DUSK LYCANROC CONFIRMED! Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon NEWS! w/ @Poijz

Whats Icy Guys?! My name is Dylan. Otherwise Known as Poijz.
New Leaks for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

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  1. UMOKAY M より:


  2. UmbreonTwinkle より:

    i am super hyped about this. its design isn’t too great but still

  3. Mike F より:

    i’m ready for lycanroc dusk form

  4. Dark Diamond より:

    What type do you think this new pokemon is poijz? I think it might be Rock-and-roll maybe a ground or dark type

  5. Slick _ より:

    It’s more day form than both but it’s still lit

  6. PowerPlay Studios より:

    Who’s excited for ultra Sun & Moon like me

  7. Francisco Alcala より:


  8. Exotic Gamer より:

    You can call it dusk Dawn or twilight lycanroc I’m calling it twilight lycanroc

  9. TakingGaming より:

    I dont know if i like it or not

  10. Dark Litten より:

    I’m gonna wait until the trailer comes out

  11. excusememr より:

    Okay NOW I’m stoked my dude!

  12. Noah _ TheNerd より:

    explains the usum trailer with a lycanroc jumping off a ledge

  13. Jordan Glenn より:

    I don’t think it’ll will have dark typing maybe rock ground rock fairy rock steel rock normal or rock psychic I don’t think dusk form will get rock dark because it’s ash’s Pokemon and ash will have incineroar who is fire dark he usually doesn’t have 2 same types on team

  14. Jordan Glenn より:

    Or even rock fighting

  15. Jordan Glenn より:

    Rock fairy or rock psychic comes to mind due to tapu lele in anime

  16. Jordan Glenn より:

    Psychic terrain with tapu lele in anime remember pikachu and tapu koko with electric terrain well tapu lele was fighting rockruff in psychic terrain has an interest in him might be a clue

  17. DictatorTale Sans より:

    It will be cool if its shiny will be diffrent depending on witch game you play
    Edit: ultra sun: white
    Ultra moon: black

  18. Dark Litten より:

    If its shiny is pink, I’m so done


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