Unlikely Teambuilding – Pokemon Ultra Sun Playthrough w/ The Shining Ally – Episode #033

Alola! Time to continue our casual, fun, and educational journey through the Alola Region in Pokemon Ultra Sun!!! So after cooling down Gladion, we are on a new quest to save Lillie and Nebby the Cosmog! And there is thought they will be at the Aether Paradise. Before we go, we take on the Kahuana of Ula’ula Island, which turned out to be Nanu, a Dark-Type Specialist. Afterwards, we join Gladion and Hau to explore the Aether Foundation, an unlikely team that seems a bit rough in trying to work together. We’ll need to soon, as Chief Branch Faba is waiting for us…and many of his Lackeys!

All rights to Pokemon, Game Freak and Nintendo for the characters and game utilized. Content created for educational and entertainment purposes.

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