Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: Suspected Red and Blue Location Is Actually a New Area – IGN News

But that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be Kanto references.

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  1. 「Act Ecchi Nii-San」 より:

    I like the text and music. Lazy but effective. Varies things up

  2. Totally Atopia より:

    Well there goes my hope for a kanto trip 🙁

  3. Verlisify より:

    Oooh, thats fancy

  4. circlehousePRO より:

    No matter what they do can’t wait to get it for free cuz my 3ds is hacked ??

  5. Gerson Salas より:

    Difficult to say?… not aa simple as saying it is that new place in the city?… is it possible to use Ultraspace travel in that place and get to the Kanto Gym only?

  6. Christian MacCready より:

    I hope the new place in Malie City will be a gym. An episode of the Sun and Moon anime series has Ash and friends battle Brock and Misty in a gym battle for goodness sake! This has to be a hint or omen for the possible return of gyms.

  7. Joker より:

    We’re never gonna have multiple regions in one game outside of Gold/Silver.


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