THIS TOTEM LOL | Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Randomizer Nuzlocke – 12 w/ TheHeatedMo

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Welcome the Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Let’s Play w/ TheHeatedMo , including Ultra Necrozma , Ultra Solgaleo and Ultra Lunala . I really hope you enjoy the playthrough / walkthrough whether you yourself chose Rowlet , Popplio and Litten !

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  1. Akash Muddaraj より:

    QOTD: I’ve only watched two anime serieses One Punch Man and Attack on Titan so if I had to choose I’d say Attack on Titan

  2. Bagel Memes より:

    The Thumbnail Mwah 10/10 Mo Is Genius Confirmed

  3. Dikke Bmw より:

    you’re a idiot


  4. PαrιsMσση_ より:

    QOTD: A very hard decision between:
    Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
    Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

  5. Ameer Latif より:

    Probably my hero academia cuz the powers and the character development. PLUS ULTRA!!!

  6. Bonelessdonut より:

    Is water wet?

  7. Piplup1704 より:

    I’m starting to see a pattern.

    And I like it

  8. Cole Quinn より:

    Pokemon, one piece dragon ball super because I love them all

  9. Ryan Corry より:

    You’re an idiot MO

  10. Hood neksunewolf より:

    Full metal alchemist brotherhood, it my favorite anime of all times

  11. Salomon Chavez より:

    my favorite anime would be yoshima pedal and one piece and maybe world trigger

  12. ajoconnor64 より:


  13. Sprite Guy より:

    You`re an idiot lol

  14. Trace Willis より:

    QOTD: Naruto Shippuden. Sasuke is my favorite person.

  15. Marta より:

    I really hope that randomize pokemon for Necrozma will be Bidoof ^^

  16. Gavin Goh より:

    QOTD: Arakawa under the bridge. Nino is waifu

  17. Seth Rocks より:

    High school dxd If you like girls and magic you will love it

  18. TrippyXL より:

    Why do you try to say suicune like dat

  19. Taco より:

    These thumbnail mons ?

  20. Jason LaRue より:

    Mohit my favorite anime is super hard seen so many I would probably say sword art online i know there’s a lot of haters out there. But the reason why is i think the plot, and plus the romantic scenes because there so freaking funny. And yes i love anime. PS I’m a anime fanatic

  21. Aodhan Cringle より:

    Mo ur an idiot lol

  22. Tinkili より:

    Kisses to you too, my dude.

    PS. That thumbnail is perfect. So cute.

  23. Omar Forde より:

    Black lagoon
    Why ? Because the guns go bang bang and swearing

  24. Lemmy より:

    Atrack on titan is ?

  25. J Marie より:

    My favorite anime is One Piece! The storyline is simply so long and epic and each character gets a fair amount of characterization (depending on their relevancy to the plot) that I simply can’t not love it. The 700+ episodes have made me so emotionally invested and it feels like I’m constantly absorbed into the fantastical world of One Piece.

  26. Cofagrigus Johnston より:

    I watch anime and it’s one punch man

  27. Sperry the god より:

    QOTD-Yes and my favorite anime is Dragon ball super.

  28. Krazy より:

    Breloom is fav Pokémon ever

  29. DWargs より:

    Qotd : It’s tough to say. All Time? Probably Hunter x Hunter. It’s a Shonen anime that deconstructs the elements of a shonen while at the same time creates a fantastic shonen story in it’s own right.
    My favorite right now? Haikyuu. It’s a sports anime about a bunch of guys playing high school volleyball. One of the most emotionally engaging shows I’ve ever seen. Also the only anime that I binge-watched twice in a row.

  30. Paris YT より:

    Its sui coon not sew cin

  31. Manuel より:

    Qotd: Dragon Ball Z

  32. TheMorbidHobo より:

    QotD: I know it’s basic, but either Death Note or FMA:B. I haven’t watched much anime recently, though. I’ve watch way more western cartoons, which I tend to enjoy more.

  33. SolarFungus より:

    Card Captor Sakura. It’s so magical and full of amazingness!

  34. Kevin The Crusader より:

    AOTD: Gurren Lagan

  35. Kevin The Crusader より:

    Because who doesn’t like giant robots fighting

  36. ThatOneCommenter より:

    Anime is bae.
    Favorite anime atm is either Kino’s journey or Black Clover

  37. Phantom JM より:

    I watch a lot of anime and I thought just have one favorite on I have a few such as Roman Kenshin, Future Diary, Black Blood Brothers, Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha. Those are my top five it’s hard to say which one is number one

  38. Daratracer1994 より:

    QOTD: Ore-Monogatari: My Love Story, and the 2 Danganronpa animes

  39. Ritwik Nayak より:

    QOTD: All time fav animes is Dragon Ball Z and now Dragon Ball Super

  40. Hyper Ho-Oh より:

    You idiot.

  41. JMLSP33DY より:

    School days… Bes animu… Ten outa 10.

  42. Mega chick08 より:


  43. Emleri_jusu360 より:

    QOTD:death note

  44. Justin Parnell より:

    Kiss me daddy Mo

  45. Flxshflood より:

    The best part is that he said far-fetched like a minute before he battled the totem

  46. Emily Potter より:

    QQTD: I’m a big fan of naruto, one piece, cowboy bebop, I started watching bourto, and Inuyasha

  47. Tayohh1891 より:

    QOTD: Claymore….100%

  48. intonationstickler より:

    it’s swee-koon….

  49. Stevie Locke より:

    Am i the only one who kinda wants to see a mega mewtwo show up as a totem pokemon haha

  50. Sonora より:

    oh boy, one of  my favorite topics… anime
    QOTD: Death Note, Shakugan no Shana, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Yuri!!! on Ice (where my fam at?), One Piece, Made in Abyss, No.6,… you can’t make me pick just one

  51. Rainfallnights より:

    Qotv: I used to watch anime, and my favorite is Marai Nikki! It was the first anime I complete all the way through, and it holds that special place in my heart

  52. Cactus より:

    I thought you were gonna call Suicune Suicide with that pronunciation

  53. Andrés Raffler より:

    QOTD: Blend S forever dude


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