pokémon they did put effort into this according to serebii it turns red and it gets midnights eyes when it is filled with fighting spirit and that sounds pretty cool

  129. Greninja84 より:

    Though claws boosted acelarock…

  130. Rusty Skeleton より:

    Has anyone else realized that every other poketuber is complaining about verlisfys complaining, then they all start complaining about dusk lycanroc! It annoys me

  131. lucky bon より:

    i just hope the ultra sun and moon well have longer and better after game. not really a competitive pokemon player

  132. Cherry Berry Beatz より:

    Verlis the code for mega gardevoir gallade lopunny and diance are out the code is poyo ng (all cap duh :P)

  133. alex miranda より:

    Wait, I bought Pokémon sun when it released but didn’t even get halfway through it. Now there’s already another game coming out!?!?

  134. Honeywhip より:

    R.i.p all the people who caught a shiny Rockruff to evolve into Dusk.

  135. Skurneha より:

    I wish they would just give us some leaks already, like, damn, people are starting to get bored, we need hype Nintendo

  136. Bysthedragon より:

    Oh Arceus and the Lake Trio it IS Wolf Link!

  137. Stephen Bell より:

    The cover page from corocoro has a red lycanroc with green eyes that has a different hair style than midnight or disk form…. look at it! It’s on the latest magazine of corocoro

  138. Ghostwolf 2.0 より:

    Aside from the mohawk i see no trace of midnight lycanrock that isn’t also on mid day. I think they should have let it sit and work on it longer for maybe another generation. Here, it just feels like more fan service to the more popular pick.

    I like midnight lycan rock but i try not to be bias in my oppinions.

  139. David Jimenez より:

    in todays episode of the anime it evolved to dusk form

  140. PrismBlack より:

    I just want to get a group of Necrozma, and Cosmog plushes so I can call them a galaxy

  141. DivineJustice93 より:

    I pre ordered both ultra sun and moon last month I’m excited for these games.

  142. Tall Nerd Molayne より:

    I must buy

  143. Mark Lorenz Lising より:

    I hate the color orange.. I know It’s the color of sunset but I would rather see a dark color close ko black…

  144. Princess Raven Diamond より:

    Lol July 29 is my birthday

  145. Alastor Fate より:

    Whenever I was younger I never really watched Verlisify and watched all of the stupid click-baiters like ttube and giancarloparimongo11, but ever since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced and everyone kept making up fake news for it, Verlisify is the only person I trust for information now. I do not care what anybody thinks of him, Verlisify is the best poketuber, even if he is kind of chatty in his videos, at least he has legit stuff 9/10 times from what I have seen.


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